Overview Of Bumimasa Sdn Bhd And Its Authentic Muslim Ice Cream

Bumimasa Sdn Bhd is a company that makes what it calls Muslim ice cream with authentic taste. The company has been around for almost three years and it's proud of the fact that it was able to grow and satisfy customers amid the tough competition in the ice cream industry. Just recently, Mrs. Ruslina bt Mohd Lazim who is the director of finance and administration for the company gave a talk about the company, its humble beginnings and how it grew into a respectable brand. According to her, the company was initially established as a family business almost three years ago. It quickly grew to become a full-fledged company.

The company makes premium ice cream for an always increasing and loyal clientele. Although the company's brand of ice cream is not what you would call super premium like the ones being made by Baskin Robbins, it's still premium enough to be compared with the magnum ice cream. In other words, the company makes high-quality and great-tasting ice cream. In the beginning, the company's marketing strategy was targeted towards the Muslim community. They usually advertise their products using social media sites like Facebook because they can't afford yet to advertise on television.

umimasa Sn Bhd differentiates itself by making ice cream products that are uniquely packaged. For instance, some of their best-selling products come in cups. Furthermore, the products have halal certificates. What this means is that the ice cream can be eaten both by Muslims and non-Muslims. This is why the company always see to it that the products have halal certificates. They make use of local fruits as flavors for their ice cream. In fact, one of their best-selling products is the Durian D24 Premium Ice Cream. Some of the customers in Malaysia complain about the price of the products but if you are to compare it with the prices in other countries, they are actually cheaper.

The company is now planning to expand and sell their products in Australia. According to them, there's a huge market waiting for them in said country. Additionally, the products have been tasted by Koreans and they liked it too so Korea is also a potential market. Mrs. Ruslina bt Mohd Lazim also said that she is planning to grow the company by cooperating and partnering with other companies. This would greatly increase the company's target market and growth potential. And last but not the least, the company is proud of the fact that it has acquired other certificates like the GMP. These are necessary for the company's growth and expansion.

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