A Coffee Addiction can be Very Beneficial

Coffee recharges my Soul.
Coffee recharges my Soul. | Source

“OK I Confess"

Truth, I am powerless over something in my life.

I am ready to take my first step. Sounds funny but I have to be honest and admit that I have an addiction. My addiction is not to alcohol, tobacco, or sex, I am addicted to coffee. But it is a good habitual pattern for me. One of my pleasures in life is drinking coffee. I think about it every day, especially every morning. To be truthful, I was not introduced to this hot beverage until I was 35 years old, I couldn't even stand the taste of it before then.

My father was a coffee drinker. One of my most cherished memories was when he would crack open a fresh can of coffee and the pressure would release that first burst of aroma. I would take in that first smell of coffee and savor it. That smell embedded its self in the depths of my mind.

Many years pasted between those memorable mornings in my parents kitchen until my first taste of morning java. It has since become a joy in my life. In fact I am drinking my favorite brew as I write this article. I am very lucky that my coffee doesn't keep me up at night nor does it give me the shakes from drinking it.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been found to increase clarity of thought, increase brain power, enhance memory, physical and mental energy as well as personal resilience. I know for some that the caffeine is too much and can be harmful but for the large majority coffee can offer some good benefits in moderation. I know I start my day off with a rich cup of coffee.

How do I like my coffee?

For me my my favorite style of coffee is black, nothing in it. I like my coffee naked. I like to smell and taste the different types of coffee beans and I feel that anything added decreases the enjoyment. Unless it’s a big dollop of my daughters fresh whipped cream. That is until I saw my cholesterol numbers rise.

Each bean presents a different taste. I have learned that each bean also presents a different smell. Some taste and smell sweet, and others sharp. I have found that where they are grown and what type of dirt they are grown in as well as the water (minerals) and temperature range can determine how the coffee bean will smell and taste.

Love My Coffee

Research has found that coffee can do you good
Research has found that coffee can do you good | Source

Coffee can be turned into a beverage in many different ways and each process can create a different smell, strength and taste depending on how they are prepared.

The coffee bean itself can be prepared by grinding, burr-grinding, chopping, pounding or roller grinding. There are different grinders used to produce each effect.

Brewing Methods

Boiling – the main method used for brewing coffee until the 1930s and is still used in some Nordic and Middle Eastern countries. The aromatic oils in coffee are released at 96C (205F), which is just below boiling, while the bitter acids are released when the water has reached boiling point. The simplest method of boiling is to put the ground coffee in a cup, pour in hot water and let it cool while the grounds sink to the bottom.

Steeping – this method is achieved by using a tall, narrow cylinder with a plunger that includes a metal or nylon mesh filter. The grounds are placed in the cylinder, and boiling water is then poured into it. The coffee and hot water are left in the cylinder for a few minutes (typically 4–7 minutes) and the plunger is pushed down, leaving the filter immediately above the grounds, allowing the coffee to be poured out while the filter retains the grounds.

Filtration – the method of draining or seeping hot water through a porous material or filter that holds the ground coffee and drips into a decanter. This is the American style of preparing coffee commonly known as percolating.

Pressure - method of brewing coffee by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans this method brews one of my favorites, Espresso.

The Edge Coffeehouse Quote

Great Coffeehouse in Crete Illinois
Great Coffeehouse in Crete Illinois | Source

Columbian vs Cuban

I have tasted different coffees from all around the world. Over the years I have settled on two distinct types to fit my taste and stomach: Columbian and Cuban. Why? They are both sweet coffees and are low in bitterness.

Columbian - The Columbian coffee bean is hardy and has a vintage. The bean will vary in taste due to soil variance, changes in the climate and the amount of rain in any given year.

Cuban - The Cuban coffee bean is grown in Cuba. Cuban coffee is a very strong but sweet coffee. The Cuban bean is grown and marketed more for espresso. Cuban espresso has cultural significance in Cuba.

