What's a mirepoix?

The mirepoix pronounced "meer-pwah"(It can also be spelled "mirepois") is your basic necessity for creating a stock or a broth. With out a mirepoix chicken stock would taste like chicken water...yuck! The mirepoix is made of the holy trinity in classical cooking, carrots, onions and celer. There is no wrong way to make a mirepoix its just some rough chopped veggies. I live to save the scraps or the ends of the carrots onions and celery that I do not use in other dishes for my mirepoix. It saves on cost and food waste.Mirepoix is so easy their is no receipe just a smple ratio. The ratio is 2:1:1, onions,carrots and celery, respectively. The only adjustment you will need to make is in cases of a white stock. When makeing a white sauce or stock you will omitt the carrots. Instead of carrots use parsnips.

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kid 5 years ago

now i learn something different,, i love this video

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