Recipe for Making Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Gizzard Supreme

I love chicken gizzards. I went to the internet to find a good recipe. I looked in cookbooks and could not find a recipe I liked. So I have been working on my own.

Step One: Wash the gizzards and let them drain. Then spread them out on a cutting board. Take a meat tenderizer (a kitchen hammer to pound meat, not a seasoning) and tenderize them on both sides by pounding them. Let them soak in milk in the refrigerator overnight.

Why? Milk contains hydrogen peroxide which helps soften up the meat.

Step Two: When you are ready to cook, drain the gizzards of the milk they soaked in. While these are draining, get your coating together. You may already have a dry or wet coating you like to use. But if not, I use five cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder and one-half cup of corn starch. Then I throw in an assortment of seasonings from the cabinet. Mix it all together. Put this coating into a container you can close and shake.

Step Three: Take a shallow dish, at least twelve inches wide--wider is better. Blend two cups of milk with several eggs with an electric mixer in a deep bowl. Pour the mixture in the shallow dish.

Step Four: Get your oil ready. There are any number of ways you can fry the gizzards. This day I am using just a plain shallow skillet. Use a good oil. I normally use my deep fryer and Crisco oil.

Step Five: Put about twelve of the gizzards in the coating mix and shake it up really well. (In the video I put them all in at once. This was a mistake.) Then shake the flour off the gizzards in some sort of strainer with a bowl below to catch the excess flour. Put some of the coating mix back into the shaker.

Long Version of Cooking Chicken Gizzards

Shake 'um Up

Step Six: Put the gizzards into the egg coating, then into the coating shaker. Cover with the remaining coating from the bowl. Close and shake really well again.

Step Seven: Repeat the process for removing the excess flour.

Step Eight: Put the double-coated gizzards into the frying pan. Cook until golden brown.

Step Nine: Pull them out of the oil and let them drain off the excess oil. Let them cool. Chow down.

Tip: I tried triple-dipping the gizzards one time. I did not notice much of a difference.

Also I tried some with baking powder and it helped them rise so they tasted even better.

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The Short Version of Cooking Chicken Gizzards

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John  6 years ago

Great receipe. I can't wait to try it.

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