Making Muffins from Scratch - Basic Muffin Recipe

One of the best ways to be frugal in the kitchen is to make your own foods. Don't use all of the prepackaged products available all over the grocery store. Just walking down the baking aisle will show you dozens of options for muffins and quick breads. On the bottom shelves you will find the sugar and flour and things that you will need to make your own. Initially purchasing these ingredients will cost more than a box of muffin mix, however you will be able to make dozens of muffins out of these ingredients. It should be well worth the money.

I have a basic muffins/quick bread recipe that I add different flavors to. It is very adaptable and easy to use. But first I will give you the true recipe.


2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

1/3 cup vegetable oil

In a large bowl combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. In a small bowl beat the egg, milk and oil. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir just until moistened. At this point you will add in your flavors. Our favorite is chocolate chips and I purchase them in bulk at Sam's club. 1/2 cup of chocolate chips stirred in at the end makes for some really great muffins. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups three-fourths full and bake at 400 for 18-20 minutes. This makes one dozen muffins. You can also adapt this for a quick bread. Pour all the batter into a greased loaf pan and bake at 400 for 45-50 minutes.

Now for other options. I also use this recipe for blueberry muffins. I add 3/4 cup of blueberries and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice at the end of the recipe. You can also add some lemon zest if you would like. Another good option is cinnamon raisin muffins. At the end of the recipe add 1/2 cup of raisins and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

This recipe also allows for easy substitutions. I frequently use original flavored rice milk in place of milk. I have also substituted 4 oz of applesauce for the egg. ( I have a child with food allergies). I usually don't use only all purpose flour. I will use about 1/3 whole wheat flour and 2/3 white flour. I also sometimes add wheat germ to increase the nutritional value. When adding wheat germ or using wheat flour, you usually have to increase the amount of milk called for to get the right consistency. Leave the baking times the same.

I have found that having homemade muffins and breads available, we eat hardly any processed breakfast foods. Processes breakfast foods such as frozen waffles, toaster struddles, cereal, and burritos will increase your grocery bill by a lot. Cooking our breakfasts from scratch (not always in the morning, I frequently throw in muffins when I am cooking dinner) has saved us a lot of money over the years.

I also have a mini muffin pan that I will use to make muffins for snacks. The kids love these bite size muffins and beg for them when they see me making muffins. Snacking on muffins is more filling than prepackaged snacks and there are no additives and preservatives in them. So next time you reach for the boxed muffin mixes, look a little lower and grab the flour and sugar instead. Making your own has never been easier!

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Amy 9 years ago

Thanks for the recipe. My kids love muffins for breakfast and I've been looking for an easy muffin recipe. I think I'll have to invest in one of those mini muffin tins, I know they love muffins for snacks.

Annette Rozen profile image

Annette Rozen 8 years ago

loved reading your receipe. Seems simple and easy. Im a blueberry or chocolate chip fan. After i make them, ill let you know how they come out!

Kelli 8 years ago

GREAT RECIPE! I just made 3 different kinds: blackberry, blueberry, and banana muffins. All came out awsome. I used regular sized muffin tin and also Jumbo muffins. THANKS!

Gissella 8 years ago

Sounds like a tasty, easy and adaptable muffin recipe. I need to avoid dairy because of allergies, has anyone tried to adapt this recipe to be dairy free? Thanks for the information.

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 8 years ago Author

Gissella, my daughter is allergic to dairy so we have to avoid it as well. I use rice milk usually when I make it, just the original kind and it doesn't change the flavor. I also buy chocolate chips from Walmart, their store brand is dairy free. Good luck!

Tammy 8 years ago

I just found this recipe and I am going to try it. It seems much better that the recipe I just made. I have an ancient Better Homes and Garden Cookbook that was my mom's and just made a muffin recipe from it and I'm not quite sure I like it. It is my turn to make snacks for our Sunday School class and I was thinking muffins from scratch was simple, tastey and filling , plus something that I could make tonight and it would still be good in the a.m. Thank You for the recipe, and may God Bless You....

Deborah 8 years ago

This recipe sounds great..I can't wait to try it

Sofia 8 years ago

Thank you for your recipe Jennifer.My son searched and found your we tryed it and they are so tasty and easy to make...thank you very much.

Jai from Israel 8 years ago

Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried it for the first time today and used pomegrante seeds as they are in full season here and they came out excellent. I did a second batch and used a slab of chocolate broken into pieces and then shaved some chocolate with a potatoe peeler and sprinkled it on top, also I sued 1 and half cup plain flour and half cup brown flour, my husband really liked them. They are for a meeting tomorrow and I will let you know what comments I receive. Thanks again.

Jai from Israel

Beth in Ohio 8 years ago

I Googled "basic muffin recipe", and yours was the first and only one I looked at. Very awesome sounding, I'm eager to play around with flavors. Raspberries are on sale this week for $2.00 (6oz carton), and so are strawberries. I know that the chocolate chip muffins will be winners in my teen's eyes, she's such the Chocoholic! Oh, and I posted a link to your recipe page in a recipe group I belong to on A mom in the group was looking for a cheap & easy muffin recipe, so I told her about yours!

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 8 years ago Author

thanks Beth! I did make this recipe this summer with raspberries and it was very good. Of course I am like your daughter though and prefer chocolate! Enjoy!

Jai from Israel 8 years ago

Everyone at the meeting enjoyed the muffins very much. I have made many more since then including a small loaf when I ran out of muffin cups. Today I used the same recipe and added cinnamon, apples and pomegranates as apples and pomegranates are the friut for Rosh Hashanna and baked it in a cake tray with apple slices over it. It looks fantastic

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 8 years ago Author

Jai, that sounds so good! I am curious how you use the pomegranates in baking though. Do you eat the whole seed? Thanks for sharing your version. One of the reasons I like this recipe, is because you can adapt it to anything.

