Lunch Ideas -nice roll fillings for lunch

Packed lunches

Are you looking for healthy lunch ideas for you to take to work or for kids lunches  ?

Are you the type to buy lunch every day at work , spending your time deciding what you are going to eat, then waiting in queues for your lunch break or are you the type to save money by taking your own lunch and having a more relaxing lunch break maybe finding a peaceful spot in the park to enjoy your packed lunch?

Are you bored with what you have for lunch everyday ,& are looking for fresh summer packed lunch ideas to change the monotony of sandwiches every day ?

Why not try something different for your midday meal , plan something for your lunch that you will look forward to eating and enjoy.

Here are some ideas for you to have something a bit different to take with you & can even be used for school lunches as well.

Fruit Pasties

I don't always have triangles !
I don't always have triangles !

Easy Recipes

Packed lunches for work

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Sandwhich or roll fillings

I really enjoy a nice fresh bread sandwich or roll for lunch occasionally. For a change why not try a different bread like multi-grain or brown bread .Or I would make a wrap or pita bread to take to work with me .

For a tasty filling I enjoy one of the following  choices

Chicken & lettuce with mayonnaise

Chicken & tomato

Tomato & Onion

Cottage cheese & tomato

canned beetroot, lettuce & cheese

Ham, tomato & lettuce

Cheese & onion

Ham, cheese & tomato , cucumber'

Egg & lettuce & mayonnaise

Tuna & tomato

For breakfast I would sometimes make  a bacon & egg wrap with BBQ sauce which taste good and is fast to make !

Making Sausage Rolls

Make Sausage rolls for lunch

Do some cooking in spare time ! Try your own recipes !
Do some cooking in spare time ! Try your own recipes !

Making Sausage Rolls

For quick & easy sausage rolls I bought frozen puff pastry sheets .

 pktSausage mince

Added i/2 cup    

 Grated carrot

 1 Onion

1/ 2 cup breadcrumbs

Small amount BBQ sauce

Mix ingredients together

Spread out along pastry , roll up & glace with milk or egg.

I didn't follow a recipe so I have included one for you here.

summer packed lunches

Another favourite is a healthy salad along with some meat.

Chopped or diced pork, beef, lamb or chicken

Tomato quarters

Cucumber chunks

Cheese squares

onion diced

Sliced capsicum



Grated carrot


You might enjoy a potato salad or pasta salad, or a Coleslaw with cabbage , grated carrot etc.


Add a little bit of your favourite salad dressing + a splash of vinegar for flavour.

Make a roll for lunch

Fresh bread roll is nice for lunch
Fresh bread roll is nice for lunch

Winter lunches

Winter can be a bit easier for lunches as you can take a cup of soup or home made soup to heat up or in a thermos

Chicken & sweetcorn is my favourite as well as



chunky Vegetable soup- you can add  a lot of different vegetables to make this really tasty & filling.

Noodles , left overs from dinner.

Make a lasagna , I put( broccoli & mushrooms in my lasagna as well as the meat ,onion  ) take pieces of it to work if you can heat it up.

Jacket potato with toppings such as cheese , tuna, bacon , diced tomatoes, baked beans, etc

Make your own sausage rolls or cheese & spinach triangles, chicken & veggie triangles.


Left over casserole


I like to buy the puff pastry & make my own savoury triangles such as

Cheese & spinach

Chicken & veggies

Beef curry

chicken & cheese

You can make any combination you like .

Cut the sheet of pastry in half then half again so you have 4 squares , Add a little bit of your filling in then fold the pastry over so you have a triangle .

Press the edges down with a fork .

Glaze the top over with either beaten egg or milk & they take about 25 minutes to cook.

I also make apple & cinnamon or peach triangles now & then for dessert with icecream or custard .They are also nice with morning or afternoon tea for a nice change.


Summer Packed Lunch= Nibblies

Always have fruit on hand = Apple , Banana , Grapes etc

Pot of Yogurt

Can of tuna

Dried fruit


Crackers & dip or sliced cucumber , pickled onion in separate container

Small packet potato chips.

Home made fruit salad

Carrot or celery sticks


 If there is a microwave at work then this really opens up your options.

Take left overs to heat up

sausage rolls

make an omelette

If on special buy a few frozen meals to have as a treat

Kids Lunches

 Our children love to have variety in their lunch boxes .

We used to have a jam or meatspread sandwhich , an apple , Pack of sultanas and a packet of potato chips occasionaly.

Nowdays children like mini sized food & trying diferent things like

Pita bread with chicken & cheese or egg & lettuce .

Mini Bagels with peanut butter.

Pita bread with melted cheese & tomato.

Crackers with cheese , tomato , tuna


Bunch of grapes.

Sliced strawberries

Hard boiled egg

Cheese stick

Lunch box

 Make sure you have a good lunchbox that will fit everything in.

A drink bottle for water.



Sealable container for salads etc

Fork /spoon

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