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To have food that is organic delivered to your home is a great service that is becoming more and more common. I have noticed a shift from people depending on their supermarkets for fruit and vegetables to sourcing organic food from local suppliers. Supermarkets have made the mistake of overcharging for inferior produce and being too greedy with their market share, they have tried to force out smaller green grocers and local shops. They have told farmers to grow produce that has not been bred and grown for taste and nutrition but for transport and longevity on the shelves. I think people are beginning to wake up to the supermarkets and waking up to their own health and what is best for their own health.

So we are looking for alternatives to supermarkets, at the same time there is a movement from people to eat food that is free from toxins – pesticides and herbicides. Enter the organic farmers. For produce to be officially certified as organic there are stringent measures that must be met by the farmer these include no use of herbicides and pesticides and fertiliser that is naturally organic – no synthetic chemical compounds at all. Organic food is typically higher in nutrition and free from toxins. It is easy to see why organic food is coming into popularity at the expense of overpriced and inferior supermarket fruit and vegetables.

This begs the question, why do we buy fruit and vegetables from the supermarkets at all – the answer is habit and convenience.

We are still looking for the convenience that the supermarkets provide to us, so why not consider finding a local service of fruit and vegetables that are organic delivered.

I use a local service that costs $20 a week and I get more than enough fruit and vegetables for the week and end up giving fruit and vegetables to my neighbors before they go off and the next box arrives. The produce you get will last much longer than any supermarket fruit or vegetables and taste much better, it is a great idea to get fruit and vegetables that are organic delivered.

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