A Rose Recipe: Perfect Potatoes

I made this recipe because a family member refused to eat gravy during one of many dieting stints- these are great!

you will need at least 1 1/2 potatoe for every person.
scrub the potatoes clean then dice (with the skin on...) and set in a pot to boil

once potatoes are soft (if you can cut it easily in half with a fork they are done) then drain and set back in pot (make sure you remove from heat and turn off the stove)

2 tbs butter (estimated)
1/4 cup milk (estimated)
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp chives/parsley
1 tsp season salt

Hand mash potatoes slowly adding milk and butter until right consistancy. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH MILK OR BUTTER! *if you ever put too much milk or butter in, you can add instant potatoes to thicken the consistancy* once potatoes are mashed, add the garlic and chives and season salt. Serve immediatly

Other possibilities include:

substituting 1 tbs of ranch for 1/2 tsp of the butter

Adding 1 tbs of bacon, cooked, finely chopped and drained

substituting 1 tbs of parsnips for the chives

These potatoes go fantastic with the following recipe for Perfect Roast Beef

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