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It's not very often one can recommend a good restaurant near the Port Authority bus station. Now I can say that there's a good restaurant that offers great value, Qi Bangkok Eatery. Qi (pronounced "key") is one block from Port Authority and sits on a part of 8th avenue that still retains an earlier identity as the red light district of Manhattan. On one side not too far from Qi is a peep show and on the next block on the other side is a porn shop. But don't get turned off by that, you'll miss a great opportunity for some innovative Thai food.

The restaurant was opened with Pichet Ong, a noted pastry chef (of Spot Dessert Restaurant), earlier this year. The tasty food was not a surprise but the moderate prices are certainly welcome. For those who like thai food, you will find the pad thai along with other traditional dishes. However, you will find a more extensive selection of dishes that Chef Ong has prepared that you might not have seen executed, and presented like any other place before.

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Front dining area of QiFull bar availableChandeliers in glass boxes are the decor at QiQi Pad ThaiA little Buddha altar sits in the backA rear dining are is available for private parties
Front dining area of Qi
Front dining area of Qi | Source
Full bar available
Full bar available | Source
Chandeliers in glass boxes are the decor at Qi
Chandeliers in glass boxes are the decor at Qi | Source
Qi Pad Thai
Qi Pad Thai | Source
A little Buddha altar sits in the back
A little Buddha altar sits in the back | Source
A rear dining are is available for private parties
A rear dining are is available for private parties | Source

The Qi Pad Thai is wonderfully presented. The pad thai was wrapped in a thin egg white crepe, and when you break into it, the pad thai had the traditional vermicelli noodles and bean sprouts but also mussels, shrimp, calamari, scallops, fresh mango, and a host of other ingredients that was so tasty. The portion was big enough to fill you up but it left me wanting more, although I had no room. My friend ordered a chicken dish that was unpronounceable, Rama Lohng Srong - Pra Rahm Lohng Srong, but was a delicious chicken dish cooked with tamarind, red peanut sauce, baby bok choy, coconut and other herbs and served with sweet smelling jasmine rice. My other friend had the more prosaic shrimp fried rice but it came with big shrimps and a lot of it. There were other dishes on the menu I wanted to try, such as the "Authentic Bites" that are small tastes of unique thai dishes, and I saw that the menu also had beef stews which I wanted to try now that the cold weather is here, but I will come back another time.

Qi also has a very popular lunch special where you can get an entree and an appetizer for the price of $8-$9. What a deal in that neighborhood!

The decor at Qi is also different. It has textured white walls, chandeliers all over the place and transparent plastic chairs. The restaurant has a full bar and a drink list. I had the Om, which is a mix of prosecco and two juices as a refreshing drink while I waited for my friends at the bar. This is not your normal neighborhood Thai restaurant but I will definitely make it mine.

A markerQi Bangkok Eatery -
675 8th Ave, Manhattan, NY 10036, USA
[get directions]

Beautiful Thai Restaurant with authentic traditional dishes as well as updated tasty Thai gourmet dishes created by Chef Pichet Ong.

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