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Genuine 'Gluten Free' Advertising

UPDATED (22 AUG 11): A commenter has recently informed me that Muffin Break adds a common disclaimer regarding their allergens. This has only occurred since their website was upgraded within the last three (3) months:

"At Muffin Break the allergen content of our products has been analysed based on their ingredients. However it is important for customers to be aware that our products are also made in an environment where cross contamination with other allergens, such as nuts, seeds, gluten containing cereals, soy, milk, eggs, sulphites, fish and seafood may occur."

Whilst I can personally see the need for such disclaimers, it is important for me to also note that they are still confident in the fact that their "gluten free muffins contain no detectable gluten". I think we can be pretty certain that, based on this fact, the gluten free muffins would, in particular, be an exception to the notice outlined above. Seems like a contradictory statement at best, and I will contact muffin break to confirm that procedures have not changed with regard to preparation of these items.

----- Original Post -----

Here in Australia, Muffin Break is truly a REAL gluten free destination.

They even make it clear that all the 'gluten free' muffins produced are guaranteed to contain 'no detectable gluten'. It is great to see some businesses still working toward a high standard of production of products that ARE what they say they are. They are abundant in large shopping malls all around Australia and their franchise steadily continues to grow. Businesses like this are hard to come by these days and it is so good to see a business that understands the importance of gluten free as well as promoting high quality products for a large population to enjoy on a daily basis.

A large variety of gluten free muffins are produced daily, including freshly baked savoury muffins for daily lunches. No need to go hungry anymore, even if you DO require a gluten free diet! Unfortunately, however, virtually all of their gluten free muffins contain dairy, including their savoury range. The only fructose friendly muffins in all their store are their gluten free 'chocolate chip' flavoured muffins (which, of course, are the only ones I can tolerate in large amounts) as all their savoury range contains onion. All of their gourmet savoury muffins, however, are gluten free, egg free and soy free and are DECADENTLY DELICIOUS.

I am very grateful that we have such a business here in Australia and I hope they continue to do well but, most of all, live up to their highest quality standards and expectations of not only us as consumers but also our LAW.

I wish them every success in the future!

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Vicki 6 years ago

Muffin Break in New Zealand has a few GF muffins on offer also. Unfortunately they are sandwiched next to gluten containing muffins and no doubt dispensed with the same utensils as well. Cross contamination 101?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for commenting, Vicki. Unfortunately there is always a risk however, we, as coeliac consumers should always be able to safely assume that a product is gluten free when it is marked 'gluten free'. There is no disclaimer impeding on this anywhere, from what I can gather on their website. All their GF muffins are wrapped in paper to protect them and as gluten is not airborne, there remains extremely little if any risk of cross contamination. I would doubt they would dispense the gluten free muffins without using different utensils. In Australia, they claim that they have been 'tested to contain no detectable gluten'.

Vicki 6 years ago

I have no problem with Muffin Break claiming their muffins are gluten free. You seem to be emphasizing a completely different issue. The point I made is they are next to gluten containing food therefore open to cross contamination. As we all know a crumb is enough (airborne or not), having paper on the bottom is not protection. There's very little point making the effort to provide a gluten free product if it is open to contamination at the point of sale. As with Starbucks in the UK who had/have? a practice of unwrapping their specially protected cakes for display purposes.

Do you know they don't use the same utensils? Or are we "trusting" the person doing the dispensing to know the difference?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

If they claim their muffins are gluten free and don't add a disclaimer, we can assume that they are gluten free. We can trust that. It is illegal to claim something as 'gluten free' if the product may contain any trace of gluten. I see your point, Vicki and you raise some legitimate arguments.

Starbucks in the UK should not be claiming items 'gluten free' on display if they are subject to cross contamination. An 'allergen listing' product grid is probably the best way to resolve this issue.

I have phoned Muffin Break about this and they assured me that it is safe to assume that **Muffin Break Gluten Free muffins contain no detectable gluten**. This is mentioned on their Australia website at

Vicki 6 years ago

Clearly you are deliberately missing the point!

I have not called the GF status of Muffin Breaks muffins into question. Why do you keep reiterating the same information? I'm sure they are what they say or they would be breaking the law.

Have you been to a Muffin Break? I have. The GF muffins were sitting alongside gluten containing muffins therefore no longer GF.

