How To Find Paula Deen Recipes From Food TV Channel


Paula Deen has some truly excellent recipes on the food TV channel.  The Internet makes a great place to go search for them so that you can reproduce them right here at your own home.  Here is a guide to a few of the most popular places you can go to find those recipes.

Step 1:

The first stop is the food network's website at  The food network has some excellent recipes on their website, and you may just find the one you're looking for.

Step 2:

If you know of the specific recipe that you want, type it into Google.  Google will oftentimes be able to give you the results that you're looking for directly from the search results.  You can also try Yahoo and MSN Live, although their selection and ranking algorithms are far inferior to those at Google.

Step 3:

Another great place you can go is Paula Deen's own website at  When you're there, you can search for all of your favorite recipes in the search bar.  Just about anything that's ever been made on the Food Network is available on that website for your own perusal.

Step 4:

Make sure that whatever recipe you find actually works.  Think about what goes into it in your head before you actually use it.  Some people are jerks and will post fake recipes.  Don't let yourself get fooled by always checking the Paula Deen recipes that you find.

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Comments 40 comments

mary smith 6 years ago

on july 22,2010 she had breakfest in bed..i wanted the recipes from that show please from mary smith

seekee 6 years ago

I also am looking for that show (recipes) I live in FL and have many guests. The food network sight used to be very user friendly. It is not any more. Does anyone out there feel the same way.

Connie 6 years ago

I agree! I don't think it is user friendly like it used to be

Darlene 6 years ago

I can't find the show for today. Oct 20.

Not user friendly.

Cookie 6 years ago

It is close to impossible to get a food tv recipe you saw just last week. I remember when they had a user friendly web site. This is the first time in a year that I tried to get a Paula Deen show recipe and I remember why I haven't gotten a recipe or visited their site in such a long time. I just spent 3 hours and still don't have the recipe. I just don't have that kind of time. Wake up food tv. If I can't get the recipes I surly won't spend money buying hosts products or spend time trying to find them.

Eleanor 6 years ago

I also agree, you can not find recipes or a listing of showes anymore.

elizabeth barbanti 6 years ago

can't find show for 112/08/2010

sue mayes wv. 6 years ago

i also have a hard time trying to get recipes from tv shows, i think i really like the other way of getting on food netword home page and getting recipes at lease i was able to find the recipe and able to then make it.

jan 6 years ago

Watched Paula's show on 12-28-10 and she gave a list of spices to make southwestern dip and I've been searching for awhile and I still haven't found receipes from 12-28!

Previously could put in show and date and bingo there was the receipe.

Anne Clark 6 years ago

I would like to know how to find a receipe anymore. I have tryed for two days and still have not had any luck.

Before I went right to it. Why change somthing if it is

working and from the comments its not working.

Barbara Stearns 6 years ago

Can't find the show aired on 1-4-11 6 years ago

Would like the show aired 01-21-2011 Scones, chicken soaked in salt water - then baked with panko crumbs - somehow soaked in tea, thus chicken looks brown.

Scones were made by Paula and guest.

sally barba 5 years ago

how come you don't have any mexican guests? everyone i loves mexocan food and music.

Shirley Earhart 5 years ago

I am glad to know I am not the only one who can't find Paula Deen's recipes from her shows. I have used lots of recipes from her shows and now I can't find them. I have almost given up trying. I wanted to get her recipe for brussels sprouts that was on today, Feb. 15. 5 years ago

I saw a 6pm (EST) show last night 2/16/2011. Cannot locate the baked chicken recipe with swiss chesse, white wine, cream of chicken soup, butter and stuffing on the top. Looked very easy and delicious-why did they have to change the format for finding recipes? Life was so much simpler before all this "new and improved". When things aren't broke-why try to fix them????

L. Mickelson 5 years ago

I can't find recipes!!! Why bother to have a web if youre not going to share. Maybe we should be watching Martha s.

Pamela Toney 5 years ago

I can not find the cake recipe that was on the April 25, 2011 show. Help! Please send to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ........i AGREE WITH THE LADY THAT SAID

Sherly Smith 5 years ago

I enjoyed finding recipes from showdates but now I can't find the show dates.Please bring them back Food Network!

