Pancake syrup and its alternatives

Why Pancake Syrup?

Pancake syrup gives pancakes distinction. Quite often, it is the syrup that provides the pancakes with their unique and delicious flavor. The variety of pancake syrup flavors is a vast as your imagination. However, maple syrup is possibly the most preferred, frequently used flavor.

Maple syrup

You can find maple syrup at almost any grocery store or in the food section of general purpose or variety stores. If you want to explore some unique flavors of pancake syrup, there are various online sites that offer distinctive, unusual flavors. You can also find bottles of delicious, unique pancake syrup at local farmer's markets, specialty stores, and craft fairs. Flavored syrups such as Boysenberry, blueberry (more about blueberries click here), strawberry, pecan, and hazelnut are a few of the more popular varieties of flavored pancake syrup. There are many more options for you to explore.

How to make your own pancake syrup?

If you want to make your own pancake syrup, you can find a variety of recipes online and in most cookbooks. In general, all you need to make you own syrup is 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of water, and the flavoring of your choice. You simply put these ingredients in a pot and bring the mixture to a boil. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes, until mixture thickens slightly.

Many syrup recipes have vanilla flavouring as an ingredient. You can add maple flavoring or any flavoring that you choose to the syrup. You will find some recipes that also have 1 cup of corn syrup as part of the ingredients.

Pancake Recipes

These are my favorite two sites when it comes to pancakes and recipes for making them:


Alternatives to pancake syrup

There are various alternatives to pancake syrup. Jellies, jams, and fruit spreads are often used to give pancakes a burst of flavor. Honey and molasses are also used on pancakes. One of the easiest things you can make at home is flavored butter. Flavored butter is excellent spread on hot pancakes. If you don't like the idea of creating your own flavored butters, you can purchase prepared varieties. Nut butters are a popular choice as a spread for pancakes. Various flavors of whipped cream cheese are also a delicious accompaniment to pancakes.

If your diet or health concerns require that you restrict or eliminate sugar from your diet, there are numerous varieties of sugar free pancake syrups available. These can easily be found at any grocery store. With sugar free syrups there is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of enjoying hot, fluffy pancakes for breakfast.

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robDave profile image

robDave 5 years ago from Slovenia

It seems like everybody likes Pancakes with nutella (the poll) :D

Preseren 5 years ago

nutella is the best, but the pancake syrup is also really good, especially when we eat the american pancakes.

LusUfo profile image

LusUfo 5 years ago

i like them with jam

OmNaser profile image

OmNaser 5 years ago from kuwait

I mix nuttela with 1/4 cup whipping cream then heat it which makes a runny yummy sauce

Casimiro 4 years ago

Ben, here's another syrup to add to the list, one that I only discovered recently myself, and one probably not available to you. In Costa Rica they make a very raw sugar product from the sugar cane called "dulce". It comes in cakes. This I knew about, but then one day I found there is a syrup made from it in the stores called Dulce-T. It's terrific on pancakes! Sort of tastes like a cross between maple syrup and brown sugar.

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