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Diabetes is a disease that will take your life if it is not controlled. Learning to manage your diet is a long term project that wears on the mind and body. Every day it is important to find the right foods that will keep your glucose levels on an even keel. If you are over fifty you are set in your ways and this change will be very hard to make.

Every change comes with a change of attitude. The first thing you must do is decide that you will change your eating habits! You must do this because your diabetes is not going away. Every day you wait to make that change you will find more symptoms of your diabetes. Neuropathy is a danger and painful. It will creep up on you before you know it and the longer you wait to make the right changes, the worse it will be for you.

I found a slow carb bread for diabetic lifestyles from Alvarado Street Bakery. This bread has a glycemic index (GI) of 5 per slice. This is amazing when you consider that a typical slice of bread has a GI of 71. Low GI foods are important to the diabetic because they are slow to digest and absorb in the digestive system making them affect the blood glucose less. You may also find this Diabetic LIfestyles bread in health food stores as well as in some grocery store freezer sections.

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If you are looking for a weight loss program that will meet your diabetic diet restrictions as well as induce weight loss you might be interested in Jenny Craig Type 2. Jenny Craig has created a program that reflect the nutrition recommendation of the American Diabetes Association as well as taste great!

Pasta that does not cause a spike in your blood glucose is the dream of every diabetic. You may have found your product in DreamFields pasta. The reviews are good and it seems to live up to published claims. This pasta is available in stores or in their online store.

If you need a snack you might consider Blue Diamond Almonds. You can purchase them in boxes of 100 calorie packages which are the right size for an afternoon snack. They have no cholesterol, are low carb and taste great. These snacks are available in the grocery store.

Learning about portion control? Look no further! Plates are now available that give you a reminder to fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables. Lean meat should be on one-fourth of the plate, and possibly another starch on the final portion? Check my links below for online shops where you can buy these helpful and beautiful plates.

If you are interested in foods allowed on diabetes diets you might want to check out my hub Can Peanuts Honey and Dates Be a Part of a Diabetic Diet? or Exercise, Diabetes, and Counting Carbs.

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out all these resources. You are sure to find something helpful.

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Isamar 3 years ago

The low carb diet The low carb diet is beneficial for pepole with diabetes and high triglyceride and cholesterol. Sugar is becoming more and more recognized as a bio-poison, especially the refined, processed sugars that are in almost every processed food on the market, including bread and cereals. Having more fat and protein in the diet has not been proven bad while you're in ketosis, a fat-for-fuel state instead of a carb-for-fuel chemical state in the body achieved by eating less than 30 carbs a day.

Jeff 3 years ago

Where to begin Where to begin Sure, I agree university eadtucions and degrees don't mean everything, but they do mean something. Lets not forget I also have 10 years experience DIRECTLY in this field working with patients day in and out. So yes, I do see results. And results show that a low-fat diet combined with low-carb diet if done in a SPECIFIC way is actually beneficial for many medical conditions. It's not a no-fat diet. That is lethal. It is a low-fat, with healthy unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

I am glad you found the info helpful. Diabetes is a serious disease and confusing to the sufferer and caretakers.

Leptirela profile image

Leptirela 6 years ago from I don't know half the time

My gran is diabetic and this has helped me put things into a clearer frame..

Thank you - you have a new follower :)

great Hub

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

You are welome, febriedethan! I am glad you took time to visit my hub! Thank you!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia

Thank you for this useful information, my mom is a diabetic and this is great resources to learn about it, wonderful!

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

You are very welcome DeBorrah! I am glad it helped you! Blessings!

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 6 years ago

Smireless, Wonderful! I have an eleven year old granddaughter who is a diabetic! Whenever she is in my care I am extra conscious of her meals! It has also made me much more aware of the importance of a healthy diet! This is most helpful! Great job! Thank you for sharing, In His Love & Blessings!

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

I used to work with diabetes patients and had no idea how difficult life could be until I became a patient myself. It is really overwhelming to understand what you are supposed to do. My goal is to educate and help everyone I can about this difficult disease. Thank you for reading.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

This is a good hub as people don't seem to understand enough about diabetes even though there is a lot of information available. Good hub.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks, Tom. I am constantly looking for ways to add to the resources for my fellow diabetics. Sandra

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 6 years ago from Moundsville, WV


Very informative and important hub. I thank you for writing it as my late sister R.I.P was a sufferer of diabetes from age 25 till her death at age 59 it was complications from the diabetes that ended up killing her.

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