Just_Rodney profile image

Just_Rodney 8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

Good hub, and an interesting muffin mix. 8 years ago

your recipe is just what ia am looking for but what is a cup? Do you do English pounds and ounces or even metric grams. I should love to start and I know I shall use your recipes a lot once i get going. Marcia England. x

shelby 8 years ago

I am doing a science project, and its over microorganism.

okay so the purpose is: to see if baking soda can substitute for baking powder In a recipe to see if it will effect the rising or height of the muffin. AND your recipe is so simple, were using it!! I tell you what happens!


Eunice from Nigeria 8 years ago

Hi,i just found your recipe online and sounds great can't wait to try it for X-mas and New year especially and if there's any muffins' club online i don't mind trying.thanks.

kate 8 years ago

just made these.... i left out the oil, added a little more milk and flavoured them with sultanas, dried goji berries, cinnamon, sunflower seeds and almond meal. YUM! :)

kate 8 years ago

i forgot to mention. i used half organic white and half wholemeal flour. on my next batch i'm going to chop up some apricots and add them too. thanks for a great base recipe!

carry 8 years ago

I'm going to try this recipe looks Delicious

Bozoplay profile image

Bozoplay 8 years ago

Great basic recipe.

Another healthy approach is to add a grated carrot and a small apple with some flax seeds or sesame seeds.

ashley 7 years ago

I can't wait to try this recipe tomorrow, my 2 year old loves to help me bake, so this should be easy enough for her to help with thank you!

eonsaway profile image

eonsaway 7 years ago from New Mexico, USA

Did Shelby get back with you on the baking powder verses baking soda? I do not like using baking powder because it has aluminum in it. Purchased some aluminum free baking powder but that was over three years ago when we went to the Amish Market in Indiana and I think it is flat since when I make them they do not rise.

unome 7 years ago

ur muffin recipe is the best i looked a ll the others but they were useless ur the bomb

Panchali Sinha 7 years ago

Hi Jennifer,

I tried your muffin reccipe,and it was great. It is so easy to make and also very testy. thak you Jennifer for a great great recipe.

manda 7 years ago

just wondering if you can freeze these at all?

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 7 years ago Author

manda I freeze muffins all the time and it works great.

Danielle Turner 7 years ago

I just tried out your muffin recipe!!! Except i didn't have any chocolate chips or any fruit or anything, but i had a lot of packaged maple and brown sugar oatmeal that people had given us so i added that into the mix, and sprinkled it on top of the muffins, i hope that they turn out!!!!

Danielle Turner 7 years ago

They are delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Jmell 7 years ago

I love your recipes, and this one is certainly one of the best. I even place my mini muffins in a plastic bag and freeze them. Just thaw them when you need some quick snacks for the next day.

ejl 7 years ago

i cant wait to try the recipe

Shayna 7 years ago

Thanks for posting this recipe! I made strawberry banana muffins!

liza 7 years ago


great recipe base! we have a small cafe and we use this recipe because it is so easy to make the base then flavour from there!!

This recipe is really easy to double and triple without any problems.

our best seller is cinnamon and brandied cherries! yum yum :)

liza 7 years ago


great recipe base! we have a small cafe and we use this recipe because it is so easy to make the base then flavour from there!!

This recipe is really easy to double and triple without any problems.

our best seller is cinnamon and brandied cherries! yum yum :)

chantelle  7 years ago

this is good i added vanilla and rains in mine though yumm and it was fast to make my little sister had fun :) did i

Jayashree 7 years ago

Hey Jennifer,

I tried the recipe and it turned out really well. Thanks. :-)

MrsBeekeeper 7 years ago

Great basic add-to muffin recipe. I've used this several times and have added all different combinations of items to it to make a totally "different" type of muffin. Today was bananas and blueberries. Yummy.

Andrea 7 years ago

Hello! I'm thirteen, and your muffin recipe was the first thing I ever baked from scratch. I set up a "Muffin Stand" and including lemonade, I made a ten dollar profit! (I sold them for 0.50$ each, because they were tiny)

Thank you!

Andrea 7 years ago

Hello! I'm thirteen, and your muffin recipe was the first thing I ever baked from scratch. I set up a "Muffin Stand" and including lemonade, I made a ten dollar profit! (I sold them for 0.50$ each, because they were tiny)

Thank you!

stef 7 years ago

is there any way to leave the oil out? I eat low fat and would love a way to sub the oil for something without fat??

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 7 years ago Author

Stef, you could try applesauce as a substitute for oil. I frequently use olive oil, as that is healthier for you. It doesn't change the flavor.

Kristen  7 years ago

My sister's birthday is tomorrow and this recipe is a LIFESAVER!!! Now I can make a delicious muffin basket for her to enjoy! Thanks a bunch,


Faith 7 years ago

excellent recipe...easy and quick. I added a teaspoon of real vanilla, a few choc chips and craisins. a keeper!

johannah  7 years ago

hi jennifer

I am 15 teen and love cooking but i can't find recipe for my sister. ( she has cancer ) She was not allowed to have the oil or applesauce ( tried both) what should i use?


jonty 7 years ago

wow .... this is awesome hub .... very nicely explained ... very informative ..... well written ..... keep up the good work ..... god bless u ......

Lisa 7 years ago

This is a great basic muffin recipe that is not too sweet (which I prefer!). I filled the cups almost full and they rose nice and high without overflowing. This time I tried chocolate chips, but I'll try something else next time. Making things from scratch I find is much healthier, tastier and cheaper. It also can be easy like this! Thanks!

Lizz 7 years ago

GREAT RECIPE! :) I made it doubled up then split the dough and did half with about 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice and a handful of chopped raspberries. The other half with chocolate chips. both turned out soo good! Thanks for sharing, this one went straight to my index card collection.

mayte 7 years ago

Great recipie!!! looks easy and yummy. thank you

Ashley 7 years ago

I'm made these for a grade 8 Life skills home lab assignment. They were really easy! I did the cinnamon raisin ones..I'll let you know if I get an A+

Jonathon 7 years ago

Somehow I ended up with fairycakes...hmmm

sombernina 7 years ago

my sister and I are making these as i type! only 12 more minutes till they're done!

