Proper Storage of Food

An extremely important part of good nutrition is proper food storage. Proper food storage prevents food spoilage and wastage and controls the growth of harmful bacteria.

Some foods can be kept on the shelf; others need to be refrigerated or kept in the freezer.

Meat (pork, beef, chicken, fish) - Store meats at once in the coldest part of the refrigerator or in a special meat keeper if you have one. Repackage the meat if there is any blood.

Eggs - Store the eggs with the larger end up and the pointed end down to keep the yolk centered. Store them in the original carton or in a covered container so as not to loose moisture and absorb refrigerator odors.

Fruits and vegetables - Store them in the crisper drawer. If your refrigerator lacks this feature, you can store your produce in unsealed plastic bags. Do not wash fruits and vegetables before storing because any additional moisture hastens rotting.

Bottled foods - Check the label to find out if they can be stored without refrigeration until opened.

Canned foods - Keep canned foods for about a year or less. Store them away from light and in an area that is dry and cool. Rotate your stocks and move the oldest cans to the front of the shelf so that they will be used up first.

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