Do not quote back to me anything gleaned from a website or phone call go to Muffin Break and have a look. The gluten I detected was in it's bedfellow. Try telling any Coeliac with half a brain that it's still gluten free.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

I have been to a number of muffin break stores across the country and I will admit that it is possible that the muffins may have come into contact in the shelving process. I'm afraid to say though that as long as a product contains no DETECTABLE gluten, it can legally be declared as 'gluten free' in Australia and New Zealand. The limit of detection is 5ppm. It does not mean that a product does not any touch of gluten at all. Gluten free products labelled in this way can contain some gluten as long as its below the limit of detection.

I am certainly far more confident here than I would be at almost any other food outlet and would certainly not recommend almost any other business to one who feels uncomfortable about Muffin Break. Be assured, I'm not trying to miss the point. These situations can be challenging at times, though so we always need to take care.

Vicki 6 years ago

AGAIN! I'm not questioning the GF status so don't need any more facts reeled out. The effort however becomes null and void when the product is contaminated at point of sale. Have you asked Muffin Break if they take measures to prevent this?

Any food outlet can take care to meet all hygiene requirements but if they then place the food on display next to a 5 day old pork chop that's been sitting in the sun it's likely to be contaminated.

Ella 6 years ago

Vicki, I find your comments very disrespectful and irrelevant to be honest. infonolan published this hubpage entry informing individuals of FACTS with relation to gluten free muffins. Fine if you disagree but please try not to do so in such an unfriendly manner.

Vicki 6 years ago

Ella, Blindly stating muffins are gluten free is not providing all of the facts. The facts re GF muffins I've seen at Muffin Break are that they are open to cross contamination. You find pointing that out "irrelevant"? That's a little unfriendly and frankly a wee bit silly.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

I guess it really depends on the point of view you take to it. Just because a product doesn't contain any detectable gluten doesn't mean that it is safe for coeliacs; I agree.

I went into Muffin Break today, actually while on my shopping trip and asked them how their muffins are prepared. Separate utensils and clean cupcake holders.

Vicki, your argument is perfectly legitimate. We can never be sure. This post was intended to mainly highlight that a product that is 'gluten free' must contain:

- NO detectable gluten

- NO oats

- NO malted gluten containing cereals

As long as the muffins are completely free of oats and malted containing cereals (or traces thereof) and contain no DETECTABLE gluten, they can legitimately be labelled as gluten free.

This article was not about whether or not the muffins are suitable for coeliacs. It was about the fact that Muffin Break has assured that their muffins contain NO detectable gluten.

That Panda Girl 6 years ago

I totally see the point Vicki is trying to make here.

An egg, for example, contains no detectable trace of gluten, until you dip your soldiers into it. What's the point in going to all the effort required to manufacture a completely gluten free muffin if you are then going to have it rub shoulders with it's wheaty mates?

No point whatsoever I say!

I applaud the efforts made to make the muffins gluten free, but they obviously still have a long way to go before they can be sold to gluten intolerant people and/or coeliacs.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

I'm not sure about when the muffins would have been tested to contain no detectable gluten, however I would assume that the final products have been tested at some stage. I guess we all have to decide for ourselves, however if one were to dismiss this place for gluten free offerings, I would say just about any other fast food outlet would be out of question.

Jodie 6 years ago

I saw this post from you on CDNJFP site - seems to contradict you stance on muffin Break a bit.

Kelly Nolan Cross-Contamination is such an issue when it comes down to having to avoid gluten. Many out there just don't seem to understand how we can be affected by even small amounts (including businesses promoting their products as gluten free: ). Hope you get well soon!

That Panda Girl 6 years ago

Exactly Jodie!

I think that's what Vicki was trying to express. Info/Kelly Nolan I really don;t understand what's going on here. In the same post, you commend a place for being "truly gluten free" and then comment that you weren't saying they are suitable for coeliacs. I thought you WERE a coeliac and that was the point of ALL your posts?

Now I'm just confused, but I can tell you that should muffin break ever come to me (UK) or should I go to muffin break, I will not be partaking of a muffin unless it is wrapped!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for your comments,

Basically, what I have saying was that the muffins contain 'no detectable gluten'. Random samples have been taken from time to time and it has continued to be the case.

Unfortunately, for a product to be labelled as 'gluten free', in Australia, it does NOT have to contain 'absolutely no gluten'. It has to contain 'no detectable gluten', which is based on our current testing systems and their limitations within Australia (which is 5ppm).

Put simply, the assay used to detect gluten in foods may not pick up a few small wheat-based crumbs that may be present in the final product, due to cross-contact.

Sadly, this may not necessarily mean that the product is actually safe for a coeliac as there are individuals out there that do react to gluten at levels below this limit. I'm afraid I can't see this changing anytime soon.

