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The Nigella Lawson Kitchenware Range of Products

Just as you would expect from Nigella Lawson her kitchenware range is high quality and just that little bit different from other ranges. She has put her own personal style and love of practicality whilst always looking great into this excellent cookware range of products.

From measuring cups to mixing bowls, tea sets to mezzaluma's Nigella's range has something for everyone.

What Does Nigella Lawson Think About Cooking?

Nigella Lawson Measuring Cups

These Nigella Lawson measuring cups are just a little bit different from the usual design. They look more like tea cups and have convenient handles. The sets come in different measuring cup sizes and have the very useful feature of having metric and ounce conversions on the side.

The Nigella measuring cup range is available in several different colors.

BlissHome Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen Measuring Cups, Blue, Set of 4
BlissHome Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen Measuring Cups, Blue, Set of 4

These stylish Nigella Lawson measuring cups will make a stunning addition to your kitchen. The distinctive blue coloring will compliment most kitchen designs and colors. The set includes 4 cups and they can be used for measuring dry or liquid ingredients. They are dishwasher safe and will match many other items in the Nigella Lawson range if you are looking for co ordinating items.


Nigella Lawson Chocolate Cake

Nigella is know for not holding back on the decadent ingredients. If you want to make a delicious chocolate cake then you really can't go wrong with this Nigella Lawson chocolate cake recipe.

Nigella Lawson Traditional Chocolate Cake

I kept watching Nigella use one of these Mezzaluma boards to chop herbs on her TV show and have to admit that I really wanted one. Since I bought it I use it all the time - it is much more convenient to chop hers like this using a chopper instead of a knife. Just makes the job easier - which is exactly what Nigella is always telling us we should do!

Nigella Lawson Feast

Nigella Lawson cooks comfort food recipes from her recipe book Feast.

My family always laugh at me as I am intrigued by quite how Nigella's cardigan is fixed to her for that cover photo for the book!

Nigella Lawson Recipe Books

Being British of course Nigella is serious about serving tea in proper cups. This attractive range is available in blue, off white and black.

Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

NIgella's latest book is Recipes from the Heart of the Home. As always with Nigella's books there is a wonderful amount of description and extra detail. Nigella new book has many different styles of cuisine including Mexican, Japanese, Italian and of course British. Her recipes are consistently good. You just know with a NIgella Lawson recipe that is is going to work. There are many quick recipes included too.

Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast
Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast

In the book NIgella Express the emphasis of course is on quick to make but nevertheless tasty and impressive meals. Nigella always emphasizes how her recipes are things to be enjoyed but you most definitely should not be a slave to the kitchen. Life is too short to spend too much time cooking and Nigella shows you how to enjoy maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking
How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking

How To Be A Domestic Goddess was the original and many would say the very best Nigella Lawson cook book. This is the book which launched Nigella to the world and the somewhat ironic title lets you know something of what she wanted you to achieve! Nigella gives many ideas and tips on how to truly enjoy food and preparing meals - going back to a nostalgic time when our culture placed more emphasis on quality cooking and food. An essential addition to any cooks book shelf.


Nigella Lawson Forever Summer

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Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas

Very nice and interesting. I did not know that Nigella Lawson had her own line of products.

lakeerieartists profile image

lakeerieartists 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

These are really interesting looking products. I love the clean lines. Nigella Lawson has a unique style.

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