VJ 7 years ago

Hello. I am looking forward to cooking these tommorrow morning. Hopefully they turn out good :)

Neeraja 7 years ago

Hi Jennifer

I followed ur recipe to bake muffins at home. Unfortunately, I found a light egg taste/ smell after baking. Is there any way to ensure it doesn't happen again?



autumn 7 years ago

awsome resipe I'm going to make it right now!!!!

cindy 7 years ago

Did you know that you can substitute flax seed mill for all oil products, 3 to 1. I do it all the time it works great!

dibie 7 years ago

Delish! Made Lemon-Poppyseed (added grated zest and juice from one lemon, plus 1 teaspoon lemon extract, and 2 tablespoons poppyseed). Then made Strawberry-Blueberry with 3/4c blueberries added at end. Used 6oz yogurt (plain for first and strawberry for second) and 2T milk instead of 3/4c milk. Also (sorry, I always tinker w/recipes!) added 3/4c cooked rice to second batch just to use it up. Very moist, just the right sweetness, great texture. Thanks!

mikaela 7 years ago

yuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy thanx for making my muffins so soft and smiple

ilysm u r so f*c# much

jayy 7 years ago

muffins were rather bland and too doughy for my liking. threw out the whole batch!

Anna 7 years ago

These were wonderful! My daughter and I got up early this morning and made the chocolate chip kind for breakfast. As I didn't have any baking powder I looked up alternatives online and using 1/4t baking soda and 4oz (1/2c) of vanilla yogurt. I love that the muffins are not very sweet, and my four year old will still eat them. As addictive as Hawaiian rolls! My husband agreed, he'd rather have plain muffins than rolls for dinner any day of the week =)

Graziella 7 years ago

I'm going to give this recipe a try :) you got a lot of good reviews for this.

Nicol 7 years ago

In a hurry this morning to have a hot breakfast and googled "easy muffin recipe from scratch" and there was yours. Doubled it for 12 giant muffins. Added 2 tsp vanilla and some chocolate chips I had handy. 7 of us loved them and one disliked (he's too fussy) I am going to make another batch right now with applesauce and pecans.

Thanks SO much!!

Pam 7 years ago

I think this could've been a good recipe but ours turned out black. We left them in for six hours.. thinking that would give them enough time. We also thought it meant one egg per muffin, so they each tasted like burnt chicks. But thanks anyway!

P.S. Always remember PAMMMMMM (we forgot)

stormigrl 7 years ago

this is a super fun and quick way of making muffins. I loved how you left a little spot to state (add flavors). Super creative and also leaves room for experimentation.

Thanks so much. I just made yummy Chocolate Chip muffins, but I think I kinda went overboard on the chocolate chips lol. (It was for my hungry Chocolate Chip hungry staff) lol

jay 7 years ago

stacie makes the best elephant ears and muffens and strawberry cack

Kevin 7 years ago

I love this recipe and use it weekly. Thanks!

janelle 6 years ago

ima try these tonight (:

Louise 6 years ago

Nummy nummy!!!! Just made these with my 3yr old!!! we love them. Used cranberrie, blackberries, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. and used half wholemeal flour/white. Thanx so much for such an easy recipe for th lil one to help with. :) do you make apple sauce to substitute the oil?

profile image

angel5194 6 years ago

Can't wait to try this! Can you use ALL whole wheat flour? I read all the comments and some people used half white half something else, I don't know. Also, when substituting the applesauce for oil, do you use the same amount? Thanks in advance!! Have a great day

Nyoka 6 years ago

tasty muffins i use them a school work teacher loved it

Nyoka 6 years ago

tasty muffins i use them a school work teacher loved it

Lily 6 years ago

i cant wait to try and make them:D

kayli 6 years ago

how much bananas should i add

Allis 6 years ago

it was dry when i mixed it

profile image

Kkz and Momz 6 years ago

My mom made these this mornin she used plain vanilla yogurt, fat free condensed milk, 2 tsp of unsalted butter, 1/2 milk instead of the 3/4 milk & only used 2 tbsp of oil, it was kinda thick but she stirred in cherry pie filling, & it was jst moist enuf 2 mak perfect muffins.

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Try these with dried cranberries - yum!

teresa 6 years ago

thank you so much very easy to use and very addatable for those that need to substute i can make suger free muffins for my husband along with the pumkin bread he likes

MELODEY 6 years ago

You have no idea how excited I am to try out this recipe! Im planning on putting cinamon and bananas in it. Then when it is half done cooking, I will take it out of the oven and add custard!! YUM Then of couse I would put it back into the oven so it can cook for a little bit longer. That way it makes the custard nice and warm. Try it, it will taste amazing!!!!!! bRAVO, bRAVA!!!

caro mom 6 years ago

Can you use frozen fruit?

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

Absolutely. When I add cranberries or blueberries I always use frozen, without thawing first. Good luck!

Gooey 6 years ago

By adding a little unsweetened chocolate baking powder you could make the bread choclate flavored and you could add vanilla flavored chocolate chips.

Precious 6 years ago

Thanks lots for your recipe,will try it tomorrow.Muffins don't need margarine??

Gillian 6 years ago

I am 4 months pregnant and was seriously craving some muffins at 10pm at night. I googled for muffin recipes and yours was the first I came across! Tried it immediately because it was so easy to make and the muffins came out great! Thanks for sharing! I tried mine with bananas that have gone very brown and some semi-sweet chocolate chips. The hubby absolutely loves them!

