Moist, Tender, FLAVORFUL Crock Pot Pork Chops

Frugal AND Yummy!

I don't like to waste anything.  Last week, my daughter ate half an orange, leaving the other half to throw away.  We also had one Granny Smith apple that was about to be thrown out.  I had just bought about a pound of boneless pork chops and decided to try to create a recipe on the fly.

I placed the pork chops in my crock pot.  I took the already peeled orange and crushed it up with my hands, onto the pork chops, turning the meat over a few times. 

Then, I cut the apple into tiny slices and tossed the unpeeled pieces into the crock pot.  I did not use the very core of the apple as I thought the seeds might impart a bit of a bitter flavor.

To this I added 2 cups of Italian dressing.  Just a cheap off-brand oil variety.  This amount will be cut back to 1 cup the next time I make this.  It was mouth watering with 2 cups, but there was no need to use so much, so next time I won't.

I covered the crock pot and turned it to High for 3 hours.

The blend of flavors was unbelievable!  My husband has to put steak sauce on all meat but this dish had so much flavor and such a great flavor that he didn't even reach for it.  I served it over rice.

This was such an inexpensive meal - the chops were on sale for $1.50 and we had the orange and the apple, items that would have been wasted.  It was enough for two meals for two people.  I really hope you'll give this a try - a great meal can be easy and inexpensive. 


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