Palmwine - Uses and Importance of the Palm Wine

The tasty Sap of Palm Tree, known as Palm Wine, is a product of different Palm Tree species made Solely by natural forces. Fresh Palm wine is a sweet sugary Liquid, that becomes alcoholic with time, due to the fermentation action of natural wild Yeast.

Palm Wine is obtained from Palm Tree by the process of 'Palm Wine Tapping'. People who tap Palm Wine are specialised individuals called 'Palm Wine Tappers'. A typical 'Palm Wine Tapper' should have a Climbing Rope, a short Cutlass for cutting Palm Fronds, a Tapping Knife, and a small Gallon.

Palm Wine tapping involves cutting off the Palm Fronds to expose the soft tissues at the top of the Palm Tree. The 'Tapping Knife' is used to pierce a hole into the tissue to allow for the exit of the Palm Wine. Specially carved tiny Bamboo, hollow metallic Pipes, or other instruments; are connected to the Hole to convey the Wine to the Gallon. The Gallon could be tied to the Palm tree with a rope in the case of a standing Palm Tree, or simply supported by sticks in Felled Palm Trees.

Felling of Palm Trees is a very tedious Task. Holes and Cutlasses are used to dig around the tree and cut through its fibrous Root. The trees are usually allowed to fall on a support that would allow to partially incline on a support in a way that allows a rapid flow of its liquid content from the Root to the Shoot. Some Palm Wine Tappers prefer to use dry Shrubs to burn the tree, heating up the internal liquid contents before tapping.

Tapping Palmwine from Standing Palm Tree

Collecting Palmwine from Oil Palm Tree.
Collecting Palmwine from Oil Palm Tree.

Uses of Palm wine

Palm wine is an integral Part of some West African Society. The Bond between Palm wine and the People of South-East and South-South Nigeria dates back to precolonial times. As kola nut is powerful, so is the Palm wine. While the local Gin product of Palm wine is more popular in coastalcommunities, the Ibos had and still has a direct relationship with crude Palm wine. You see its importance as an essential drink in traditional Ibo Ceremonies like the Ibo native law and Custom, Traditional Festivals, and other local and traditional gatherings.

The Nigerian Oguro and the south African Ubusulu are the same name for what has become the source of traditional Ethanol Gin called Ogogoro and Akpeteshi in Nigeria and Ghana respectively. Nowhere is the economic Power of the Palm wine is more powerful than in making the "African Vodka".

Palm wine also has some medical application and a huge Social-Cultural importance. It's a great source of Vitamin B and also directly used in Nigerian rural Communities for treating Measles in Children.

Bottled Palm wine

Different types of Bottled Palm Wine are sold in Nigeria, and also exported to other Countries.
Different types of Bottled Palm Wine are sold in Nigeria, and also exported to other Countries.

Tapping Palm Wine from Felled Palm Tree

Collecting Palmwine from Felled Palm Tree. Short Palm Trees are Felled to produce more Palm Wine within a short period of time.
Collecting Palmwine from Felled Palm Tree. Short Palm Trees are Felled to produce more Palm Wine within a short period of time.

Bakery and Preservative use of Palm Wine

Indians are known to use Fermentation due to the wild yeast content of Palm wine to produce Produce special Local Bread. Knowledge from this practice could be instrumental in improving the Art of baking in Africa. The extra cost of Importation of baking yeast could be averted if specially cultured Palm wine yeast are produced in commercial value. The Yeast could also be combined with other locally source materials and used to develop other baked food products like Cakes and Biscuits.

Ethanol is a reputable Food Preservative and Agent of Sterilization. Local Gin prepared from Palm wine contains a considerable amount of Ethanol that it is easily labelled ETHANOL. Further purification could produce a purer form. Bacteria Oxidation of Palm wine could also produce Ethanoic acid which could combine with locally made Lye and the Ethanol to make a potent Food Preservative.

Types of Palm Trees for making Palm Wine

Palm Tree Sources of Palm wine differs from place to place. African Countries [like Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), etc.] have the most diversified types of Palm Tree for extracting Palm wine. Oil Palm tree and Raffia Palm are the most popular in West Africa. Indigenous people living in or close to swampy Areas (e.g the Urhobos, Ijaws, Itsekiris of Nigeria) prefer to tap their Palm wine from Raffia Palm. While the Ibos are known to take to tapping their wine from Oil Palm Trees.

The Indians and people from some countries of South-East Asia make Palm wine from a rather unique source: the Coconut; though they also extract Palm wine from Palmyra like some African Countries. Some other Palm Tree sources of Palm wine that are not very popular includes: Jaggery Palm, Date Palm, Kitu Palms, Nipa Palms, etc.

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Leo, FPN 18 months ago

is rich in vitamin A and B.

Raji Ibrahim 20 months ago

waoh!!! this serious am presently working on the historical importance of palm wine the people of Ila Orangun and the information I got here is very useful... I will reference you in my work to avoid plagiarism. thank u Mr James A.

kaarmegam 2 years ago

Is palm wine increases height growth,,

okereke Daniel 2 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing this information. Its really helped me in my research.

bobby christian 2 years ago

how could freshly tapped palmwine be preserved for a long time without its alcoholic content increasing?

Patrick 3 years ago

I wanna ask to know if fresh palm wine is alcoholic?

ohlas 4 years ago

Palm wine is good....pls any side effect of palm wine on baby...under 5years?


Hmmmmm Palm Wine,its the best drink nature gave to man.i believe ,promote and Sing palm wine music known as GYRATION in Nigeria context.I AM A MEMBER OF A SOCIO CULTURAL CLUB CALLED KEGITES NOT JUST A MEMBER BUT A PARAMOUNT RULER.(HRKM) His Royal Kegistic Majesty.u can also watch my music on YOUTUBE.COM just search me with TASHERE KWATECO.MAY UR DAZIZ B LONG

funtua 4 years ago

Rated 7

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 4 years ago Author

Thank you Ogundijodan! Didn't know about this information you've just added. It's definitely a great addition!

Ogundijodan 4 years ago

fresh palm wine wine has also been identified to boost brain power. Good job James

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 4 years ago Author

No resisting uguro!

Symphorozia 4 years ago

Yes oh! my papa the tapper m, mua de seller m raw (undiluted). Call for tasting if u wish.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Thank you Okonkwo. This episode brings in the importance of palm wine as portrayed in "Things Fall Apart". I know you understand the language of palm wine very well.

Okonkwo f.u. 5 years ago

Very informative,very good to share love ur hub.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Thank you Clemento3 for adding medical uses of palmwine to this article. It's actually a valuable contribution.

Clemento3,Koforidua Polytechnic 5 years ago

Palm wine is good for your eyesight and serves as antibiotic towards malaria and other diseases in the world.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Thank you bobo. Am happy you took the time to make the important Comment.

bobo 5 years ago

it is verylovely

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James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Hello jean2011! I thank you for endorsing this Hub. Really appreciate it!

jean2011 profile image

jean2011 5 years ago from Canada

Very useful and informative hub! Did not know that you could make wine from the palm tree. I have voted your hub as useful. Thank you for sharing.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Thank you Lady_E for adding Emu, Suya...and Glass! Fresh Palm wine is very sweet and non-alcoholic. It is true that bottled palm wine actually taste differently, perhaps due to processing. I love how people in Rural Areas use Calabash to drink Palmwine. Also, I miss my Palm Wine.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Very useful and informative. I love Palm Wine. I always had some with My Dad, whenever he had some. (just a glass. lol).

The bottled ones don't taste the same.

I miss Palm Wine (Emu) and Suya. :)

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