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AJ Maxwell's Dining Room
AJ Maxwell's Dining Room | Source

One of the best steakhouses in Midtown Manhattan, AJ Maxwell's dry-aged bone-in rib eye steak is something to behold. I had ordered it medium well and it came to my table with the juices pooling at the bottom of the plate waiting for me to cut a slice of it's goodness. The knife went through the steak like butter, it was that tender. The first bite was achingly good and I wondered what good thing I did in life to deserve this delicious experience.

Steakhouses to me are wonderful places of soulful Americana. A time when dinner meant steak and potatoes and decor was traditional with crystal chandeliers, wood, and leather. You didn't apologize for having a big meal and enjoying it with good wine. AJ Maxwell's is like that but with an updated look. The champagne colored walls, dark wood wainscotting, and cushioned wood chairs created a warm, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal. The service was attentive but unhurried.

Like all steakhouses, the emphasis is on steak. If rib eye is not the cut to your liking, they offer porterhouse, filet mignon, petite filet mignon, sirloin, and prime rib. Other temptations from the grill are lamb chops and veal chops. To go with your steaks you have a whole list of sides to choose from. Potatoes can come mashed, french fried, au gratin, baked, or hash browned. Spinach (creamed, sauteed, or steamed), broccoli (steamed or sauteed), asparagus (steamed or with parmesan), and several other side are also available.

Now you may be in the mood for red meat but if your date isn't then not to worry, the restaurant has a selection of entrees to please the palate from pasta to seafood to salads. There's also a numerous selection when it comes to appetizers and desserts. The menu items are well chosen. The restaurant has a full bar and a wine list that is dominated by wines from California.

The steakhouse itself is wonderfully situated for the tourist. It's very close to Rockefeller Center and not far from the shows on Broadway. For the New Yorker, you don't have to go far to get a good steak. Expect to pay a price for the steak, but it's well worth it at this traditional steakhouse.

A markerAJ Maxwell's Steakhouse -
57 W 48th St, New York, NY 10020, USA
[get directions]

Beautifully prepared, dry-aged steak at this wonderfully convenient steakhouse located in midtown Manhattan

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