Accurate Montel Williams Health Master Review

If you have been up late at night, you probably have seen the informercials about his newest product, but I would like to provide you with an Accurate Montel Williams Health Master Review. This product has been heavily promoted as “more than a blender” and that it literally pulverizes fruits and vegetables – as well as concrete. Along with the purchase, you are told that you will receive bonus recipe books and an eating plan. Its claim to fame is that it replaces dozens of kitchen appliances that it “assumes” everyone has in their household.

For me the most eye catching quality was that it created juices that were healthy and delicious. I already own a well known, brand name juicer and it is very difficult to clean, so when I saw the infomercials I thought that this product would be a much easier appliance to clean than my juicer.

You don't need a health degree to know that drinking freshly juiced raw vegetables is definitely a plus if you or your family have a goal to achieve healthy diets. This is especially important if you are losing weight by eating healthy. There are too many people today that eat out of a box, or a can and never get the true basic nutrients that come with fresh produce. I liked the idea of having a handy, easy to clean appliance that would allow me to improve my physical wellbeing.

My first review point is that this product is definitely easy to clean. It is basically a blender and there are no parts on it that cannot be washed easily. Everything is easily accessible to clean. You just remove the top and you can put the pieces in your dishwasher or you can wash it by hand in the sink. You don't need a degree as a health master to realize that if a product is easy to clean, it will be used more often and the results will be seen much quicker than a product used infrequently.

The bonus recipe books you get are only a few pages long, but the recipes are very simple to make. However, there was only one book on juicing (about a dozen recipes) and the rest were on how to make party drinks, like frozen margaritas, salad dressings, frozen ice cream, and slushy drinks. These types of food products seemed a little counterproductive to eating healthy foods.

My second review point is the one that brings up my upset with the Montel Williams Health Master being a product that produces healthy “juices”. I used one of the recipes in the juicing book and took an apple, a grapefruit and a slice of ginger root and blended them per the instruction book. It took over a minute to finally get the grapefruit blended enough so that it was somewhat liquid. However, the final result was nothing I would consider “juice”. It was a thick, pulpy drink. I had to use a spoon rather than drinking it, and it had the consistency of a slushy drink, except it didn’t melt in your mouth. It was also full of air bubbles and very difficult to swallow. I tried adding water, but the consistency just became worse.

Granted, grapefruit is a somewhat stringy fruit, but the other recipes in the books rely heavily on all kinds of fruits and vegetables that would also have this same consistency. I don't see how they can promote this product for its ability to produce “juices” because the final result is too thick to even drink without watering down the ingredients.

My fourth review point concerns the payment handling by the company. I ordered mine on January 9th and received it within a couple weeks. The infomercial offers a 60 day money back guarantee, but I decided to mail it back in less than 30 days. My first charge (which included postage) posted on my credit card the day after I made the phone purchase. When I called to find out how to return the product, I was told I would receive a credit for the first purchase payment on my charge card within 72 business hours of receipt.

I sent the product back via UPS with a confirmation delivery signature required. They received the product on Feb. 3rd, however, not only did I not get the credit on my charge card, but on Feb. 11th they posted another charge on my credit card. I tried to call to find out why this had occurred and all I got was basically a busy signal on their business line. I tried calling the "new sales” department and they told me I had to keep checking on their confirmation/refund website. Finally, on Feb. 16th the credit appeared. It also finally appeared on my credit card account. What is frustrating now is that I have a credit on my charge card, when I should have a zero balance.

My final point in this accurate review of Montel Williams Health Master is that this product promotes itself as “more than a blender” so I expected more than a blender. What I got was a very large, very heavy blender. Yes, it is powerful. Yes, it can grind up concrete. Yes, it is easy to clean, has a large capacity, and can produce heated soups, ice cream, and various other products. But it is still a blender, so if you are looking for the great juicer that they are promoting on television, then you will probably be disappointed. All of the above comments are strictly my opinion and you are free to make your own judgments and assessments of this product, if you choose to purchase it.

Thank you for reading my review of the Health Master.

