Myrica Rubra Fruit Health Benefits

Myrica rubra, most commonly known as red bayberry is predominantly grown and spread across eastern Asia mainly in China. These are very small red colored cherries which are usually sweet and tart in taste. These aren’t like some of the regular super fruit berries which are available freely. Red bayberries are not as significant as the other exotic fruits are when comes to vitamin and mineral content. But these red bayberries got very good medicinal values. Anyway, we don’t need to look into every fruit with a doctor’s eye! Do we?  These sweet and tangy red berries give great taste to the tongue.

These red bayberry species is one of the world’s oldest plant species having a history of around 2000 years. The vivid red colored fruits, beautiful flowers and the structure of the tree made it a decorative tree in most of eastern countries.  Now what makes this red bayberry special? Have a look.

  • Red bayberries are tasty fruits that give a tangy shock to tongue!
  • According to researches, these fruits contain oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes which are anti viral and anti bacterial by nature.
  • These red bayberries possess active anti inflammatory properties.
  • Some researches proved that red bayberries are extremely good for cardiac health.
  • This fruit is widely used in alcoholic beverages especially in eastern countries of Asia.
  • Widely used as a flavor ingredient for soft drinks and confectionery.  
  • Myrica rubra trees are often used as a decorative tree for homes and parks.

But these red bayberries are not freely available; one simple reason is its short life span. These red bayberries easily dry up. They need special care in transporting and exporting which proves to be difficult in most of the times. So it is difficult to buy these red bayberries especially if you are at western end of the world. It’s not the end of the story though! You can still buy red bayberries online from number of traders. The price factor might be a worry; anyway once you decided to buy an exotic fruit you always need get prepared


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