Snow Cream Recipe for a Winter's Day

Snow Cream is a delicious way to enjoy a winter day. This is a quick and easy recipe for kids (or kids at heart) to make with just a few ingredients. What better way to relish a pristine snowfall than to eat it, am I right?


With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas down the street, this time of year always makes me miss the mainland for a very important reason: Snow. I love snow. Snowboarding, snow angels, snowmen, snowballs, etc., etc., etc. For some reason, it never snows where I live...still trying to figure that out.


So for all of you who can enjoy the snow (yes, please enjoy it) this Christmas season, I want you to do me a favor. Make me a delicious bowl of snow cream. You’ll have to eat it yourself though, because I’m afraid it might melt in the mail, even if you bubble-wrapped it.


This is my family’s Snow Cream Recipe. It’s strange that it comes from my Southern relatives, considering that they don’t ever get much snow. And like most Southern recipes, the quantities are always relative: a little of this, a little of that, and cook until done. Notwithstanding, snow cream is fun to make and to eat, and kids love it.


If you live in a city, or if your sky is polluted with smog, or if your snow is not quite white, you may want to reconsider actually eating the snow.


Mix a large bowl of fresh snow with about one cup of sugar and about one cup of evaporated milk (you probably could just use regular milk) and vanilla extract to taste. Eat before it melts!


Now isn’t that the simplest recipe ever? Children love helping make this fun dessert!

gotta love snowboarding in Park City
gotta love snowboarding in Park City

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Jane Grey profile image

Jane Grey 7 years ago from Oregon

Sounds fun! Three questions:

Wouldn't the sugar be gritty in the snow unless the snow melts a little?

What type of snow is best for this? Fresh Colorado powder? Sloppy heavy stuff, slightly melting?

How do you make lemon-flavored snow cream?

Rose West profile image

Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Answer 1: well, the snow is going to melt a little bit by the time you get it inside and mixed up

Answer 2: I think any kind of snow would be fine; although in the South, where this recipe came from, the snow is heavy and wet, unlike Colorado powder.

Answer 3: the lemon flavored thing was a bit of a joke. But it might be fun to experiment with lemon!

ButterflyWings profile image

ButterflyWings 7 years ago

Cool! I've made snow candy with maple sugar, but I've never tried this. There is no snow at the moment...just lots of frost, so I'll have to wait.

Rose West profile image

Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Yum, I would like to make snow candy sometime! Unfortunately it still hasn't snowed here ;)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Lemon flavored snow, lol. Don't worry about missing all that snow, Rose West. It's overrated on certain days, like when you have to go to school or work (or maybe you work in a school?) I'd love snow a lot more if I didn't have to drive through it on certain days.

Yes, I like to eat snow sometimes! Dogs love it too, by the way.

Rose West profile image

Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Dohn, I suppose I would get nervous about driving in the snow... Maybe you should use snowy days as an excuse to stay home with some hot cocoa and a good book, but I guess everyday can't be a snow day. The world must go on and books must be written, in both snow and sunshine! The roads get closed here if there's too much hydroplaning off newly-made waterfalls allowed :)

Tracie McGee 7 years ago

1-30-10 Well today is the PERFECT day for all recipes of SNOW CREAM...Here in Lexington, NC we woke up to 7 inches and the FIRST thing the kids ask..... Are we making snow cream? I want to try something a little different.... When I was a child I remember adding some friut to the mix and it was delicious...bananas (For Example) I believe today I will add blueberries OR stawberries :~}

Rose West profile image

Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Hi Tracie, thanks for leaving a comment! Wow, 7 inches is a lot for North Carolina! Enjoy it while you can. I've never had snow cream with fruit, but it sounds delicious! I would opt for blueberries, sounds really good right now. Thanks for the great idea!

Terry Greene 7 years ago

I love to make snow cream. I live in Roanoke, VA and we practically NEVER get snow, but this winter we've gotten like 35 inches ALREADY! My kids love helping me and eating the snow cream as much as they do sledding and having snowball fights. I tried something a little different this past weekend, and put creamy peanut butter in it. Not a ton...probably about 3 spoonfulls. I tasted almost exactly like reeses ice cream without the chunks. It was the most amazing thing i had ever tasted! You should try it when you guys get some snow again. And I seem to notice that ligh, fluffy snow has a better consistancy that tastes more like ice cream than the wet stuff. Thanks again for the incredible recipe!

Rose West profile image

Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Thank you for leaving a comment, Terry Greene! That is quite a bit of snow for Virginia! Great idea about the peanut butter; I never would have guessed (even though I'm pretty creative when it comes to peanut butter). I wish I could try it ... Hawaii doesn't exactly have snow on the forecast, but maybe I could hike up Mauna Kea! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and tips!

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