Maldivian Devilled Chicken

Delicious Asian Chicken Recipe

This chicken recipe is one of my favorite dishes from the Maldives. It is simple to make and has lots of great flavor. The overall taste is at once spicy, exotic and Asian.


4 pieces of chicken breast (thighs will work too)

2 cans of garlic tomato sauce

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 an onion

1 jalapeno

1 hot pepper (omit if you don't like your food spicy)

1-2 bell peppers

2 tablespoons of olive oil


1-2 sprigs of parsley

How to do it

Cut chicken into little cubes.

Cut onions, garlic, bell pepper, jalapeno, hhot pepper and parsley in a food processor. If you don't like spicy food, you can omit the hot pepper since the jalapeno will also give lots of great flavour. Grind them in a food processor until everything is fine and small. This will be the marinade for the chicken.

Season the chicken with this spice marinade and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Pour two tablespoons of olive oil and leave the chicken in the oil for about five minutes to soak in the oil.

Pour the cans of tomato sauce and cook for another 10-15 mins until the chicken has absorbed the sauce. Don't leave it until the sauce evaporates and becomes hard.G

Serve hot. Great to eat with rice, potatoes, bread or even by itself.

You can also add tomatoes and other vegetables into the chicken if you wish.


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Anastasia 5 years ago

I just came across this and this sounds really yummy and exotic! I'll definitely try it!

Tanya Sawyer 5 years ago

Same here. It sounds as if its going to have be delicious. My husband loves chicken so I am going to try this for dinner

lee custodio profile image

lee custodio 5 years ago

yeah, looks simple enough even for me.

ugen lamo 5 years ago

yeah sounds like a simple and delicious dish for people who like me too

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