Max's Delivery Philippines Menu and Number

Max's Delivery Menu

Hungry for Max's Chicken? No need to worry because just by dialing the Max's delivery hotline 7-9000, you can get the delicious fried chicken recipe of Max's delivered to your house. Imagine being able to eat it at the comfort of your home. This is really best if you have guests over or even if you just want to eat something special with the family.

Max's is already an institution here in the Philippines and their chicken recipe is really so unique and something that Filipinos and foreigners love. It's not the typical fried chicken you can buy in any other restaurant. Aside from that, their menu offers a lot of other great recipes and treats. So if you're planning to get Max's delivered to your home then check out the Max's delivery menu below:

Max's Fried Chicken

Max's Delivery Menu Chickens
Max's Delivery Menu Chickens

Max's Menu Chickens

Surely you won't get Max's delivered and not get chicken! You have to get the chicken. It's really so good with and perfect with the banana ketchup that comes with it. It's really so unique. You don't have to get whole chicken you can get the set meals and side dishes and other extra stuff here from Max's Delivery Menu:

Max's Extras and Side Dishes Menu
Max's Extras and Side Dishes Menu
Max's Favorite Recipes Menu
Max's Favorite Recipes Menu

Max's TVC with Piolo Pascual

Max's Menu

They've really done a lot to make Filipino all-time favorites a good twist. What are you waiting for? Dial 7-9000 now and get Max's fried chicken delivered to your house! It's something that you and your family deserves!

Max's Delivery Philippines Menu

More Max's Chicken Recipes
More Max's Chicken Recipes
Max's Side Dishes and Extras
Max's Side Dishes and Extras

Max's Branches

Surely there's a branch located near you that will delivery your food. You can go to the Max's restaurant website and use the store locator to look for the nearest branch. Dial 97000 now and you can ask if they will deliver to you!

If you are looking for a place to hold an event like for birthdays, baptisms, weddings, or any others you can have it in Max's restaurant. They have a lot of different affordable table set meals that will surely make your event even more special!

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oleijane 5 years ago

why i cant contact your land line number delivery ???

jojo uy 4 years ago

97000 not working

erica 4 years ago

the right num is 79000

grazie 4 years ago

how about from abroad? what should i dial

lanz boy 3 years ago

Thank you po Max's dahil syo na kumpleto ang birthday ng anak ko.........the best to d Max ka talaga.....frm... kinnari vill.carmona

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