Grace 6 years ago

I need to make some muffins for school, and I came across your recipe. I'm planning on half chocolate chip, half cranberry-orange. I'll let you know how everyone likes them! Thanks so much for the simple recipe! :D

Jenn 6 years ago

Was making a Roast dinner last night and my Daughter was watching Blue's Clues. On Blue's Clues they were making all sorts of things boats, muffins, etc. So I agreed to find a recipe that my Daughter and I could make this morning. We found yours. We made the muffins. I especially like that it was a basic recipe that we could play with, adding what we wanted to make the muffins ours. They were yummy. 4 muffins were cinnamon raisin and the other 8 were mixed fruit and chocolate chips. We will be more creative next time!!

hey 6 years ago

how do u make plain muffins answer

BakingTaia 6 years ago

thanks for the recipe! i'm a 16 year-old just learning how to cook. simple and easy is my style

Me 6 years ago

Wow that was quick and e-z

Amateras 6 years ago

I googled "basic muffin recipe" and found this site....glad I did !

The muffins are light, soft and sweet.

I like to use 1/2 Whole Wheat and 1/2 Bread Flour with Canola Oil.

Caitlyn 6 years ago

Thank you. I am making them for breakfast this morning.

Jennifer 6 years ago

I came across your recipe while looking for a good basic muffin recipe. We loved the muffins we made. My 7 and 8 year old kids and I ended up making 6 kinds of muffins. We shared with neighbors and everyone loved them. We made blackberry, chocolate chip, peach, strawberry, banana, and strawberry banana. We will be freezing a lot for later. Some we made muffins and some we made breads.

Barb 6 years ago

how much pie filling would you add? And how much applesause if not using oil?

Diana 6 years ago

I read the above comment by Jennifer and was wondering just how do you make chocolate chip muffins

joe a 6 years ago

I first followed the recipe exactly and they came out rather dry. prolly because nothing else was added.

Next time I made them I added 1/4 cup sweet condensed milk, juice of 2 lemons, zest, dried cranberries, 1/4 cup brown sugar in addition to the original ingred.

they came out great!

fred 6 years ago

well written i am clapping 4 u

kirsten 6 years ago

hiiiiiiiii!!!!! :D all of these recipes sound sooooo yummmy!!! :)

Nancy M. 6 years ago

Hi Jennifer,

I looked for a basic muffin recipe after pulling out some prepackaged muffin mix from my pantry. It was still long before the expiration date yet I found tiny dead bugs (the kind you find in old flour) in the mix. I emailed the company & decided no more prepackaged - my ingredients are high quality & fresh & have no vectors hiding in them!!

Thank you for this recipe - so explicit & well written. I made the choc chip muffins - they are delicious! Nice crunchy crown and moist inside - I disagree with another who said they were dry - not at all. My oven is older & tends to get hotter - they turned out perfectly when baked at 400 for 18 minutes. Great job - I have saved this recipe & will use it with many varities.

Eva 6 years ago

Great recipe, thank you!

Janice 6 years ago

can i use self-raising flour instead? to replace all purpose flour and baking powder? please advise. thanks

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

I always use self rising flour. Then don't add salt or baking powder.

janice 6 years ago

thanks Jennifer...appreciate your prompt reply...will give it a try this weekend!

Anna Jones 6 years ago

Yep, i followed recipe and they tasted alright

But ended up like cookies

You need a bit more liqud

Thanx though its really nice, i made the choc chips one

Yours truly Anna


rachel wessel 6 years ago

DELICIOUS! thank you for sharing the recipe! I put maybe a T of wheat germ in the mix. The consistancy was perfect! I only baked them for 16 minutes and they turned out wonderful!

Sammy 6 years ago


i made chocolate chip muffins for my family yesterday and there wasn't even 1 left! they were so good, I HAD TO MAKE MORE! i'm 15 so this is really easy for me to follow.

I'm gonna try oatmeal muffins and banana nut muffins tomorrow. any recommendations on how much banana or oatmeal i should use?

Saahi 6 years ago

I don't want to use eggs. I'm a vegetarian. What can I use instead?

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

Saahi, I usually don't use eggs when baking because my daughter has an egg allergy. You can use egg replacer in baking just fine. The directions are on the package.

barry 6 years ago

i like bananas

ellie 6 years ago

terrible..the worse recipe i have ever tried

brenda 6 years ago

My son would eat nothing for breakfast but muffins so I have made tons. I have been looking and trying basic muffin recipies for 2yrs now. This is the one I love and am no longer looking for a basic recipe any more. LOVED. IT. Thanks

matt from canada 6 years ago

recipe souds grandmother makes them but me n my neibhour are going to surprise my grandmother so i have to get a recipe hope this works cant wait to try it tmrw :D aight thanks again..n btw im putting frosting on mine aha u gotta love us fatsos :P

kathy 6 years ago

i found your recipe and cant wait to try it but do you have any suggestions on how to adapt to a savouy muffin am making for school lunches and would like to try also making apple and choc chip one yummmy

Momina 6 years ago

Hey Jen ^^ this seems such an easy recipe, so wanna try it! have to make muffins for someone special, hope they like it. thanks a lot for this, just what i was looking for

hannah from Madagascar  6 years ago

we are about to make blueberryy muuffffffinssss, me and esther are. we are excited. they'll be scrumpiiouosicly delisoius. just like you.

brandi 6 years ago

Just got done making them and they are very tasty! Not too sweet, which I liked. But is there any way to make them less of a cake consistency and a little more moist? Thanks so much!

jenberrybrown 6 years ago

I made this recipe today using 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat and 3/4 cup blue berries. I added more milk because my batter was too thick. I sprinkled 1 packet of instant maple brown sugar oatmeal over the top and added small slice of butter then baked. Pretty good!

karen 6 years ago

this recipe has been on my favorites list for a long time. just pulling it up again today! thanks!

Erin 6 years ago

I liked this. :) i love making foods and Im only 13 years old!!! going to try this , hope they turn out greeeaaatttt!!!!

dom 6 years ago

i love to bake and we have a project tomoro so i hope they like them!!

