Mamaw's Banana Croquettes

Crushed Peanuts
Crushed Peanuts
Ripe Yellow Bananas
Ripe Yellow Bananas
Banana Croquettes
Banana Croquettes

A Central Kentucky Tradition

Hi Everyone, this is a second recipe from my mother's collection. We referred to her as Mamaw. Our family was born and raised in Central Kentucky in a small town named Willisburg.

My mother was a fantastic cook and she would often invite townspeople over for Sunday dinner, which Northerners call lunch.

When she would bring out the desserts, the guests would stare at one item on the table and ask her what in the world is that???

She would say Oh!!, this is banana croquettes, they are easy to make. My mother got the recipe from my grandmother and on down the family line.

My mother made her recipe a bit easier than others.


4-6 bananas depending on the number of guests


Spanish peanuts crushed

(optional) peanut butter

You first cut up the bananas lengthwise

Then you spread mayonaisse of your choice over the bananas

Then you roll the bananas around in the crushed peanuts and serve in a dish.

Optional--You can prepare as above but spread peanut butter on after the mayonaisse and then roll in crushed peanuts.

Then serve in a nice dish and serve to your guests!!!

It will be the table talk of the day.

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Brenda Carpenter 5 years ago

Ruth, I still make banana croquettes often. It is just a Ky. dish that if you are having company you just automatically make .I love them .they are wonderful. I always loved eating at Aunt Mabels house. She was a great cook and a great lady. Brenda

Theresa 4 years ago

I did not know this was just a Kentucky dish. Always loved them. Theresa

Melissa 3 years ago

My family is from Springfield/Willisburg as well and as a child my grandmother always served banana croquettes at holiday dinners (in Kansas). I had no idea until Googling them just now that they were a Ky thing. I'm glad to know other families enjoy them as well!

April 3 years ago

I'm from Elizabethtown, KY and we use to have these at school all of the time. I love them and was excited to see the recipe on Pinterest.

John 2 years ago

My family is from Henderson, Ky. I remember going to my grandmothers house every weekend. On the holidays, she would make banana croquettes. She called them banana logs. This brings up fond memories of her and family.

Susan 12 months ago

My grandmother made this by laying a leaf of iceburg lettuce down, then a lengthwise halved banana, mayo and sprinkled with peanuts. Love it.

Vicki 3 months ago

We have these at all the Holidays!

Linda 2 months ago

I am from Willisburg Kentucky and yes these are a special little treat my mom always prepared for holidays. I actually fixed some for her this Christmas she is 74 now and still loves them and I do to.

bargaincds profile image

bargaincds 2 months ago from Cleveland, Ohio Author

Thanks, my family lives in Willisburg and still make them every year!!

Ruth Ann

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