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We all loved Nigella Lawson as a Domestic Goddess but what if we want something a little simpler which let us create meals in less than 30 minutes? Everyone has busy lives these days and often we need to make a meal quickly. But we still want it to taste good? Nigella comes to the rescue with her Express cookbook. Easy to follow recipes which lots of clever shortcuts which make no compromise on taste. Nigella Lawson does it again in this must have cookbook.

So sit back and enjoy watching Nigella cook some favorite Express recipes from her new cook book. 

Nigella Express Maple Chicken

Cooking for family and friends really does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And Nigella Lawson Express shows you how to create impressive dishes without all the hard work. This Maple Chicken recipe does need to marinade overnight but it still only takes minutes to create this delicious dish. 

Nigellla Linguine with Lemon,Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms

Most people love Italian food and this NIgella Express recipe shows just how quickly you can create a tasty pasta dish to impress family and friends. 

Nigella Express Curry in a Hurry

I must admit that when I first saw this recipe I did not believe that you could really make a decent curry in 20 minutes. But this has now become one of my favorite quick recipes. This does have a great authentic thai curry flavor.

One of the great things about Nigella Lawson is just how practical her recipes are. This Nigella quick curry recipe really is made from things you will probably already have in your store cupboard and freezer. And does it really take 20 minutes? As usual Nigella is right on this one too!

Nigella Express Ice Cream Cake

This is one of my favorite recipes from NIgella Express. Yes I know it is laden with sugar and ice cream but any fans of Nigella know that once in a while her desserts are worth the calories!

Nigella Lawson

Want to know a little more about Nigella Lawson? She was born on January 6th 1960 the daughter of Nigella Lawson a former British Politician and the late Vanessa Salmon whose family owned J Lyons and Co a large British food distribution and manufacturer.

NIgella had an interesting time at school. She moved school no less than 9 times and Nigella herself admits that her behavior was at times disruptive and difficult. Nigella says that her love of food began when she visited Paris as a teenager. 

Nevertheless she gained a place at Oxford University to study medieval and modern languages. She started her career in publishing and started work as a journalist when she began to write for The Spectator and other high profile British newspapers as well as Bon Appetite and Gourmet magazines in the US.

Nigella credits the inspiration for her first book How To Eat in 1998 with being moved when a dinner party hostess was in tears after her creme caramel would not set! So to help women worldwide realize that cooking does not have to mean tears so started her media empire. 

Following the success of her first book Nigella has gone on to great media success including her highly popular How To Be A Domestic Goddess. More books followed: Nigella Bites,Forever Summer,Feast,Nigella Express and Nigella Christmas.

Her television show started on the BBC in 1991 with Nigella Bites. Now how shows can be seen regularly on The Food Network and she is the owner of the thriving Nigella range of kitchenware products.

Nigella's personal life has always attracted media interest. She married fellow journalist John Diamond in 1992 the couple having met in 1986. John died of throat cancer in March 2001. They had 2 children Cosima and Bruno.

Nigella married Charles Saatchi in 2003. This relationship caused much media criticism at the time as she moved in with him shortly after her first husband's death. 

Nigella lives in London and much to the disappointment of the tabloid press now lives a quiet life taking her children to school and spending just 10 weeks a year filming for her shows.

NIgella Chocolate Mousse

Nigella Express is all about being able to produce great dishes without taking up too much of your valuable time. A lot of the recipes use certain "short cut ingredients'. For many traditional chocolate mousse recipes you have to plan the day before so that it can set for at least 6 hours or ideally overnight. But with Nigella's recipes there is no waiting around! This is such a quick chocolate mousse recipe you with probably not want to go back to the time consuming traditional method.

Nigella Lawson Products

Nigella Lawson has an extensive range of quality kitchenware products. Particularly popular is the Nigella blue range of kitchenware. I really like her Mezzaluna board - I kept seeing her use it on her Food Network show and finally gave in and bought one!

Have you made any Nigella Express Recipes?

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