Recipe (7): Cola Chicken Wings

Cole Chicken Wings is a home-made Chinese dish. There are various cooking way for it, but the main materials are chicken wings and coca cole. It remains the taste of coca cole, shape beauty and taste delicious, so is a popular dish. During the cook, the cola soup cannot be all dried away, which will cause bitterness. It'd better to turn off the fire when 1/4 to 1/3 of soup remains.


  • middle part of chicken wings
  • coca cola
  • onion green
  • fresh ginger
  • fennels
  • salt
  • Chinese chicken powder
  • corn or vegetable oil
  • soy sauce
  • cooking wine
  • pure water
  • dried red pepper


  1. Except chicken wings, coca cola and oil, mix the other ingredients together, and add appropriate amount of pure water (I make it warm). Note: salt and soy sauce just a litte,and it'd better to make some cuts on wings.
  2. marinate wings for 40 minutes, then take them out and dry a little.
  3. put a pan on stove, and when it's heated, put in oil, pepper and wings. Quicky fry until look golden yellow.
  4. pour cola into the pan. First with high heat until boiled, then with slow fire, simmer down to a rich stock.

Note: Chinese cooking way emphasizes "hot pan and cool oil", which means put oil in when the pan becomes hot, because too hot oil has materials that can cause cancer.

Cola Chicken Wings

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Johnathan L Groom 4 years ago from Bristol, CT

not bad

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Hui (蕙) 4 years ago Author

Of course not. Thank you!

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