Refrigerator Pickling

The thrill of the chill

You can enjoy these tasty treats right from the jar.
You can enjoy these tasty treats right from the jar.

The pleasure of pickling

From town to town and city to city people are raving about the new craze of refrigerator pickling and the talk is about the flavors and the simplicity of creating such a great treat. Refrigerator pickling is a easy and tasty way to enjoy all of the summers freshness vegetables without slaving in a hot kitchen.

Great summer veggies like asparagus, green beans, carrots, onions and even cucumbers and all of these are great for pickling What your getting is the thrill for the chill, all you have to do is slice your veggies into spears or bite size pieces, pour in you brine mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water a little salt and your favorite herbs like dill, chives or fennel into a air tight jar put them in your fridge for 24 to 48 hour then help yourself to some good eating.

Pickled vegetables can last for several weeks you can add them to any salad or sandwich or even a garnish for your favorite drink...But what ever you decide you just have have more of that garden fresh goodness....So let the pickling Begin....refrigerator pickling that is.....Happy Pickling.

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