Shannon 6 years ago

Thanks so much Jennifer! I feel very sorry for your daughter.It must be so hard to be allergic to dairy products. I am allergic to all tree nuts.I usally cant eat muffins from grochery stores because it is made or shared on equipment that uses tree nuts. This recipe was so healthy(we used whole wheat flour)yet so yummy. It was also very simple. I am only 12 years old and I was able to make these tasty muffins!!! Thank you!

Marilyn 6 years ago

When making muffins, pour half batter into cup, put small amount of raspberry jam and rest of batter. Sprinkle with coconut and Bake. Delicious!

Roy Tousignant 6 years ago

I tried this recipe today as my first attempt baking anything other than bread from scratch. But I quickly found I had no baking powder. So after some googling I decided to field a substitution. I added 3/4 of a tsp of baking soda to the dry mix and 1 1/2 Tbsp of lemon juice to the wet mix. The result was actually over-risen. The muffin tops mostly ballooned up into little domes. They're still very tasty though, so no harm done. I've posted pictures here:

If you don't have baking powder on hand, give it a try. I'd recommend backing down to 1/2 tsp of baking soda and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice, though.

Mary from Kentucky 6 years ago

I had fresh blueberries and didn't what to do with them so search for muffin recipe found yours after getting all my ingredients out I didn't have any eggs so I use applesauce as you suggested. My son-law thought they was from the bakery. I only had one out the batch.

Mary from Kentucky 6 years ago

I had fresh blueberries and I didn't what to do with them so search for muffin recipes found yours after getting all my ingredients ready I didn't have any eggs so I use 4 oz. applesauce as you suggested. My son-law thought they came from the bakery. I only had one out the batch. I will use this recipe again.

Julianna+Alexa+Kayla 6 years ago

This recipe seemS simple and very adaptable. Easy for us to make. Appreciation given, ma'am. :)

Judi B 6 years ago

These made beautiful muffins for a club breakfast...If they taste as good as they look it is a keeper. I added dried cranberries that I rehydrated in the microwave with a little cranberry juice and some chopped pecans.

mahek 6 years ago

tried them with choc chips they came beautiful! simple & easy.... :)

Carol 6 years ago

What a great basic recipe. I made them for the grandkids and they ate every one. 6 years ago

muffins are so bob so how would love to make muffins beause i do lol with the word i love to make muffins

Qay 6 years ago

Thanks for the recipe. I have a son who is allergic to gluten, egg, and milk so I used the Betterbatter GF flour, flax seed meal in place of the egg, rice milk in place of the milk and I added apples, lemon juice and apples spices in the batter. I also made a strudel topping using soy and dairy free margarine. They came out excellent and I will make them again soon. I may try pumpkin or chocolate chip. Can't wait.

Luci 6 years ago

can some one tell me how many doz of the mini muffins this makes??

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

Qay, My daugther is allergic to eggs and milk as well. I often use egg replacer and rice milk, it works great every time.

Luci, typically you will get 4 dozen mini muffins from this batch.

Jackie 6 years ago

I will be using pure bran as a healthy option instead of choc chip will let you know how it turned out.

Jackie 6 years ago

I will also be using honey instead of sugar, fingers crossed!

Suzanne 6 years ago

I made the muffins tonight for a school function. I added frozen blueberries and they turned out great. A nice simple recipe I'll use again and again for sure!

amanda 6 years ago

omg yu recipe like helped a lot like i just made it

Amber 6 years ago

A BIG thank you!

I wanted to make muffins this morning and found your recipe.

Here's what I did...

I used 1/2 white whole wheat flour and 1/2 wheat bran.

Used 1/6 cup grape seed oil.

Added 1/2 cup chopped dried apricots, 1/3 cup sliced almonds, 1/3 cup shredded coconut, and some cinnamon.

= yum and simple.

I am glad to have a great template to play with this winter as I am finally getting my recipes organized...;)

I wish you the best in all things.

opa 6 years ago


vevala mucica 6 years ago

sweet literally!!! LOL

6 years ago

You could also try coconut milk and coconut oil. That would be yum!

Unfoundedhope 6 years ago

Just made a batch with pumpkin butter and chocolate chunks. Yummmmmmmm

momo 6 years ago

made em & ate em. delicioso out the oven. I subbed an equal part butter for oil - that's just how I roll.

marie 6 years ago

I want to make a lemon cranberry I omit the milk and just put lemon juice in or do I do both? Will the milk curdle?

Jenna 6 years ago

What kind of muffins is it????

marie 6 years ago

I want to do a lemon cranberry

lyjo profile image

lyjo 6 years ago

This basic recipe will come in handy...I also cook mostly from scratch, and we rarely eat out....(we like our own cooking much better) besides, as you pointed out,it is much more economical....will be back for more! Take good care!

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 6 years ago Author

Marie, I think the muffins will be too lemony if you sub all the milk with lemon. Try adding just 2-3 tablespoons and then milk and see how that works.

lindsey 6 years ago

omg this is the most simplest muffin the the world thanks so much :)

kiana 6 years ago

hey we tried really hard and they were really good and fluffy

profile image

gab's mom 6 years ago

I just made these, pulled them out of the oven about 3 min ago. I made half brown sugar and the other half chocolate and mint chip (because I LOVE CHOCOLATE and MINT) and they are GREAT!!!

Maria 6 years ago

Great recipe, very similar to one I use all the time. You are correct, the simplicity and versatility cannot be beat. I am doubly impressed (and which is actually why I am writing) that you have kept up so diligently for the last couple of years with comments on this recipe...!

lorraine blackburn 6 years ago

this may sound daft but can you rell me if a cup full of flour is a normal size mug and what all purpose flour is ive only ever used plain or self raisen flour thank you

Yuna 6 years ago

I wonder if you can put frozen blueberries in it and apples???

Yuna 6 years ago

Can you use frozen blueberrys and can you use apples if you can then how much??? I LOVE this recpie easy simpleand i am going to try it today!!!

yuna 6 years ago

can you make them without anything?

