Masters of Chicken Keeping Book Reviews

"Making A Poultry House" by M. Roberts Conover is just one of the five chicken ebooks that you can read in the Chicken Keeping Secrets book series.
"Making A Poultry House" by M. Roberts Conover is just one of the five chicken ebooks that you can read in the Chicken Keeping Secrets book series.

Masters of Chicken Keeping: An Honest Chicken Book Review

You've probably seen the ads on your favorite chicken website or poultry web page. "The Naked Truth," reads the bold headline. Next to a picture of, well, a naked chicken, you see a promise to learn the naked truth about keeping chickens at home. "Cluck here now!" the ad tells you.

If you clicked on the chicken book ad, you would have been taken to the personal website of author, online marketer and affiliate promoter Duncan Carver. The website is called Chicken Keeping Secrets (link at the bottom of this book review), where individuals can read five chicken books that make up a book series entitled Masters of Chicken Keeping. On this website, Mr. Carver sells three classic chicken books for $27. When the average poultry book on Amazon is $15, this seems like a good deal to novice backyard hobbyists looking to learn more about raising chickens.

But is it really a good deal? Are there really such things as chicken keeping secrets? Is the Masters of Chicken Keeping a useful chicken book resource for those interesting in raising chickens in their own backyard, or is it an Internet gimmick and scam?

As a poultry expert with over ten years experience in raising chickens at home, as well as the operator of my own poultry website, I know bad poultry advice when I see it. Learn more about the Masters of Chicken Keeping, and whether this chicken ebook is worth your time and hard-earned money. It looks like the chicken keeping secret is out!

A Review of "The Practical Poultry Keeper" chicken book.

The Practical Poultry Keeper is written by author Lewis Wright. The interesting thing is that this chicken book was originally written in 1904. This makes this chicken book over 100 years old! Likewise, the other four books in the Chicken Keeping Secrets-published series are also 100 years old, or more. But rather than being a bad thing, the editor and compiler of the Masters of Chicken Keeping at Chicken Keeping Secrets has taken veritable poultry classics and turned them into electronic books.

The Practical Poultry Keeper is 344 pages long and a 24.6 megabyte download, and quite a read. The first-time chicken keeper will find some useful information within this chicken book's cover. The first thing you'll notice when flipping through this poultry book is the beautiful, full-color chicken paintings that have translated well into the electronic ebook version.

The introduction to this first book in the Masters of Chicken Keeping book series helps explain why Duncan Carver chose to include it in his ebook series. "The first edition of this work was published in 1867, its object being to give practical details in such a practical way that it might be put into the hands of a person totally ignorant of poultry keeping," writes the author in the preface, "with the reasonable certainty that its instructions would be understood by him, and it followed would command success."

The book then goes on to cover many of the basics of raising chickens. You'll find out how to build chicken coops, chicken runs and chicken houses (page 1); how to slaughter a chicken (page 96), the differences in a variety of chicken breeds; and how to cure "Diseases, Vices and Vermin" (page 287).

While the language in this book is rather dated - who, after all, still says "vices"? - The Practical Poultry Keeper is a thorough and exhaustive introduction to the art and practice of raising chickens in your backyard. If the rest of the Chicken Keeping Secrets ebook series is this informative, it is well worth the $27 spent.

But are they?

The Masters of Chicken Keeping promise five books at, but are the chicken books worth the price?
The Masters of Chicken Keeping promise five books at, but are the chicken books worth the price?

A Review of the Rest of the Masters of Chicken Keeping eBook Series

The other chicken books in the series include the following:

200 Eggs Per Year Per Hen by Edgar Warren. This chicken book is a short 104 pages long and was originally written in 1912. It's main focus is on raising chickens for fresh chicken eggs. Some of the advice is better construed for the commercial layer market, and backyard poultry raisers might not find it as applicable.

Poultry Appliances and Handicraft by George B. Fiske. Written back in 1902, this chicken eBook is 136 pages. Like the previous book, a bit technical but definitely useful for understanding the basics of poultry equipment.

Poultry Architecture - A Practical Guide for Construction of Poultry Houses, Chicken Coops and Yard by Fiske, as well. This is a very useful read for anyone interested in building their own chicken coops and constructing a chicken house that is suitable and safe for their flock.

Poultry Houses & Fixtures. There is no author listed in this book, though it was originally published back in 1919 by The Reliable Poultry Journal Pub. Co. Like Poultry Architecture, the beginning hobbyist will find this information quite useful when building a chicken coop at home.

Chicken Keeping Secrets: Is the Masters of Chicken Keeping Worth $27?

The problem with online marketing is we often don't know if what we're buying will actually be what's promised. After not finding any reviews on this chicken book series, I decided to try it for myself. I was quite impressed. Poultry books on Amazon can easily cost $27 for just one. Granted, those books are newer and come in actual book form. However, the five books included in the Masters of Chicken Keeping are hefty and long, and quite a value when you realize that you really do get five books in ebook format.

That being said, some individuals may not enjoy reading a book on their computer. Alternatively, you can print out the chicken books found at Chicken Keeping Secrets and reading it that way. Otherwise, I found no problems with this excellent, exhaustive and comprehensive chicken book series.

If you are a beginner interested in raising happy chickens and getting the most out of your flock, the Masters of Chicken Keeping is a must-read.

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