My Special Blend

I have found that I am unique and so is my taste in coffees, so I developed my own to fit my taste. I would like to share with you my special blend. I blend two different types of coffee. I take a generic Columbian ground coffee and a Cuban espresso ground coffee (I use Caf’e El-Aquila espresso brand) to increase the flavor and mix them together. I have found that they combine nicely with a deep robust taste that is sweet and low in bitterness.

To accent it I put in a tablespoon of homemade whip cream on top. I want to warn you that it can be so tasty that you will want it that way after your first sip. Warning-be careful if you have a cholesterol problem.

Recipe for Homemade Whip Cream Topping

Here is the formula for making a rewarding whip cream.

Pour a quart of heavy whipping cream in a cold metal mixing bowl; add two cups of granulated sugar and a splash of vanilla extract. If you have a Kitchen aid stand mixer; it works the best and makes it real fluffy. But if not any hand mixer will do. Mix on high until the whipped cream is light and fluffy.

No matter how you like your coffee it is my hopes that you enjoy it as much as I do.

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.josh. profile image

.josh. 5 years ago

Good stuff, Dr. Bill - you're certainly not the only coffee enthusiast here on HP. I only advise you to pack a few extra bills in your wallet if you ever decide to venture over to Australia; without the option of drip coffee, it gets pretty expensive over here.

Really enjoyed reading this - great hub!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

josh. I appreciate your support on the HUB. Coffee is one of my life's pleasures and sound like yours also. What is your favorite coffee over there? I would really like to visit Australia and then maybe we could have a coffee together.

hopeflies 5 years ago

Never developed a taste for coffee, but have always loved the aroma. Opening a new can to make coffee for my parents is one of my best childhood memories too. I love walking down the coffee isle in the store just to smell that wondrous aroma... Have a great day Dr. Bill :) Thanks for bringing up a great memory.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I've got to have it in the mornings. There is simply no other way!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

hopeflies - Thanks for the comment and validating my memories also. Did not think of how I feel when I walk down the coffee isle at the grocery store when I am gathering my favorite coffees. Thanks again!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Wesman - I agree with you. Since I am not affected by caffeine my focus more on the taste and aroma. Each type has a different flavor. I enjoy sipping different types of coffee beans, naked of course. Thanks for reading.

hippymommy 5 years ago

My husband and I love coffee. The darker the better. He likes his black, I like mine with a little caramel macciato creamer. Yummy!! Folgers came out with a black silk dark blend. We highly recommend it. My first cup of coffee was with a girlfriend. We had chocolate cake and a cup of coffee. I have been hooked ever since and got my hubby on the coffee band wagon. We are going to try your "special blend". Happy Coffee Drinking!!!!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Hippymommy - Thanks for your validating comment. Naked coffee is the way to go and I share your choice of the darker the better. Follow for another article because I have been given some new types which I will review. Coffee On!!!!!

wysley profile image

wysley 5 years ago

Very interesting article on coffee! After touring a coffee plantation in Costa Rica my appreciation for coffee grew even more. It is such a robust and hardy plant, but gentle and delicate as well. I can still smell the various aromas of the different beans as they were providing samples of each. Truly wonderful, and addicting!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Wysley - Thanks for sharing your appreciation for java and experience in Costa Rica. Your description of the plant is informative. I strongly agree that each bean has its own individual aroma and taste. Hurray for coffee!!!!

Judy Lee Thurber profile image

Judy Lee Thurber 5 years ago from West Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Bill, when I lived in New Orleans (undisputable coffee mecca of the US), I was introduced to the Coffee Toddy. http://www.toddycafe.com/

Basically, you steep your ground coffee in cold water for 24 hours, then filter it through a 1/2 inch thick wool filter. The result is an unbelievably rich smooth coffee extract. You can then add a tablespoon or two to hot or cold water or use it in recipes. It's great for baking or for a secret kick in chilli recipes. Endless possiblities!