Yuna 6 years ago

This is the best recpie i have ever made!!! I used to make tons of cookies and cupcakes but my family would never eat it and it would be just a waste!!! But with muffins in the moroning and my mom will have a easy quick heathy breastfest already made!!! I made it with olive oil and it still tasted GREAT!!!I used one whole bannana!!! I LOVE THIS RECPIE!!!! Thanks Jennifer!!! This has help my family in the mornings A LOT!!! Whole wheat is a heathy snack!!! Thanks!!!

Kathy 6 years ago

I tried this recipe, and it is so good! I spread peanut butter or cream cheese and it's a great snack or breakfast. I freeze them pop one in the microwave for 25 seconds and they are delish. I also calculated how many calories is in one (166 for every muffin).

morgan 6 years ago

these muffins in my opinion and my families are the worst muffins i ever made. even the dog would not touch them. the oven was too high @400 and the dry ratio to liquid was way off. I won't waste my precocious ingredients again with this one.

Kathy 6 years ago


I do agree that they are dry, it may be because this recipe does not call for melted butter while other recipes do.

I actually like it with no butter because it just adds calories that I just do not need or want. The inside was soft to, so for me, the soft interior made up the dry outside.

Lauren  6 years ago

Thanks for the recipe :D They are beautiful great with big chunks of chocolate :D thanks again

Michelle Betts 6 years ago

I was craving muffins and we didn't have any muffin mix in the house, so i searched an easy muffin mix and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! you are a freaking savior! i made mini cinnamon craisin muffins. i used the applesauce substitute because we were running out of eggs and they are just amazing! i printed off the recipie. Thank you SO very much for adding this recipie!!! its AMAZING!!! =D

Sara Ali 6 years ago

Hey! I wanna know if i can use the pan for making cupcakes to make these too? Also is there any way I use only the egg whites and not the yolk? My mom can't have the yolk. How many eggs will I then need?

Jasmine 6 years ago

I have them in the oven right now!

kellie from australia 6 years ago

not only am i impressed with the recipe i am impressed that these comments have been going for 3 years!!!!! keep it could be world record...kellie from melbourne australia xo

fadibody profile image

fadibody 6 years ago

Great hub! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Vanessa 6 years ago

I made these muffins with A LOT of substitutes. I used spelt flour, used apple butter instead of sugar, soymilk, an egg replacer, and I used olive/canola oil. I also added in lemon juice, blueberries, and crushed almonds. Even with all of the substitutions the recipe came out great!!!

vanessa 6 years ago

my hamster loves the muffins. Thank you!

Marine Wife 6 years ago

@Morgan.... Well for 2 years people have been making this recipe and commenting, and since you are only one of a very select few that said this was a disaster recipe, maybe the problem is you, your baking skills, or your ingredients. But one thing is for sure, your manners need adjusting. How rude of you to say even your dog wouldn't touch it. You could have handled it with more grace than that. BTW Mine turned out amazing!! @ Jen-THANK YOU!!

Monica 6 years ago

I have always mastered the basic recipe from long back in time when I was doing food and nutrition at high school,I was looking for variations and substitutes and God oh my! found this,I tried out different berries,even nuts! came out awesome :)

ginger 6 years ago

just made and used walnuts and cranberries in mini muffin pan. they are decent. my next batch today will be blueberry, almond extract,with a tad lemon juice. i will freeze and put in kids lunches.

ginger 6 years ago

just made and used walnuts and cranberries in mini muffin pan. they are decent. my next batch today will be blueberry, almond extract,with a tad lemon juice. i will freeze and put in kids lunches.

david 6 years ago

hi my name is david hat is a good re

Tabatha 6 years ago

Thanks for posting, I will be trying your recipe this weekend. Any experience with replacing the white sugar with honey?

profile image

annieh4 6 years ago

I'm looking after a friend's 2 boys this week and decided to have a baking afternoon - found your recipe for muffins (I've never made muffins before) and it was so easy to follow. The muffins look and taste fantastic and I cant wait to try different variations.

Thank you for providing us with great entertainment and a valuable maths lesson at the same time :D

fiona 6 years ago

can anyone tell me what gas mark for the oven i use when making these please

Laura 6 years ago

I made these this morning for my kids and their friends they had over. I used 2/3c whole wheat flour and 1 1/3c white flour and just a bit more milk and they were perfect. Of course they wanted to add the chocolate chips, so that's what we did. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! They were very delicious and came out perfect.

Haley 6 years ago

over mixing the ingredients will make the muffins turn out dry- once the mixture is moist you really need to stop mixing, it wont matter if the muffin mixture is lumpy or not, they will turn out fine after baking!

dachef 5 years ago

just made a 2x batch of this recipe, threw in mixed berries. came out professional.

great recipe!

Karyn Becker 5 years ago

This recipe does not disappoint. Last week I made them with frozen wild blackberries we picked last summer, today subbed 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour and added craisins and cinnamon and nutmeg. Have also made them with choco chips. Thanks for the easy yummy recipe!!

Sarah, Sydney Australia  5 years ago

I added a jar of cherries and roughly chopped dark chocolate. I was a bit worried because the mix seemed so thick...I thought it would be dry... But they turned out great! I made them for morning tea for work, but don't want to share them now!

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 5 years ago Author

Sarah, those sound delicious! Will have to try that variation.

harry 5 years ago

thanks that was a great recipy i'm trying it

Sarah 5 years ago

Hi this recipe looks great me and my 20 month old son want to try and make them. Ive looked at conversion websites but I m confused as to what english mesurment to use for cups. Thanks

Zoe 5 years ago

A cup is 250ml. If that helps :)

I'm trying this recipe this afternoon, adding vegetables for the kids.... fingers crossed and I'll let you know how they go!

Tara 5 years ago

I just made the muffins with chocolate chips. What a delicious recipe! Thanks.