Dee Stewart 5 years ago

I agree with everyones comments, looking for Paulas recipes from today, 7-30-11. It used to be so easy. HELP!!!!

fay 5 years ago

she had her older son who is married on her show and they were making chocolate bread pudding 5 years ago

looking for the show for 09/09/2011 she made a coffee cake with canned biscuits,sprinkled them with sugar and orange rind after baking she put on glaze made with powderedsugar and orange juice.can not find the show 5 years ago

have stopped watching Paula. Can't get to sight.

Jenni Lee 5 years ago

Looking for 2 recipes I saw yesterday...One was for a lemon mini cupcake. it was made with yellow cake mix, lemon pudding mix, 4 eggs, oil, and glazed...The other was a cheeze spread made with cheeze wiz and cream cheese and????? Had a very hard time trying to find these recipes this isnt user friendly...and I need it to be friendly

neva ritchie 5 years ago

it used to be so easy to get a recipe,.now it is so difficult WHY??????I don't enjoy watching my shows anymore because i know i can't get the recipe., HELP

sANDY 5 years ago

Just watch you on The Chew. I am a diabetic and I sure aam glad you are coming public with this illness. We need to make this diease more important and get more research into finding a cure. I have lost both feet below the knee and I feel good about myself, wish I didn't have this problem. LOVE you family and shows. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the negative stuff stupid people are saying about you. Hope to visit your home town one of these years. Want to see the Deen country.

jim gillum 4 years ago

your new format my opinion I'sorry to say Your old setup was just fine,then you tried to improve it,then you really got screwed UP .Go back to the old way,then pat yourself on the back. JG 4 years ago

my wife and i think u r the best love to watch your show we live oracle az keep up the good work

Isabelle Welling 4 years ago

I would like the recipes from Paula Deen on March 1 2012.

Marsha / Mississippi 4 years ago

Yes i am having trouble my self wanted her kentucky pie recipe that was on March 22 2012 . But I wasn't able to get it at all a little up set that it is to hard to get on her sight now , I love your show but please help us so we can get your recipes. 4 years ago

It used to be so easy to get recipes from Food Network and i loved it but now is is impossible. i get so agitated and i haven't been watching it as much because of it.PLEASE go back to the way we used to, it was sooooo much easier. 4 years ago

On April 11 2011 Paula had a reciept that had 2 c ham 2c chicken 2c susage 2c cheddar cheese, parmson cheese, sour cream, cooked spaghetti, chicken boullion and i think onion if anyone has this reciept i would love to have it because i have a large family and this would go great when we get to gather am not sure about the baking time or tem woul appricate the correct reciept Thank you 4 years ago

I have been trying for months to get recipes from a lot

of TV programs. They all have changed and want you to join something. They even type me back and say that my E-mail address can't be found. What do they think. That

these recipes are all that vaulable. Go back to the old

way. Belive it or not your viewers time is vaulable too.

I hope to hear from you on this. There are a lot of your

viewer out there that agree with me. PLEASE GO BACK TO


Carolyn in Dallas, TX 4 years ago

It is almost impossible to find a particular show so I can find the recipes from that date. It used to be easier than pie! Please do something about this---we are your patrons!

sandy 4 years ago

paula dean's tv show 6-26-12 recipes

Sharon Keith 4 years ago

I total ly agree with everyon that says you cant find a recipe it is impossible why did you change format

Gail 4 years ago

Looking for the recipe Paula & Bobby made using carrots, flour, butter and made a casarole. sprikled top with crushed potatoe chiips.

Evelyn Klasmier 4 years ago

I thought it was me as far as not being able to get recipes from food network, but find I am not the only one.Why advertise that you can get the recipes from food network ,when it is impossible.I used to watch the shows when they were on and be able to get the recipe on the spot.No more ! Get back to the old way or I for one am going to stop watching. Can't see sitting for an hour searching for something I can't get.

betty 3 years ago

looking for to days showwhit choc.

dorothy commiskey 3 years ago

i am looking for recipe for uncooked oatmeal pudding that contains Greek yogurt,etc,It is refridgerated overnight.

sharon martin 2 years ago

hi paula

my name is Sharon martin

l want to know when you come back on tv show of cooking l like your cooking on the show l am your big fan

please my address isshaerbear1955@msn.con

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