Breville 800 JEXL

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bin 2 years ago

horrible customer service, the motor blew up on mine making a smoothie!! I phoned in March 4/14 talked to arron id#m36 --he said someone would call me back--never happened,phoned on March 10(no call back), March 21 got transfered over to a high up but phone got disconnected!!! phoned back again chanyell #b76 said my model is discontinued so I would have to pay to get another one!! not my fault its discontinued -- this is just a money grabber, horrible horrible customer service SO NEVER BUY ONE !!! GO TO A STORE WHERE U KNOW U GET GOOD AFTER SERVICE

Mitchell Moore 3 years ago

The Montell Williams juicer is a piece of junk! Mine started leaking oil after 45 days & they would not refund me! Every time I see Montel W. on TV I throw up a little in my mouth!!! Wishing I would have used my 350.00 dlls on a quality juicer!!!

True 3 years ago

I was just watching Montel and Sylvia and was considering buying the Health Master so glad I found this site...saved me time and money thank you

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seannaw 3 years ago

Used it for a few months when I notice the pitcher is leaking all over. I contact them and they say "oh yes! This is a problem and because it happens so often, the pitchers are on back order!" In the meantime, I have useless machine. I go to crunch up some ice, (about the only thing that wont leak) and the motor is shot from all the crap leaking into it from the pitcher leaking! I call them again and they want to charge ME 40 or more dollars to send the old one back and get a new base...AND the freaking pitcher is STILL back-ordered!!! What a rip off!! Their warranty makes no sense, me paying for a defective part or a part damaged by a defective part makes no sense..ESPECIALLY when they admit it was a defective pitcher!

david 3 years ago

so why is the health master become hard to get parts for when there is a lifetime warrentie

fountainyouth profile image

fountainyouth 3 years ago from Philadelphia

I completely disagree with this Hub! The Health Master is an excellent blender, and I was an avid Vitamix promoter, for many years! The Health Master, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it quieter, and smoother than, the Vitamix does! I've been extremely pleased with the Health Master, and trust me, I am extremely difficult to please. I don't get a dime for saying to you, if you've got the money, go and get yourself a Health Master, and besides blending you get ALL of the nutrients present from the plant! Juicing we lose so much of the valuable nutrition found in, stems, seeds, skin, pulp/fiber, at least 65%! Health Master, or Nutribullet if you can't afford, but NO need to shell out over $500, when you can get a better blender for less!

Georgia G. 3 years ago

I had the HealthMaster Elite for two days and I am returning it back. WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK! Twice I have used it - the machine itself smells like its burning, it doesn't work for the first two minutes.... and after 25 minutes of trying to make one juice - there are still chunks in my glass! It's horrible and not worth the money. Also, I called customer service to return it and they were not helpful and the agent helping me was a jerk! I was also told that the taxes can not be refunded to me and that I have to pay to ship it back to them. I think that's a joke.

Lloyd Bailey 4 years ago

Sorry I did not spend time reading these reviews. I bought a Montel Health Master months ago, but only was able to use it a few times, since my wife would complain of the noise when out of the kitchen and resting. true it makes a puree rather than juice, but I would add water to this and use a large strainer. The husks I would use for soups. However on only my 5th or 6th use grinding sour oranges for juice with a glass and 1/2 of water, and oranges cut in 1/4 , Jar 3/4 full the motor on the unit started shutting off and smoking. Allowing it to cool did not help. It completely died. Resetting and all that was tried. Dead machine. Checked and found that the puree was too thick, not living up to the capabilities shown on television. I checked my 100 year warranty, but found that I will be responsible for return shipping of the heavy base and sending a check for $29.99 :($30.00) for return shipping. Could purchase a lower price unit for that amount. Truly garbage do not waste your money. Montel I have lost confidence in you and anything you would sell. L Bailey, Fla. 12/14/12.

Marla Daniel 4 years ago

I ordered mine 3-15-12 and id not buy the warranty.It leaks,the tamper is cacked and it has never juiced anything.Today is 8-16 and i has been this way for 2 months so it lasted maybe 3 months.I was told i could buy another blender,No thanks! Do not buy this.JUNK

Joe G 4 years ago

I saw the infomercial and was considering buying the product. So I went online and saw your review. Thanks, Susan, for providing a necessary service. You saved me money and a lot of grief.

Matt 4 years ago


I bought one in 2009 used it about maybe 20 times,tried to use it today, no dice...the motor already went out.