Frankie 5 years ago

Im 12, and im the worst cook in the world. We have NO equipment at home (i.e. measuring jug, not even a wooden spoon or big bowl!) but with your recipe it was so much easier! i didn't have to do the whole measuring buisness, all i needed was a few cups and spoons! Thankyou so much


Jennifer 5 years ago

Great easy & quick recipe to make.....I just tweaked the sugar amount to 3/4 Cup though! Thanks for sharing! :)

sharmina 5 years ago

hi i haven't try your receipe as yet but it seem very simple and i will make it from scratch cuse that my idea thank you .

Sandy 5 years ago

Thank you so much Jennifer. This recipe is so great. First time making muffins from scratch. I used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 white flour. I made chocolate chip,

cinnamon and raisin, and for the last batch, I used applesauce instead of oil, 1/3 cup honey instead of sugar. I tried the chocolate chip, it is so great tasting.

Dakellitiniop 5 years ago

this recipe is amazing

Homelover 5 years ago

I was searching for a basic recipe for muffins and found out one here... Thank u so much for sharing this.

Angel 5 years ago

Thank you for this basic recipe! I modified it the following ways:

2 c white whole wheat flour

1/2 c coconut sugar

1 T aluminum free baking powder

1/2 t celtic salt

1 egg

1 c + splash fresh milk

1/3 c coconut oil

Katie 5 years ago


amber 5 years ago

My 10 month old won't eat her baby food, I added two jars to this recipe and she loved it. Even my school age kids ate it and liked it. They have no idea baby food was added. Thanks it was super easy!

Sabeen 5 years ago

I hope this recipee will turn out good. I am going to make it tomorrow.will let u know how it came out...

Sabeen 5 years ago

I hope this recipee will turn out good. I am going to make it tomorrow.will let u know how it came out...

Jessica 5 years ago

WOW! All Ican say right now is THANK YOU!!! I have been searching what seems for hours for a cinnamon raisin muffin reciepe and everything i came across was so complicated...You've saved me!! Thanks!

Nia 5 years ago

Wow!!! thanks so much!!! made these for my mum for her birthday and she loves them! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuna 5 years ago

i lovet this recpie! i made a batch with cranberries, rasions, apricoits, its delish!

Donna 5 years ago

I made these this morning and they turned out great. I added 1T lemon extract and some poppy seeds. Next time I will add lemon zest also. Didn't think about that today. Thanks

ella 5 years ago

thank you for this recipe! I made bluberry muffins lastnight and they turned out perfectly :) usually online recipes I do from scratch never turn out right but this one did! they taste so yummy ^.^

Ang 5 years ago

I made these on impulse, found the recipe had the ingredients and thought why not? I added homemade apple sauce and cinnamon to mine, they are to die for! Not sure there will be any for my daughter's breakfast tomorrow, for which they were intended! Thanks for such a great basic recipe it will be used many times in the future, :D

Sydney 5 years ago

I make these muffins for breakfast all the time! they are amazing!

Rhonda 5 years ago

I was wondering, if I added pumpkin, would I have to change around any of the wet ingredients to still have them turn out correctly? Or just dump the pumkin in? Thanks!

Shelia 5 years ago

Thank you! So simple and so good!

Spiwe Sita 5 years ago

Thanks for this recipe . l am going to try this today. Thanks a million hope they will be nice

Jolene 5 years ago

Thank you for this recipe...I was just sitting here contemplating if rice milk would work or not! Thank you again!

M.Awais 5 years ago

my one were fried black because we were 3 people and me 13 my friend 12 and my sis 6 years old but any way thanks for the recipe :D

CoreToPeel profile image

CoreToPeel 5 years ago from Omaha, Nebraska

Wow, I was looking for a recipe for home made muffins today and I came across yours.... I absolutely love this basic recipe that can be made into different kinds of muffins. Muffins are a fast easy way of snacks breakfast's etc. Thank you for your time and effort.

Elisa 5 years ago

Thank you for the basic recipe!! Did a google search & your was at the top! I am so impressed with the recipe & all the variations readers have come up with!!! Also, 3 years. That is great :)

melissa 5 years ago

i havn't tried the recipe yet but today we used a different recipe but they were more like scones. this recipe looks great im going to try it!

Maralea 5 years ago

I made a variation with mini chocolate chips in mini muffin pans (made 36 mini muffins with batter left over) and I used a mini cookie scoop which was the perfect size. Cooked them about 15 minutes in 375 degree convection oven. Thanks for the yummy recipe:)

Emily 5 years ago

This recipe is pretty good, thank you. I come from Germany and we have different specifications. Grams and not ounces and I have never heard from cups. So the recipes I brought were hard to do. I always had to convert the amount of flour etc. This is easy and fast made and delicious too. And my 3 year old loved to do the muffins and to eat them for sure :)

Frankie :) 5 years ago

Hi im really looking forward to making these! I love making muffins and I do them all the time for all the family! I just have one question how many muffins does this make? thanks! :)

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 5 years ago Author

This recipe makes 1 dozen.

Tamara 5 years ago

Wow! Thanks! I bake in large batches where I work and all they use is boxed stuff. I have been looking for a basic recipe I could use on a large scale for the many varities I make. Perfection! The students and staff are going to devour these!

Meagan 5 years ago

Tyhanks for the recipe, its great. So simple and easy, i love it.

Sierra:) 5 years ago

Thanks for this recipe it was GREAT!!

Guest 5 years ago

Thanks for this recipe. The store nearest us stopped selling the brand of chocolate chip muffins we buy, and the next best choice costs twice as much.

Brian 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the recipe! I added canned pumpkin in place of the wet ingredients and a little milk cocoa and pumpkin spice just to the right consistency and they were delicious!

Elaine and Megz 5 years ago

They are in the oven right now. Hope they turn out good. The batter was more like cookie dough is that normal. We added more milk to thin it out.

