Pizza Toppings: How Do You Like Your Pie?

Pizza, Baby, Pizza!
Pizza, Baby, Pizza! | Source

Everyone has their favorite pizza toppings. We order according to our tastes and what was traditional in our families growing up.

As I was walking through my local grocery store I realized that they had an entire section dedicated to "frozen pizza". I wasn't amazed but I thought back to how things have changed in the time since I've grown up. We were lucky to have frozen vegetables and pot pies.

The Most Common Pizza Toppings (not counting mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce)

This is me getting mad at HubPages. I put in an hour of research finding different pizza toppings and it wouldn't let me publish. Oh, I'm sorry for listing stuff that is listed in other lists of pizza toppings!

So instead, I'll just link to a great list of pizza toppings!

I did a little bit of research and the above list is the most comprehensive group of pizza toppings that I could come up with. That being said, I may have repeated some along the way. Please let me know in the comments below or add your own toppings that I didn't mention.

What Do You Think Of Pizza Toppings?

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