I enjoy coffee but it doesn't contribute to my overall health, so for the umpteenth time, I have stopped drinking it - endured the headache - and for the moment, I am caffeine free. ~sigh~

dobo700 profile image

dobo700 5 years ago from Australia

Nice Hub - I think it's time to stop for a coffee.

.josh. profile image

.josh. 5 years ago

Dr Bill, you should absolutely make the trip, the coffee here really is phenomenal. My favorite blend of late has been an Italian blend called Forza (from a company called Merlo). It's a dark roast, and the only blend that uses the robusta bean. Absolutely delicious, though you can't purchase drip coffee at the cafe's (something I've vented about in my own hub), so it's something I can only enjoy at home.

Just out of curiosity, what's your preferred brewing method? I've been hearing a lot about the Aeropress from friends who travel as we do, but haven't actually gotten around to giving it a shot. Strictly French Press for me, though they really had to spoil my party with this news: http://hefel.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/french-press...

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Josh. I have had Italian but the acid content is so high is bothers my stomach. I have heard of Forza but have not had an opportunity to taste it.

I truly like my coffee brewed or espresso. Have not had the chance to Aeropress. There is always something new to try. Thanks for sharing.

carcro profile image

carcro 5 years ago from Winnipeg

I love coffee too, but I will drink it black or with cream. I also like the latte variety sometimes, its probably the only other thing beside water that I have everyday. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on coffee, I think there are many of us that would agree - a day without coffee is like a day without toilet paper, just can't get by without it!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

carcro -I really like your wit and humor and also your love for coffee. I really agree with you.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Judy - I have visited New Orleans and I also was introduced to Coffee Toddy. They have some rich and dark coffee there. I basically gained my taste for naked coffee there. Thanks for chiming in.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

dobo700 - Thank you for commenting. I hope you stopped and reset yourself with a cup. Create in the moment with some java.

NyokaKi profile image

NyokaKi 5 years ago from Perdido Bay

Coffee truly is the best thing grown from the earth isn't it! The smell, the flavors, just sitting down on the sofa curled up with a prefect cup of coffee and a good book on a cold winters day! Thanks for the article, I really like meeting follow coffee lovers!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

NyokaKi - You are welcome! Really like your comment. I think a good cup of coffee goes well with any day of the year. The aroma and taste cannot be beat.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

I like the Whip Cream Recipe. It looks so inviting. You are not alone. I know lots of people who love Coffee. It makes their day.

Thanks for the info. I've learnt more about coffee.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Lady_E - The whip cream taste so good in dark coffee. With my whip cream recipe you do not have to add anything else. Sugar and cream will be present. Try it.

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 5 years ago from Tucson, Az

gotta have coffee for sure! I had my first cup at age 25 with RN after my name and the first 8 hour under my belt. Sitting at the nurses desk in high risk L&D, I was bawlin and swearing never to come back but the LPN put a cigarette and a cup of coffee in front of me and said smoke that, drink that and yes you will or I will come to your house and get you!just dated myself with talking about smoking on the unit didn't I? oooppps!

cigs are long gone thank goodness but love my coffee sweet and light! great hub Dr Bill!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Thank you for your comment. I agree that coffee a pleasure of life. I also remember when one could smoke at work.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 5 years ago from New York

I love coffee, in any form, and that whipped cream (which I don't need) makes me want all that decadent flavors coffee shops have to offer. Delicious hub!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Bobbi Thank you for the read from one coffee drinker to another as I sit here and enjoy my special brew while writing you back. Good to see you back on HUB Pages.

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

I'm a tea drinker but your first paragraph really captured my attention and the rest of the hub was also very well written so I read all the way through.

I have always loved the smell of coffee and in my younger years was repeatedly tempted by that wonderful aroma to try it just one more time. Then "ugh" I'd end up spitting it out.

