Raspberry Tuaca Lemon Drop Recipe Ingredients

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This raspberry Tuaca lemon drop recipe is as popular as the Tuaca Sidecar recipe which was made popular in Paris. The Sidecar was named after a Frenchman who preferred to have a chauffeur take him from place to place in a motorcycle sidecar.

Tuaca 750mL


Both the Margarita and Daiquiri are thought to have been inspired by the Sidecar. Serve this drink with a twist of lemon as garnish. Some people also coat the rim of the glass with super fine sugar. In all cases, a glass that has been properly chilled will enhance the taste of the alcoholic beverage.

Staff Tips - Tuaca History and Serving ideas

The Tuaca Sidecar is made with the following ingredients:

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Tuaca liqueur
  • Cognac or brandy

Fresh Lemons

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Cocktail Glass

Rub a lemon wedge along the rim of a cocktail glass and rim the glass with super fine sugar. Shake the liquids vigorously with ice. Strain into the prepared cocktail glass. Some people like using Meyer lemons because they like the flavor. Meyer lemons are originally from China and are a cross between a mandarin orange and a true lemon.

Meyer Lemons vs. Regular Lemons. What is the difference?

Tuaca is an Italian liqueur with a rich, fruit flavor of vanilla and citrus. It is slightly sweet and has an amber color. Tuaca liqueur is usually served as either a sipper or shot. It is frequently added to hot apple cider and coffee in order to make these beverages more flavorful. Hot Apple Pie is made by mixing this vanilla liqueur with whipped cream and hot apple cider.


Apart from the Raspberry Tuaca Lemon Drop Recipe, Tuaca is also used to prepare the following mixed drinks and alcoholic treats:

  • Jello shots
  • Sauteed vanilla pears
  • Cartwheel
  • Italian Stallion
  • Tuaca lemon drop

A strawberry Tuaca lemon drop contains Tuaca, lemon juice, citrus vodka, sweet and sour mix and Chambord black raspberry liqueur. This is a great cocktail to have after work or when you are out having fun and want to try a cocktail that is sweet and fruity.

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