Muffin Break Australia 6 years ago

Hi there and thank you for your feedback.

We bake in store with fresh ingredients and a specially created mix and follow strict procedures to ensure our gluten free muffins are in fact gluten free.

To ensure our muffins are free from all gluten the following procedures have been undertaken by Muffin Break:

- The Gluten Free muffin pre-mix is produced at only one mill in Ballarat.

Before production the mill is thoroughly cleaned and tested for trace elements of gluten.

- An independent supplier provides gluten free ingredients for Muffin Break to create the gluten free muffin mix. These ingredients are tested prior to delivery for any traces of gluten.

- The ingredients are made specifically for each batch. Once each batch is completed, samples of the mix are sent to two different laboratories to be tested. When they are returned meeting the standards of “gluten free” the mix is then bagged and transported to Muffin Break stores.

- The gluten free muffin was trialed in several stores throughout Australia prior to its release. During this trial, samples of the muffins were collected on random days and sent to the Australian Government National Measurement Institute. Here they were tested for any trace elements of gluten. This was to check that the operational procedures conducted by the stores did not contaminate the product with gluten in any way. All samples returned an assessment of “gluten free”.

- At a store level, all equipment used to prepare the gluten free muffins are washed separately.

- Gluten free muffins are the first product baked on the day and are baked above any other product that may also be in the oven.

- Once the product is baked they are placed at the top of the cooling rack and away from other muffin products and raw ingredients

- The gluten free muffins are displayed in the top row of the display cabinet to reduce the possibility of contamination with other products.

- Gluten free muffins are always handled using specified tongs. These tongs are only used on these muffins and not on any other product.

Jason 6 years ago

Bake in same oven as other products? Is that safe?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Provided that the ingredients have been fully mixed before entering the oven, yes.

Sue 6 years ago

This is priceless, finally we get to see where the LAW/SCIENCE student in Kelly is really coming from.

She is stuck only in the LAW (is this part of her studies at the expence of all)

If I had not seen this after all the other hubs and garbage posted by her I would have assumed that she really was interested in the health and well being of Coeliacs.

Thank you Vicky for bringing out the true motivation.

"THE LAW STATES" - KELLY!!! She does not give a damn, as long as Muffin Break doesn't have a disclaimer the could take the top off a wheat muffin and place it on the

base of a gluten free muffin and from the above weak defence from her responses above that is OK.

Vicky I hope you can link this to all the hubs that Kelly has been bashing and trying to fool the intelligence of Coelics.

We can all decide to go into a Domino's, Eagle Boys, Pizza Capers etc. Know that the bases are made in a TOTALLY GLUTEN FREE FACTORY and choose what toppings are suitable for a Coeliac diet or as suggested by many, STAY AT HOME and make our own.

Kelly what ever you thought you had picked up from Sleepless nights, I for one am glad that your true agenda has been exposed.

Please go back to studying and as many people are now posting STOP the ranting.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Sue, in case you may not have previously been aware of the purpose of my posts and the reason I have become a 'hubber'; my pages are intended to make the laws surrounding gluten free labelling known. I was aware that businesses illegally advertised foods as gluten free for a long time, yet the main source of motivation came from Veronica at Sleepless Nights (as you have mentioned in your comment).

You are more than welcome to voice your opinions on any of my hub 'pages' provided that it is on track with the post. I will continue to bring the matters surrounding 'gluten free labelling' in Australia to the attention of those around the world so they are aware of some of the concerns that should be known when dining out in this country.

One particular issue (particularly with Pizza Capers and Eagle Boys) is the GLUTEN FRIENDLY label. This is an illegal label within Australia and I am making it known at FYI.

Thank you for commenting.

Sue 6 years ago



"I am grateful that we have such a business here in Australia and I hope they continue to do well"...........

Well, OK Folks!!! I have just done 5 suburbs of Sydney and checked out Kelly's fab (no disclaimer) Muffin Break, as Kelly likes to say BEWARE!


Kelly you are a pest and a menace to social media. I have sent a link to all the businesses that you have posted about in the negative your glowing praise of muffin break.


RE: Crust "On visiting the website" says Kelly They cannot guarantee an allengen free environment GRRR! :@

Try visiting muffin break. Quote on Kelly's rave.

We place our muffins on the top shelf. WOW On the top next to the other muffins.

We use different tongs. Sometimes

Are they baked in a Gluten Free Factory? I think so.

We all know that Kelly likes to judge the Staff of Domino's as per her hubs (yet not Muffin break) The difference is???????

