Raising Chickens: What Breed of Chickens Lay Brown Eggs?

What Breed of Chickens Lay Brown Eggs?

Brown eggs are typically linked to being a healthier egg, so it's no wonder why the brown egg is so popular. It's important to note that white eggs are just as nutritious as brown eggs. The main factor that separates the two is the color of the shell. Nutritionally, brown and white eggs are very similar. Another common misconception regarding the brown egg is the color of the hen the egg comes from. You may have heard that the color of the chicken plays a role in the color of the egg, this is a common misconception.

The easiest way to find out what color egg your chicken is going to hatch is to take a look around their ear area. A tiny tuft can be found close to where the ear is that helps you to better predict what color the eggs will be. You cannot look at the total color of their feathers to tell what color eggs they will be hatching.

If you are a big fan of brown eggs, you may be wondering how you can farm your own brown eggs, and what types of chickens produce them. Below are some of the most common chickens that lay brown chicken eggs as well as the age you can expect them to begin producing.

  • Golden Comet Chickens: These chickens lay gorgeous brown eggs starting at a very early age, usually by month 4 or 5. In addition to laying brown eggs, they usually tend to lay large or extra large, which can be quite nice when cooking. The Golden Comet Chicken is a relatively quiet bird, making her a perfect candidate for city living in a backyard, requiring a smaller amount of space than other birds.

  • Rhode Island Reds (The “Utility Chicken”): These chickens also lay a variety of large brown eggs, varying from a light brown to very dark brown. They can lay anywhere around 250 to 300 large or very large eggs a year. Typically raised for their meat and eggs, these hens are ideal for those planning on selling their hens for meat. As these birds can be a bit finicky with their diet and require controlled weather conditions, these hens are recommended for those that have a larger space and climate controlled coop. Weather conditions that are too cold or too hot will affect the quality and quantity of eggs these hens produce. Outside of being “Utility Chickens” these birds are often used as show birds due to their unique and beautiful coloring.

  • Other varieties of birds that produce brown eggs include:

    • White, Silver Laced, and Columbian Wyandot

    • Light Brahmas, Buff Rocks, Delaware, Sussex, Turkens

    • Buff and White Orrington’s

    • Red Star and Black Stars

In the end, it's important to note that while predicting the color of the egg is difficult, the overall nutritional value of any egg is roughly the same. But if you're set on producing brown eggs there's many kinds of birds you can raise to help you achieve this goal.

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