Non-soy protein sources for vegans & vegetarians

Laurel's Kitchen Cookbook

Thanks for the support for vegetarians and vegans!! Although I am not a purist, I am very conscious of what goes in my body!! Getting enough high quality protein is always a concern, along with B- vitamins and calcium!!

With over 100 cookbooks on my kitchen shelf, I still use Laurel's Kitchen as my reference Bible!! (I have both the original Laurel's Kitchen published in 1976 and the New version published 10 years later!!) It has such an easy to understand section on combining amino acides to create complete proteins!!

My biggest consumption is nuts!! (That runs neck and neck with chocolate!!)

GREAT Hub!! Keep writing!!

Blessings, Earth Angel

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Vegetarian Protein 6 years ago

Thanks Earth Angel and Alex for giving me some more protein rich foods that I can add to my diet. I have just turned vegetarian so this helps me greatly.

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 9 years ago Author

Great comments Alex!! Thank you!!

I hadn't even remembered this Hub which was in response to another Hubber's request!!

I didn't know goji berries were a complete protein?? I add an organic-dehydrated version to my nutty trail mix!! Thank you!!

I am on my way to Whole Foods this morning and will pick up some hemp seed and quinoa!! I live on a combination of brown/wild rice and barley!! I will have to expand the ingredients!! Thanks!!

Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

Alex Allman profile image

Alex Allman 9 years ago

Other than soy, the only complete protein (a protein containing all of the amino acids that your body can't synthesize on its own) is... the goji berry!

Add goji berries to oatmeal in the morning instead of raisins... they are also loaded with anti-oxidants and super-food flavinoids.

Hemp seed is also loaded with protein, and also tastes pretty good in your oatmeal!

My final recommendation... quinoa! It's a grain, it cooks faster than rice and is good as a substitute for anything you were going to serve rice with... but it has far more protein than any other grain.

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