Thnks for sharing.

badman123/ swagger Jagger 5 years ago

Your recipe is amazing. it's so easy. :)

shannon 5 years ago

I'm wondering why my muffins don't rise nearly as much as the muffin mix muffins. . . any idea why? I don't want to add too much baking soda b/c it makes them taste a little weird

Kris 5 years ago

Love this recipe - I tweaked a little also - added a little more milk to thin it out and u also added 1/4 cup for ground flax to give it more healthy boost! We just did blueberry cinnamon and the kids loved them

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 5 years ago Author

shannon - the recipe calls for baking powder, not baking soda

Kat 5 years ago

First time making muffins for my husband (yes, we're newly weds :) ) and these are delish! I did add a few of my own special ingredients, but I would not have made them without your help! I didn't have any eggs and what caught my eye was your apple sauce substitution and the room you left for creativity. Thank you Jennifer! I hope he likes his homemade blueberry muffins! :)

Dawn 5 years ago

Thanks I needed a basic

will water do? 5 years ago

What advantage is there to using milks at all in these recipes? i.e. will water do?

brooke 5 years ago

i dont have baking powder, what can i use instead?

Ruth 5 years ago

Dear Jennifer,

I love your basic recipe.

I live in Indonesia (halfway around the world)

and find it difficult to find ingredients

from America.

But with this recipe I can experiment with

local ingredients.

The recipe is always a success. My family love

it. We have it at least twice a week for breakfast.

And my children enjoy making it with me..

Thanks :)

Juanita 5 years ago

Found these muffins to be too dense; had to ask extra milk. I wouldn't make them again without adding a few extra's...

Veronica 5 years ago

How would I make chocolate muffins with the chocolate chips?

Singinplant 4 years ago

Thank you! Not only has this helped me find an easy way to make one of my favorite treats, but it also helped me with a certain scene in my story!

Once again, thank you. I'm sure a certain pony would thank you too.

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 4 years ago Author

Veronica, I would just add cocoa to the recipe to make a chocolate/chocolate chip muffin. You might have to play with the sugar amount though, I haven't ever tried that type of muffin. Let us know what you come up with!

crazy_gurl_next_door 4 years ago

wow.i tryed this an it came out pretty just a kid an it still came out well.i by mistake put in to many ingredints and ended up with 4 or 5 batches of muffins.welp i got sumthing to eat for a whole month now lol.i only eat muffins 4 desert an now i want morez!! ^.^ thx ='.'=

Elsa 4 years ago

I got tagged to make 100-300 muffins for a high-falutin breakfast. Your recipe will let me get some good variety in there. Thanks bunches!

zainab 4 years ago

mine r in the oven.don't know how they turn out.lets wait and watch.Anyways thank u 4 the recipe...

will write after they they r done.

arielle 4 years ago

I used it for bread and it taste gross but i prob messed it up

fabio 4 years ago

400 degrees its too high mine cooked too much on the outside and not at all on the inside.blah

jeremejazz profile image

jeremejazz 4 years ago from Philippines

MMmmm... Good

lunahewitt 4 years ago

we made this recipe but added a bag of sweet chili heat chips and they ended up tasting and having a texture like a biscuit would.

Craig 4 years ago

Is baking powder the same as baking soda?

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Recipe sounds good, been looking for a basic recipe I can build on myself, so will have to try this out

Tiffany 4 years ago

I added a teaspoon of vanilla frozen blueberrys and sprinkled with brown sugar :) mmmmm they are yummy lol

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 4 years ago Author

Craig, baking soda and baking powder are different.

Tina 4 years ago

Well the least I can say,this is the best recipe I have ever came across. I read all ur comments,decided to try it,instead of making muffins,I made a loaf,put 2 tablespoons of vanilla abstract,and 1/2 a can of cranberry sauce,made just the perfect texture,turned out excellent! Thank u for the recipe...I am definitely keeping this 1 for my books!!!

... 4 years ago

I need to make sure I'm fully awake before I attempt recipes like this... I used baking soda instead of baking powder... Yuck!!

speciale 4 years ago

me and my sisters made this recipe. it was really simple aned easy and lets not forget yummy!!! great recipe! thx!

Toni 4 years ago

I use this recipe quite often. Ive done numerous flavorings like berries etc. My family favorite is making it into a loaf and putting cinnamon streusel in the middleand i sprinkle some on top. Delicious

Sara August 4 years ago

Hi! since i dont have any flavoring tools or anything so i just do them plain. And boy i thought that the muffins would taste like bread but i was wrong!!!! You have to try a muffin home made!! They're awesome!!!!!! :p :p :p

It tastes to good to miss out on,


April B. 4 years ago

I have all these basic ingrediants in my pantry or fridge! So easy! Love it!

Veronica 4 years ago

I used a half cup of cocoa powder and it turned out great!

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 4 years ago from sunny Florida

How helpful this is. A basic recipe to which our goodies can be added is a wonderful thing to have. In my collection are many recipes but I do not have a basic recipe like this one.

I am featuring it in an apple crumble muffin hub that I published a while back so others can have it to use as well.

Sending Angels your way ps

Heather R 3 years ago

I've tried this recipe a couple of times and am new to making muffins from scratch but I don't know if I am doing it right. I'd assume I'm off somehow though I followed the recipe as shown. The muffins turn out well as far as the bread part but there is almost no fruit flavor to them. We had always baked the store bought muffin mix where you just add milk and the "fruit" flavor really popped. I know that fruit was all artificial but am I messing up or is there a way to make the fruit in mine 'pop'? Cooking healthier doesn't add up to a hill of beans if they won't eat it and they say they're to bland....HELP PLEASE! :)

Jennifer profile image

Jennifer 3 years ago Author

You could try fruit juice instead of milk for the liquid if you want a more fruity flavor. When I make cranberry muffins I add orange juice for instance. 3 years ago

Mine were AWFUL glad I didn,t waste my Blueberries on this recipe!!!!!!!

makayla 2 years ago

powered sugar or regular sugar ?

jay 21 months ago

How long do i bake the mini muffins and a what temperature?

Isabel 11 months ago

Thank you for this muffin recipe .Especially from scratch .I want to do cranberrie muffins with dried cranberries

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