Plum and apricot smoothie recipe

Plum and apricot smoothie
Plum and apricot smoothie

Plum and apricot smoothie

Dried apricots are action-packed food - filling, nourishing and full of both instant and slow-release energy. Because of their high fibre content, they are excellent if you're prone to constipation and their vitamin A makes them essential for keeping immunity levels high and for protecting against skin and sight problems. Oranges are, of course, extremely rich in vitamin C. The added bonus for women in this smoothie is the soya yoghurt, which contains hormone like substances to relieve PMS, hot flushes during the menopause and to protect against osteoporosis. (Serves 4)

Ready-to-eat apricots: 6

Plums: 4

Oranges: 2

Soya yoghurt: 500g

Put the apricots into a bowl, cover with freshly boiled water and leave to cool / Remove the stones from the plums and put into a blender / Juice the oranges and add the juice to the blender / Tip in the apricots and their water / Blend until smooth / Add the yoghurt and blend again / Serve.

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