Alan Wilson 4 years ago

I agree with your comment on the final result being a lot of foam instead of juice. I purchased one and gave away my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. I just blended strawberries, blueberries, orange (whole orange peal and all) and a few other fruits this afternoon, poured it out as juice sat it down and a few minutes later it was thick foam not drinkable, but I add water to it and stir and it's fine until finished. I do like being able to put pretty much anything into it with any problem, just the thick foam problem with anything I make. I also don't care for the way it pours out, usually goes over the top edge instead of the spout, but I can deal with it, despite those problems, I am glad I purchased it, a lot less cleanup with this one and no waste. The commercial on tv is also way off on loading the blender without cutting everything up, it won't work that way, everything just stays crammed above the blade, but no biggie. I use it every day.

soready4 4 years ago

What shall I do? The company claims I have received my 'machine' according to Fed Ex tracking but I have not.

My credit card company has put a dispute on the charge. I have encountered hostility and been called all but a liar by company reps. I think I may be lucky it never arrived but is it upon me to somehow prove this? I do NOT want a replacement and I would like my $ refunded to my credit card. I regretted ordering almost immediately after ordering and tried unsuccessfully to stop the order...but apparently it already was sent. On a Sunday??? So....anyone have an experience with no receipt of this item despite tracking to the contrary?

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ladytaz7 4 years ago

Hi Susan, Last night 4/29/12, my boyfriend saw the Health Master on TV. And we were about to order when I found your blog. So glad I did. Some people may have a good machine, but I can't afford to be one of the ones who doesn't. So thanks to you we will be passing on this one.

David in Alameda CA 4 years ago

Thank you so much Susan. You covered exactly the point of why I would want this product. And, that is to get a full fledged JUICER/emulisifier to JUICE the entire fruit/veg to a juice-not think shake you eat with a spoon. I do already have a juices but, does eliminate the pulp. This is very valuable info. It's too bad it doesn't do what the video shows. Darn!!! I guess if it seems too good to be true...It usually isn't. I REALLY appreciate your comments very, very much!!!

Mary Bailey 4 years ago

I would highly recommend purchasing any juicer by Breville. I bought the one that cost about $200 and I got it on sale for about $150. It actually "juices", removing the nutrients that juicing is all about. All juicers produce a great amount of pulp so if you're into gardening, this is awesome compost....

Sharon 4 years ago

Thank you EVERYONE! After seeing Montel on Piers Morgan last night I was thinking I wanted the juicer. So glad I found this blog because all I really want to know now is what it was besides the fruit/veg combo drinks what the omega drink was he had. NO way am I buying the juicer!!

Mitch 4 years ago

I bought my HM in July 2010. It started leaking grease after 15 or so uses. I stopped using it for a few months, started again and it was still leaking. I sent it back, got a new one, let it sit in the box for a few more months. The second one started leaking grease and juice after 15 or so uses again. This 'blender' is awful. I wonder if the grease is getting into the smoothies I drink? DO NOT BUY!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolph 5 years ago

I wish I would have read this before I bought it. I bought the machine and on the first try with ONLY CARROTS... It caught on fire and the smell in house was horrible for 3 days! I trusted Montel... I can NOT believe he is promoting such a bad product and making it seem like it's a "real" show and having that "psychic" in the show... really? REALLY? and the stupid kid drinking the green drink... really? OMG what a joke of a product!


Maurice H. 5 years ago

I just want to add a few more comments. Other than the issues that I have had with the blender leaking oil, the Montel Williams blender is a great blender. I mostly make fruit smoothies because that are more liquid and drinkable with no annoying pulp (although it is there). My biggest drawback (personal) with it is that the veggie smoothies are too thick with pulp and smells like backyard grass. So, I need to find me a good combination of vegetables to mix. I am thinking that I may go with 3 parts fruit and 1 part vegetable for my smoothies. This combo should alow me to drink my vegetables (like jiuce) without feeling like I am swallowing wet sawdust.

john 5 years ago

total junk! like others have said, it leaks grease from the blender bottom and the bearing then goes out. $50 for a new one. the machine is a rip off piece of crap and montel williams needs to be sued for selling crap. hes a piece of slime.

leah davis 5 years ago

Thank You for posting this information. You have saved me several hundred dollars and a big LOUD headache too. Buyer beware for sure. I almost brought a health master from the infomercial.

greg 5 years ago

This blender works well UNTIL grease starts coming out of it into whatever you are blending. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE

Robin 5 years ago

Glad I saw your review, one of the things that is hard to get away from is buying a high priced "blender" that just pulps or turns everything in to a foam that is not pleasant to drink...

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Gerald - Thanks for your post, and the compliment to me. It's true that you will see more negative than positive in reviews, but I didn't find many positives when I was getting ready to write my own review. But there are always two sides to everything and I try to be fair and allow both to be seen here. Have a good day!

