Red Chilaquiles Recipe

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish. Typically, corn tortillas cut in quarters and fried are the basis of the dish. Green or red salsa or mole, is poured over the crispy tortilla triangles, called "totopos." The mixture is simmered until the tortilla starts softening. Eggs (scrambled or fried) and pulled chicken are sometimes added to the mix. The dish is topped with cheese (typically queso fresco) and/or sour cream (crema), and it is served with refried beans. Like many dishes, regional and familiar variation are quite common.

red chilaquiles
red chilaquiles

How to prepare this very tasty Red Chilaquiles Recipe.

10 tortillas cut in the form of chips (5 or 6 pieces per tortilla) gold in sufficient corn oil and left to drain in a colander.
1 / 2 liter of water.
3 tomatoes.
7 serrano chilies (or to taste, depending on how spicy preference).
1 / 4 onion.
3 cloves of garlic.
A small bunch of epazote.
Salt to taste.
pepper to taste.
One teaspoon chicken bouillon powder.

Preparation of the sauce: boil tomatoes in water, only about 30 seconds to stop cooking and to remove the skin, return back to boil with serrano chiles. It boiled the tomatoes and chiles to blender proceeds, along with the onion and garlic cloves in the water they were boiled before the tomatoes and peppers, should be a soupy sauce will not thicken. Apart in a skillet (as they say in Mexico) or in a pan fry the sauce in a little corn oil so that the flavors blend and finally add the bundle of epazote and season with salt, pepper and chicken stock powder.
When the sauce is boiling, add the tortilla chips. If you want chilaquiles Tronador dip pieces of fried tortillas just a few seconds, take them out and serve. If you want more watery chilaquiles, left the tortilla chips in salsa longer by way of tender.

Serve with sliced onion, and cream cheese sprinkled over the red chilaquiles. Serve with refried beans, either black or dun.

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