Olive and Feta Panzanella (A twist on Italian Bread Salad with Lemon Juice Dressing)

A Twist on Italian Bread Salad

This dish is very simple to make and a great way to use old french bread. It makes a great side dish for picnics.

The ingredients you will need for this dish are one loaf of french bread cut into one inch cubes, one bunch of chopped green onions, one 6-8 oz jar of pitted calamata olives roughly chopped, one cup of crumbled feta, one fourth cup extra virgin olive oil, and the juice of one lemon.

Mix all the ingredients well in a mixing bowl adding the lemon juice last.

This is not your classic panzanella recipe but I think it is delicious anyway. I think it is a panzanella in spirit; it really highlights the taste of the bread. It is important to use a good olive oil and quality olives. Also with the feta and the olives this recipe shouldn't require any additional salt.

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