Why Use Non-Aluminum Baking Powder?

Is there a difference between baking powders that contain aluminum, and non-aluminum baking powders? Should you care?

Let me start by saying there's been no proven negative health effects from using baking powder with aluminum, but really why take the chance when you can use non-aluminum baking powder with the same end (or in my opinion better) result.

I like to use non-aluminum baking powder because it just tastes better in my recipes. I don't really care for that "tinny" taste that baking powders with aluminum leave in my mouth. Maybe I'm extra picky, but I can tell the difference!

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Cost Difference Between Aluminum and Non-Aluminum Baking Powder?

Non-aluminum baking powder costs a little more than its aluminum counterpart, but for the low amount you use when your baking, the difference in cost really doesn't amount to much.

Non-aluminum baking soda used to be hard to find, but it's become more available in recent years. You can order it online from many major food retailers and health food suppliers.

You can also find it in most major supermarkets. If it's not with the baked goods, check out the health food section. Some stores stock it there. You can also find it in most major health food stores.

If your store doesn't carry aluminum free baking powder, don't be afraid to ask for it! They may have it on the shelves the next time you shop.

Make Your Own Aluminum Free Baking Powder

How Long Can You Store Non-Aluminum Baking Powder?

You can store non aluminum baking powder just as long as regular baking powder. Just make sure you store it in an air tight container so no moisture can get to it. Since baking powder is a leavening agent that needs moisture to activate it, even the moisture from the air can make your baking powder less affective over time.

Most non-aluminum baking powder comes in an air tight container with a lid, but if it doesn't a nice plastic or glass container with a tight fitting lid will work well.

You can store your non-aluminum baking powder for up to about 2 years if you keep it away from moisture.

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