Steve A 5 years ago

My girlfriend purchased the Health Master yesterday and we are looking forward on using this product, but on reading the comments i am now a bit worried. Will keep you updated in a months time. (fingers crossed)

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

It's too bad you found my review "after" you made your purchase. In the event you can convince them to give you a refund, I would recommend using UPS to ship it back. They have a very good price for the weight and size of the original packaging. Good luck.

Terence Jeffries 5 years ago

I found you review very helpful. After attempting to turn some carrots, celery, and apple to juice; I found my self with some sort of filling for a pie! Far from anything you would call juice. After being accused of "not doing something right" I searched for a helpful review--Wha-la! Thanks!

Nancy 5 years ago

The Health Master is the worst investment I've ever made. Poor quality craftsmanship. I've had 2 in 10 months because they've both had the same problem. The base top spits out a gritty greasy film coating the underneath side of the container bottom. I'm trying to deal with Health Master now in getting a full refund. Not a pleasant experience. I don't recommend this blender to anyone. The get was you pay for wasn't the case with the Health Master. I bought a Vitamix and you truly do get what you pay for. I love it and you don't have to pay extra for a motor warranty! Imagine that!

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I'm still getting questions from people asking if there is another blender that I do recommend so I thought I would add another comment here about the Breville 800 juicer that does get great reviews and is one that I highly recommend. You can find out more about this juicer, and get a few cleaning tips I've included on how to keep your current juicer working efficiently and help keep it looking new, at Thanks for reading my HubPage.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I recommend the Breville 800 juicer. You can find out more information on my website Thank you for asking.

samoa 6 years ago


JUDY GRICE 6 years ago



nicolette 6 years ago

I was ready to buy a new juicer and now that I have read these comments I am staying away from the montel williams juicer. Thanks for the info.

Neena 6 years ago

I was on the verge of ordering the Health Master. The negative reviews were enough for me to sit back and wait until I find what I really want. With all the complications of life and money problems that exist, I don't need the potential aggravation.

So, thanks for the comments -- I will never buy another product without checking all opinions.

Sandy 6 years ago

Thank you soooooo much for this review (and allowing user comments) sometimes I don't know what to believe when reading on line reviews, but your blog sounds legit and you have saved me some frustration.

Aissa 6 years ago

I'm really surprise with the negative remarks, for I use my Health Master everyday. I'm glad I purchase this item and told my co-worker about it. I've purchase a lot of items from info-commercial and have to say this is the first product I really like and use. I use grapefruits in a lot of drinks and never had to deal with pulp. Believe me, I got fool by the bullet express and was very concern about the purchase of the HealthMaster. If I encounter any problem down the line, I have no problem saying it.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

Oh my gosh, that is outrageous. I mailed mine back and it cost me only $17.00 at the UPS store (which included the confirmation receipt). You have to keep calling and asking to speak with someone "up the ladder" who can help you. You have the legal right to return a defective product. You may have to tell them you are contacting an attorney if they will not help you. Sorry to hear you are having this problem. Good luck.

mimi 6 years ago

I bought the Montel juicer in Sept, used it quite a bit at first, then noticed there was grease seeping out of a seal

in the pitcher. I bought the warranty, and when I called customer service they told me it would be 55.00 dollars to ship it back to them??!!! Also told me it was "normal" for the grease to leak out of the pitcher seal... I am really dissappointed, I think this is a scam. I could buy a new pitcher for the shipping charge. I am going to try to contact someone with more authority than the agent I spoke to on the phone. Has anyone else had this grease problem??

Sheri 6 years ago

Wow, this has been very valuable info. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Will be moving on to research the Vitamix and Jack juicer. Only hope to find similar posts. Again, thanks!

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

You are welcome. Thank you for posting your comment. I would recommend sending the product back via UPS. I found their prices very reasonable and I trust their delivery confirmation as well. I've shipped a viariety of items (including my out-of-state Christmas presents) using UPS and have never been disappointed.

Victoria  6 years ago

I was searching for confirmation thinking maybe I got a bad model. Your review is right on point with what I've been experiencing and I'm very disappointed in this product. It was truly a waste of my hard earned money and I'll be sending it back on Monday. Thank you!!

Bryan Eaddy profile image

Bryan Eaddy 6 years ago from Michigan

Nice review. My wife and I are thinking about buying a Health Master.

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