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I am a lucky woman! My husband is from Peru and he likes to cook and every so often he treats me to some authentic Peruvian cooking.

My favorites are:

  • Ceviche- a cold seafood dish. It can be made with fish, shrimp, squid and mussels
  • Lomo Saltado- Steak, rice, tomatoes, green peppers & potatoes
  • Papa rellena- (stuffed potato)- beef, olives, onions, eggs
  • Arroz con pollo- chicken and rice

***In every Peruvian recipe that you see it call for Aji Amarillo( yellow pepper) you may substitute Jalapeno or any kind of hot pepper, of course it's better and more authentic using the Aji pepper which you can buy at most ethnic or cultural grocery stores now. If not there, are websites available to order jars of the paste( the best) or cans of the peppers themselves.)

Lomo Saltado

Almost everything he makes involves potatoes!

It only makes sense since Peru is after all the origin of the potato ( and you thought it was Idaho!)

Everything is washed down with big glass of Inca Kola !

Lomo Saltado Recipe

Main dish-6 servings-Preparation time: 1 hour


2 pounds of beef tenderloin or other tender steak

2 tablespoons of crushed garlic

2 medium onions cut in strips

4 tomatoes, seeds removed, pureed in blender( we just slice ours)

5 potatoes peeled and cut into strips for frying( we've been known to use frozen french fries cooked in oil)

1 jalapeno pepper cut into thin strips( we use Aji pepper or Aji paste)

1 tablespoon of vinegar

Vegetable oil for frying

Salt and pepper

Finely chopped parsley


1. Cut beef into thin strips

2. Cook garlic in oil over medium heat and add meat. Reserve the juice.

3. Add the tomato puree( or tomatoes), salt and pepper. Cook a few minutes

4. Add onion, Aji, parsley and vinegar. Combine the juice from the meat

5. Fry the potatoes( or french fries) in a separate pan and add to other ingredients

6. Serve over white rice

Arroz con pollo recipe

Main dish-8 servings-Preparation time: 1 hour


8 small boneless and skinless chicken breasts

2 cloves of fresh garlic

1 onion finely chopped

½ cup vegetable or olive oil

3 cups rice (not instant)

5 cups chicken bullion

1 cup cilantro and 1 cup water chopped in blender(drain water after blending)

½ pound cooked peas ( we use canned peas)

Aji Paste or Aji peppers( cut into strips) to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Sauté salted and peppered chicken breasts in oil until browned and cooked completely and remove. In the same oil, cook the garlic and onion till tender

2. Combine the chicken to the garlic and onion. Add the cilantro and bullion and boil. Add the rice and Aji peppers. Cook over medium heat till liquid is absorbed. Add peas and continue to simmer over low heat until rice is cooked



Ceviche Recipe


1 pound fresh white fish, cut into small pieces or Shrimp or both!

½ Cup of fresh lime juice

1 fresh Aji pepper, minced( we use Aji Paste)

1-3 cloves of garlic, minced

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1 small red onion, peeled and cut into strips

1 tablespoon fresh cilantro, chopped

2 to 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Marinate the fish( shrimp) in the lime juice for 4-6 hours in the fridge. This "cooks" the fish and makes it safe to eat.

After about 2 hours of marinating, add the garlic, Aji, onion, cilantro, oil & salt and pepper and stir well. ( some people like to add tomatoes too)

Serve on a bed of lettuce

For a traditional serving, arrange cold pieces of cooked sweet potato and slices of corn on the cob around the dish.

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BartholomewKlick profile image

BartholomewKlick 9 years ago

¡Muchisimas gracias!

Just Toyia profile image

Just Toyia 9 years ago from Tennessee Author

Your Welcome!

highwaystar profile image

highwaystar 9 years ago from Australia

Thanks for sharing, keep the recipes coming!

Just Toyia profile image

Just Toyia 9 years ago from Tennessee Author

Oh there's plenty of good food, I'm just not sure of exactly all the ingredients! Those I listed are just the ones I know how to make! Thanks for stopping by!

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

Delicious... thanks for sharing your recipes

Just Toyia profile image

Just Toyia 8 years ago from Tennessee Author

Your welcome, I may do more later-

Ghost32 8 years ago

The recipes do  look great, but the most fascinating tidbit was the mention of Inca Kola--how could anyone resist at least sampling a drink with a name like that?! I immediately had to go look it up on Wikipedia...should not have been surprised, I guess, that Coca Cola owns 60% of the product.

John S. 8 years ago

I love Peru and its cuisine! The roast-chicken restaurants on corners (like the one off plaza de San Martin --- great food. Thank you for the video. It hlps a lot. For Ghost32, Inca Cola can be found in many stores. What I really miss is the Pilsen Callao.


Michele Darnold 7 years ago

I just emailed 2 sets of Peruvian recipes to my Peruvian boyfriend and I hope he likes then

Leoncio V. 7 years ago

Just what i was looking for. How to make typical peruvian food (recipes in english).

Greetings from Perú

Annette 7 years ago

I am married 22years to a Peruvian man & I have been lucky enough to have learned many recipes from my dear mother-in-law but... i am going crazy trying to find the Marinade for the chicken in the recipe for POLLO ALA BRASA. I do have the recipe for the hot green dipping sauce (I'm in love w/it)

1- head Iceberg lettue

1-bunch Celantro (leaves only)

3-roasted jalapenos

1/2 cup mayoonnaise (can add more to taste)

4-6 Saltine crackers

Salt to taste

Add all ingredients to Blender, Blend til smooth, then add saltine crackers & blend to desired thickness. put into Squeeze Bottle & keep in Fridge when not using.

Just Toyia profile image

Just Toyia 7 years ago from Tennessee Author

Thank for that recipe Annette, it's not a traditional sauce at my husband's families house but I have had it at a Peruvian restaurant and it was very good!

Thanks again!

Cindy 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the recipes! I used to work at a Peruvian restaurant near the water, and we served the best ceviche!

Zach 6 years ago

What about using aji powder or dried aji chiles in the ceviche recipe??

Joseph 6 years ago

How much aji paste equals one aji pepper??

Rossie 6 years ago

Hi there! excellent recipes, I am Peruvian and I love to cook. Your recipes are very accurate! they display authentic Peruvian Cooking!

Suzanne 6 years ago

I am also married to a Peruvian and I am always trying to surprise him by cooking something Peruvian I haven't found many besides the ones I learned while living in Peru so these are great. If you have one for Sopa de Pollo let me know.



Niki 6 years ago

I just got back from visiting Peru and at a farmhouse had a great fried quinoa bread and am trying to find the recipe. I've found some similar but not just right. She said that it had salt, honey, egg, quinoa it it, but I think I'm really missing something! If you have it...I'd love to get it!

lori 5 years ago

I have a foreign exchange student from Peru this year and i am making a dish from her country for our christmas dinner here this year. I think she will like that.

GetitScene profile image

GetitScene 3 years ago from The High Seas

Papas rellena are, without question, the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life. I even convinced a local bar to start making them just for me.

MarieAlice profile image

MarieAlice 3 years ago from Peru

Thanks for sharing!!! I'm a peruvian girl who was living out of my country for the past 12 years (in USA and Spain) and just moved back to my country... now I´m enjoying my delicious food!!! again thanks for sharing my country´s food!!

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 2 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

Thank you for writing this informative hub, the recipes sound delicious. Voted up and SHARING.

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