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McDonlds, Lawyer, Mc Donalds, Lawyers, Mcdonolds, McDonalds


Mc Donal, mcdonalds, or mcdonlds how wrong can a lawsuit be.

This class action suit to force Mc Donalds to remove toys from kids’ meals is amazing. It is amazing that a lawyer has taken the case. It is amazing they are making a class action suit out of it. It is overwhelmingly amazing that this is considered a good business decision by a law firm. Let’s break down how many ways this is wrong.

1. The case is based on poor diet choices.
2. The case is not based on patriotism.
3. The case is based on excessive force.
4. The case is not based on legal aid.
5. The case is based on indecent exposure.

McDonalds McDonalds 1

Poor Diet Choices

The case started with parents complaining about toys enticing their kids to eat unhealthy. Surprise, Micky D’s has unhealthy food choices. This is common knowledge. This case completely misses the state of our food supply. The proven fact is factory farming is progressively robbing us of biodiversity and nutrition. Chemical companies like Monsanto are very proud of their genetically engineered seeds. However, they do not want us to have a choice to pass on their less nutritional and more costly crops by boasting on a label, “Look here the foods that killed the traditional farmer and is slowly starving us of healthy choices.” The factory farmed meats that grow so unnaturally fast the animals are prone to disease. Instead of curing the problem returning to some sense of natural design; the animals are pumped full of hormones, antibodies, and meds to raise the cost and drop the nutritional value. A little fact covered only briefly in the media was that the recent swine flu outbreak was from a factory pig farm in North Carolina. Years ago these farms polluted the streams and rivers so bad that a red algae bloom grow up the east coast feeding on the fish supply. In the interest of full disclosure, you might think this is a rant of a vegetarian. I am an equalist, respecting all life including plants and animals. Personally, I am so very thankful both are so delicious. 


McDonalds McDonalds 2

McDonalds Patriotism

The toys are usually tied into a synergetic advertising campaign. This is very patriotic to co-op established customers as another commodity. It is the American way to multiply a customer by giving them another product or service to buy. I learned this from the American Tae Kwon Do Association (ATA) courses to run a martial arts studio. I love martial arts and my stomach turned hearing that running a school is not designed to keep a growing number of clients. Rather, get a few in the door and sell them an annual contract divided into monthly payments, and sell them regular testing fees, and sell them new events and programs. You can now see that it is good American business to turn a single customer into a regular consistent consumer. But, look at the fine print. Like Disney, most tiny toys for McDonalds are built in another country. We have the tech and willing work force to make those toys patriotically. 

McDonalds McDonalds 3

Use the Force McDonalds

Every salesman knows at least a little Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is a collection of techniques to motivate a person to your bidding. You might think of it as conscious hypnosis. Let’s break down the basic recipe of a commercial. We start by recognizing a problem we all share, a cure to that problem is suggested, and then a product (or service) is connected verbally or physically to the cure. My daughter and I love animation. McDonalds is very smart to team up with film makers to design toys as small perks. As I write this I am watched over by my dragon “Toothless”. This is not new, just the best. After all, haven’t you ever heard of “Cracker Jacks?” How have they escaped this class action? 

McDonalds McDonalds 4

Actions Legally Void of Class

The intent of a class action is good; to support a group of injured from a dangerous product or procedure by financially slapping profiteers hands and demanding the flawed process to stop. The court forces payment not just as punishment but also to compensate the injured. Here is where it gets fuzzy. If a group had a free court appointed legal team, the injured would receive all the funds from the class action. Nowadays, class action suits are big business for the lawyers. They get large groups together to win the case. The millions that they win is divided in this order: first - the lawyers get one third of the gross, second - all costs acquired throughout the case, third – legal fees, lastly – the rest is divided among the injured usually each cut is much less than the value of what they lost. Imagine reliving the pain of losing a loved one under the anticipation of providing a better life for your remaining family. You receive a letter from the law firm with a check for $237 as the other 25,000 people in the class action, congratulations.

Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers

McDonalds McDonalds 5

Attention Lawyers

This void of class action suit to take down the happy meal is not adequately addressing indecent exposure; exposure of a parent’s inability to properly teach their children. The suit is solely based on parents missing the opportunity to teach children good nutrition, economics, how to cook, marketing techniques, appreciation for existing toys, appreciation of anything other than toys, and respect. I mentioned a love for animation earlier. The funny of a joke in animation (or stand up) has a common limitation of three. My daughter quickly learned the same goes for asking the same question over and over. It is simple math that any child can easily pick up. If asking for something is rejected, asking again and again is never allowed to work. We would say no up to twice, by the third time our daughter would start losing some of her favorite things. She did test her limits. After a week with nothing other than a pillow, blanket, and toothbrush; she learned to appreciate her bed, toys, TV, etc. Of course, it takes a little work to parent. There has always been a teen phase of rebellion trying to earn independence. We have never seen so many acting out with no concept of consequences. 

Why So Serious?


Because You Can’t Teach Your Kids

In Conclusion

Because kids are no longer teachable, there are a few more class action suits we need to file:

· No more lollipops. They are a choking hazard and the sticks can be a weapon.

· No more candy at all. It is too sweet and tasty for us to keep from our children.

· We must stop computers. They allow our kids to see Youtube and much more.

· Stop the production and use of tires would save anyone from being hit by a car.

· Tell us no more fiber allowed for kids, they giggle far too much when they fart.

· Disney should not be allowed to advertise just like the cigarette companies.

· No more gingerbread houses, they give an unreasonable expectation of ownership.

· Racism in books; tiny insignificant black letters on a big powerful white page.

· Fingernails should be removed at birth so children never scratch themselves.

If I sit here long enough I am sure I can invent 1,001 less than classy class action suits. Until then, please spread the word, “stop these wasteful needless law suits.” Let us instead demand the return of a great economy. Not long ago, one income would be enough for a family to afford basic food, car, and home. Now, it is a struggle for most Americans to survive with dual incomes. Thank you for your time, please take action clicking below and leave a comment.

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carrie450 profile image

carrie450 6 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

Amen to this! Parents need to learn how to say NO to their children and stick with it. The class action suit to me is absolutely ridiculous and I hope it's thrown out of court. Great hub, voted up.

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