One Dollar Diet Project

One Dollar Diet Project

One Dollar Diet Project

One Dollar Diet Project

Bleak economy has many Pull your belt, but public health experts warn that the belts may need a few notches. As more and more Americans struggling with declining incomes, rising costs of food and the decline in savings, the realization that the poor have known all along: At the calories on the basis of a healthy diet consisting of whole grains, fish and fresh vegetables and fruit much more expensive, less healthy, refined grains, added sugars and fats, which are empty calories.

The link between poverty and obesity is not a new phenomenon. Often, it is not ignorance, lack of character or lack of will, but only for food they can afford and have access to secure areas where and implement new ones. Readabout a couple who has a "healthy eating in the food stamp budget problem a few months ago I found an undeniable fact. But what you eat, whether you have only $ 1 a day to spend on food? California couple decided to find out.

Secondary school teachers of social studies and Christopher Leonard Green Slate Kerry attack on a one dollar diet project a day, the budget for the month, rising to $ 1500 a center for the local community. They continue to blog about their experiences and are planning to prepare a proposal for a book. Tara Parker-Pope New York Times, and then a broader look at the draft and the economy on the growth of money belts Americans.

The green slate and Leonard quickly undermine their energy levels, as well as the budget requires a lot more time and effort than ever before. After the 10-12 hour working day, the couple who come home and have to spend a few hours of preparation used to purchase food prepared from scratch.

The experiment One Dollar Diet Project requires them to calculate, count, measure and weigh ingredients. While Greenslate did lose weight in the process, it accompanies the lack of power left him unable to work in the gym. Many food products containing chemicals consumed in high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, food, the couple often avoid. His public life has also suffered because they reduce and even-UPS dinner with friends at cafe. But the couple also learned important lessons about poverty and people suffering from poverty and assumptions and stereotypes associated with both.

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One Dollar Diet Project


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