Kelly you are not doing Humanitarian work I hope that by exposing you for who you are there will be a way to shut you down and the double standards you hub by.

The law is the law however most of us live by an ability to manage are lives and our disease without the stupidity of people like you.

Muffin Break Store Owner 6 years ago

I would also like to comment that the Gluten free muffins also have a dedicated basket that is specially marked with a tag in each store so that only Gluten free muffins are ever placed in this basket.

The gluten free SWEET muffins are always on the top corner position of the shelf of the muffin cabinet so that on one side of the gluten free SWEET muffins there is a mirror (surely not even Vicki could have a problem with this) and next to the sweet gluten free there is the savouy gluten free range,again in a dedicated basket and baked in a high sided casing. Each store also uses lining paper that is taken right up to the top of the basket, and a dedicated pair of colour coded tongs is used for the gluten free muffins. We have NEVER had any negative feedback about our gluten free muffins, (sweet or savoury) and we have never had anyone ever saying that they had an adverse reaction from any traces of gluten in these products. We have only ever had gluten intolerent individuals thank us for producing such a great tasting fresh product that they know they can trust. I am greatful that we are able to offer a product that I am completely confident in and our customers will love and can trust.

Sue 6 years ago

Obviously I did not go to your store.

Are the cooked in a Gluten Free factory??

When I purchased some the other day they used the same tongs in 4 stores.

As I bought GF and other muffins the staff where busy and used the same tongs for each.

I can't remember seeing a mirror?? There were 2 baskets of GF and then other muffins. I can't see how this makes them safer.

Muffin Break Store Owner 6 years ago

I am sorry if you have experienced stores not complying with dedicated tongs, etc etc. Certainly in my store we are stictly compliant.

Muffin break muffins are all baked daily on the premises and not in a factory.I think that Muffin Break Australia have already done a great job in answering any questions about how and when the flour is prepared for us and how and when we prepare the muffins.

Also, Muffin break have not just casually taken this on as a project. All our procedures have been put in place after many many months of consultation with the caeliac society of Australia.

I understand how frustrating it must be for yourself and others to obtain a gluten free product when you are out and I hope that you can find confidence in Muffin Break stores to obtain this.

I will ask head office to revisit procedures so that this can be addressed.

Sue 6 years ago

From the beginning of this Kelly has attacked every company that has done exactly what you claim above.

However I still fail to see what it is that Muffin Break does any different in your procedures (please check the history of all Kelly's hubs on each company and food outlet) all I can observe is that you don't use a disclaimer.

I can't be assured that you have different trays to bake your muffins, I can't be assured that all your staff and all your outlets follow procedures for cross contamination.

But according to Kelly and her LAWS you are OK because you don't say "May contain traces of gluten"

I think we can all draw our own conclusions on the prime motivation of these hubs.


infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Sue, thank you for your perspective. My hubs are specifically intended to address the laws specifically surrounding "gluten free" labelling (as you say) as there are already some fairly good websites out there for looking after coeliacs and educating businesses. Though I like to think my writing will help address issues mentioned, I can only really write from a law perspective because its all I am familiar with at this time. I will be controlling further comments on this post from here.

Ella 5 years ago

I am coeliac and have been to MB on numerous occasions. As for Sue's comment above, not once did I observe staff using the same utensils to dispense muffins. I have taken 'most sensitive' coeliacs there and they have never reacted. I think they can make that claim, as long as they're good enough about keeping their production clean. I don't think handling the same muffins with the same tongs when serving them would render enough gluten to be detected and not once have I been suspicious at all. Hope this helps clear things up a bit :)

Skittle 5 years ago

I've been a sensitive coeliac since I was born, and each time I've eaten at Muffin break, there's never had any problems with contamination. The staff are all gluten aware, and procedures really stand out against the rest

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thank you for your comments, Ella and Skittle. I agree entirely. I have noticed a marked difference between various establishments, and this is certainly one I can safely frequent myself. Happy gluten-free living! :)

Andy 5 years ago

Just commenting on the New Zealand Muffing Break issue where Vicki was whinging saying they are not gluten free because they dont use different utensils and because they are put next to none GF muffins.

Well, all Muffin Breaks in New Zealand have dedicated Gluten Free utensils, you can see them in the tray. And the muffins are in there own tray with sides, so unless someone physically moves a none GF muffin into the tray, your safe. I've been eating GF muffins from Muffin Break in New Zealand at least once a week for over a year and have not had a single problem! I trust them totally.

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