Now I just savor the delicious aroma when my hubby brews a cup for himself and enjoy the wonderful taste of my tea.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Happyboomernurse. You can be a tea drinker and still have an appreciation for the wonderful smell of coffee. Thanks for the nice comments for you. Always a pleasure to get feedback from you.

tigerblue72 profile image

tigerblue72 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

I have been a coffee drinker since I was about 13 years of age. Back then I used to drink it with sugar and milk, but since being diagnosed a diabetic at the age of 21, I started drinking it with just creamer. It is the first thing I drink in the morning and the last thing I drink before bed and it does not affect my sleeping, although there are those whom think it does. I say to each his own. I Love My Coffee and to this day drink the same coffee my parents did when I was growing up. I am still new at this site so please bare with me, thanks.

LULU SUE1987 profile image

LULU SUE1987 5 years ago

I love coffee, thanks for a gret hub.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Tigerblue72 Thanks for sharing. Coffee also does not affect my sleeping. I was a late bloomer when it comes to enjoying my unique brew. Keep enjoying.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

LULU SUE1987 Thank you for your comment. Keep reading more of my HUBS and loving your coffee.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 5 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada

Great Hub: I'm an addict too, :). We recently got a Keurig and it's awesome, delicious cup of coffee in seconds.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Koralee - Thanks a lot for you comment. I have used a Keurig but I drink multiple cups of coffee at one sitting, so making one cup each time would drive me crazy. I have a giant 12 cup Brewstation. Y coffee stay hot for 4 hours. Hurray!!!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I am addicted to my morning cup of coffee - and now I am addicted to your hubs. :) I add a smidgeon of stevia to my cuban brew as I like just a little sweet taste. My java must be hot! I recently found a terrific little electric "coffee warmer" which sits on my desk to keep my coffee nice and hot.

You have taken a rather plain topic, dressed it in a great title and decorated it with your creative writing style. It is a hit! Voted up and pushed every button.


Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

vocalcoach - Really appreciate your nice comments on my writing style. I would not be happy without my coffee every day. It is my life's little pleasure. Thanks for the idea on the "coffee warmer" for the desk. I like my coffee hot also.

profile image

femmeflashpoint 5 years ago

Dr. Bill,

This is a hub for Pinterest, lol.

I'm a coffee fiend as well. Kona is my fav, but in truth, if it's coffee, chances are I'll drink it and I drink it during most of my non-sleeping hours, other than during workouts or cycle trips.

Decaf or leaded doesn't matter, nor does cream, sugar, both or black, but peppermint in it's always a favorite way to sip because it keeps it bright, if that makes sense.

The very best part of the start of my day is the first sip of coffee. It's the one thing I try to never rush.

I'm smiling just thinking about it, lol!


Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 5 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

femmeflashpoint - Thanks for sharing my passion and might I say my addiction. Coffee replenishes thoughts, vision and drive. Glad you enjoyed this HUB. Try the mixture. It is an awesome taste (sweet and not acid). Keep smiling.

btrbell profile image

btrbell 3 years ago from Mesa, AZ

A man after my own heart...Coffee! I have often rhapsodized about this very thing! Up+ Thank you!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 3 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Thanks btrbell -

I am very glad you enjoyed the HUB. Coffee is my pleasure. Read others of my HUB and Follow!


Linda Sain profile image

Linda Sain 2 years ago from Wichita, Kansas

I like coffee too and have gotten away from it for it its black coffee

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 2 years ago from Southwest Florida Author

Linda Sain,

Thanks for your comment. I agree that black is the best but really try it with one teaspoon of homemade whip cream as a treat. You deserve it and will enjoy it.

Blessings, Dr Bill

othellos profile image

othellos 2 years ago from Europe

Very nice and enjoyable hub on coffee. As a coffee lover I find your given information precise and helpful for anyone who drinks coffee. My experience tells that fresh roasted coffee beans, conical burr grinding and good tasting water are the basic elements for superb coffee. Thumb-up and interesting:=)

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 2 years ago from Southwest Florida Author


It is really nice that you left a comment and a thumbs up. I love my coffee and wanted to share it with everyone.

Thanks again.

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