Recipe For Mushroom Fried Rice The Easy Way




- 3 Tablespoons of cooking oil (any kind)

- 1 can of mushrooms (pieces and stems)

- 1 small onion chopped (yellow or white)

- About 7 cups of cooked rice (any kind)

- 1/2 to 1 cup of cooked vegetables (depends on the amount of rice you use)

- 1 egg

- soya sauce

Use a deep frying pan with lid

In frying pan add oil, mushrooms and onions. Fry until lightly brown. The browner the better(This gives the rice a nice flavor). Add the rice and peas, mix well. Next add the soya sauce a little at a time until the desired darkness and taste you prefer. Make a hole in the middle of the rice mixture, add the beaten egg, keep mixing the egg till cooked, then mix in the rice until combined.

This makes a nice vegetarian dish. On the side add tomato, lettuce, block cheese and raw or cooked baby carrots.

Using your slow cooker to make perfect rice everytime

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deblipp profile image

deblipp 5 years ago

What is the quantity of rice?

borge_009 profile image

borge_009 5 years ago from Philippines

i will definitely try this one of these days

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