Meals Under $1.50: Easy Mexican Chicken Salad Recipe with Pictures

Mexican Chicken Salad - just add your choice of dressing and enjoy!
Mexican Chicken Salad - just add your choice of dressing and enjoy!

I can't remember which cookbook I was using when I first made this recipe. In fact, I may not even have it anymore. But this is such an easy recipe, that once you've made it, it's hard to forget.

Most Mexican salads have a form of ground beef in them. This one however, has chunks of chicken. The chicken is flavored in an unusual way and with unusual ingredients for a Mexican dish. In fact, if you were to choose not to use picante sauce, and to omit the chips, then add in some mandarin orange slices and sprinkle with chinese noodles, this would make a delectable Asian salad.

What I like the most about this recipe is how quickly it can be prepared, and how good it tastes. Have I piqued your curiosity yet?


2 small chicken breasts

2 T. oil

2 T. soy sauce

1 head of lettuce, washed and torn

2 corn tortillas

1 tomato, chopped

1 cup grated cheese - I like to use extra sharp cheddar because less tastes like more.

salad dressing - french, ranch, or blue cheese

picante sauce, optional


Making Tortilla Strips:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the tortillas in half, and then cut all 4 halves into short 1/4 wide strips.

Spread out on baking sheet and spray with cooking spray (such as PAM).

Bake for 10 minutes.

Debone and remove skin from 2 chicken breasts.

Cut into small pieces.

Add 2 T. oil and 2 T. soy sauce to frying pan or wok. Heat on medium high.

Add chicken, browning on all sides. Make sure that chicken is cooked through well.

Prepare 4 plates. Wash and tear lettuce. Arrange on plates

Cut up tomato and divide between plates.

Sprinkle each plate with 1/4 cup grated cheese.

Place 1/4 of the chicken on top of each salad.

Top with 1/4 of the tortilla strips. (This picture shows crushed tortilla chips instead because we had some leftover. That is another way to save money - by using things up through the use of substitutions when they work in the recipes.) The tortilla strips are much crunchier and chewier than the crushed chips are.

Top each salad with 2 T. of salad dressing. Serve and enjoy!

Cost Analysis:

1/2 small chicken breasts = .50 / serving

1/2 T. oil = .05 / serving

1/2 T. soy sauce = .05 / serving

1/4 head of lettuce = .30 / serving

1/2 tortilla = .05 / serving

1/4 tomato = .10 / serving

1/4 cup grated cheese = .25

2 T. salad dressing = .20

Equals $1.40 total cost per serving. You can even splurge for the optional picante sauce.

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Comments: "Meals Under $1.50: Easy Mexican Chicken Salad Recipe with Pictures" 12 comments

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA

I really enjoy these budget meal hubs. There are some great ideas here for all of us trying to stretch our grocery budget!

davenmidtown profile image

davenmidtown 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

Beautiful hub HSB! This totally delicious and easy to make! good job. Voted up and sharing

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

Gofygure - I'm glad that you are enjoying them. Just wait til you taste them! And when you do I want you to come back and let me know how you enjoyed them! I so appreciate you having time to stop by, you ole' hub of the day person! You have to be busy answering all the comments. Congratulations again!

snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 5 years ago from Canada

Hello homesteadbound, your series on meals under is so clever and the recipes look great, also your photos and layout are easily followed and make an attractive page. Congratulations on doing something really helpful that will probably be a big success for you. Regards, snakeslane

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hello, pardner, davenmidtown. I'm glad you like the hub. Thanks for the votes and for sharing. More to come ....

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

snakeslane - I hope you get a chance to try some of these. I'm glad that you are finding them to be useful. It is really nice to be able to help others, and during these hard times, this feels like it is the right thing to do. We need to also thank davenmidtown because he is the brainchild behind this!

Thanks davenmidtown.

And thank you for stopping by!

Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

I'm convinced that there's nothing you can't do! I'm bookmarking all of your recipes and hopefully will get to try them all one of these days. I might even splurge on the picante sauce. I loved all the colorful pictures you've put together in this hub as well. Nicely done and voting up across the board!

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

Well, Ms Cloverleaf, I have heard (read) the same thing about you in one of your cooking hubs! I know you are a great cook! One of these days I might even get around to writing about one of my homemade hot sauces. I can go to restaurants, and many times come home and come close to duplicating a recipe. Thanks fro stopping by and for the votes.

Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

That's quite a talent to be able to recreate a dish you've eaten. Did you check out my new vegetarian recipe hub? You're featured in it :)

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

Cloverleaf - I haven't yet. i'm working my way through my notifications from hubpages. it takes a while to get thru them and I am a couple behind. Sometimes I grab them if I see them in the feed. I do hop occasionally and catch one there, otherwise I get to them as I go through my notifications. There just seems like so little time. It seems to fly so fast these days. And late at like this, I actually lay in bed with my computer on my lap and go through my notifications. I will have to get there and make sure that you did not use my name in vain! LOL. You're great!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

Great hub. I love to see stuff that can save me money. I am also always trying to save my boss money at the job where I am a cook. I always say: just because it is not my money that I am spending is no reason not to be aware of food costs.

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas Author

lucybell21 - You will have to go check out the others. I have quit a few out there now. That is very nice of you to consider saving your boss money too. I hope they realize what a good employee they have. Thanks for stopping by!

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