PME Cutters Create Beautiful Cake Decorations

PME Cutters

PME Cutters, and especially the pme plunger cutters, are brilliant for cake decorating, especially for the enthusiastic amateur as they give great results and detail every time.

Cake decorating is a fantastic hobby to have. It's very creative, and by using tools such as the pme plunger cutters it's easy for even a beginner to create wonderful designs. Plus you're making something you can eat which always makes you popular.

PME make a range of cutters but are probably best known for their plungers such as the butterfly plunger which gives an easy way of creating embossed cake decorations.

The plunger range includes flowers from little blossoms to large gerberas, butterflies, hearts, stars plus lots of seasonal favourites including snowmen, snow flakes and holly leaves.

PME Butterfly Cutter Butterflies
PME Butterfly Cutter Butterflies

In addition there is the shape cutter range which work just like cookie cutters for cutting shapes out of sugarpaste or gum paste.

Shapes range from teddy bears to rose petals and come in a range of different sizes meaning it's easy to find the right kind of cutter for your occasion. Butterflies, as shown in the photo are a lovely way of adding a pretty touch to a cake.

Plaque used as base for cake topper
Plaque used as base for cake topper

PME Plaque Cutters

 Another part of the PME sugarcraft cutters range are the plaque cutters which are great for creating centrepieces for cakes, or bases for cake toppers.

Plaque cutters come in a range of sizes, with both smooth and scalloped edges, providing a wide range of option for cake decorating.

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sweetgracecake profile image

sweetgracecake 6 years ago

I love using these cutters!

Tina Wong 5 years ago

I enjoy using this cutters too. I find a reliable source at this shop

Abdulkareem 2 years ago

OMG how super cute are they?! I love your ribbon also! Nothing like a coikoe cutter to make a girl feel better (truth be told I'd rather a closet full of them over shoes anyday ;)

Thorben 2 years ago

Did I miss something here- HOW do you make coioke cutters? I would love to know how! I like the colors alot- didnt strike me as weird at all. And those ribbons are adorable.

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