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Bella Italia Ealing

It was my birthday the other day and my family treated me to a meal at Bella Italia in Ealing.

Parking can be a bit of a nightmare during the day but we had no problem finding somewhere to park at eight O’clock; once the parking warden witching hour of six O Clock has passed it’s safe to come out and play.

The exterior is pretty enough from the outside, the restaurant is set slightly away from the busy Uxbridge road and the reasonably large canopied area is ideal for smokers or eating Al Fresco in the summer, if you don’t mind carbon monoxide fumes as a free extra.

The interior is tastefully decorated with old posters and of scenes of old Italy, the table was clean and the restaurant was about 25% full.

The waiter took our order for drinks when we had settled and at £6.60 for a bottle of Moretti, a beer I had never heard of before it certainly wasn’t cheap; the £3.35 for a bottle of Stella is more than I would expect to pay in many restaurants in Central London. The drinks were delivered promptly; apart from my beer which had to be re-ordered.

For our “Antipastini” we ordered the marinated Olive, Minestrone and the Garlic Dough Bastoni and Garlic dough bread. The Garlic dough bread was a thin pizza base covered in Garlic butter and the bastoni were mini breads with a bowl of garlic butter. I have to admit at over £5 each they were disappointing considering the price. My son said his minestrone was OK.

My youngest daughter ordered the Calzone, a folded pizza. I’ve eaten Calzone before and enjoyed the meal, but this was something totally different. The sauce was runny which made the base soggy and the plate lacked accompaniments. My Eldest daughter ordered a plain Margherita pizza, which was overcooked. My son ordered the Quattro Stagione, which he described as OK but nothing special.

My wife ordered Penne Ricce Genovese, Chicken breast with Penne and I ordered the Pollo alla Crema. My wife’s chicken breast was small and the presentation unpretentious, her comment was that it wasn’t anything special.

My meal was described as: “Sliced chicken breast with red onions, roasted peppers, smoked pancetta and penne ricce pasta in a white wine sauce, with Parmesan shavings.”

It was disappointing to say the least. It arrived in a small bowl and the presentation was nonexistent; after moving the vegetables and the penne around I managed to find a few small slices of chicken. The smoked pancetta had been diced into miniscule little square cubes and I had to ask where the Parmesan shavings were. The waiter then grated some Parmesan over my meal; I know that the sauce was there as I could see it, even though I couldn’t taste it.

The good news is that the decor is good, as is the service. The bad news is that the food is distintly average and it doesn’t come cheap. You can argue that it’s in the London suburbs and the par for the course, but I know several restaurants in the suburbs where you can eat good quality, well presented food far cheaper. My wife was recuperating and that meant I was driving, considering very little alcohol was consumed a bill of well over £100 for five of us represented poor value for money and I’m afraid to say I won’t be eating there again.

All the best Mark.

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charlestonreviews profile image

charlestonreviews 4 years ago from Goose Creek SC (near Charleston)

Thanks very much indeed for the information. It's been my experience that birthdays and other celebrations ought to take place in one's favorite restaurant so there are no surprises or disappointments. Best to you from Charleston, South Carolina USA.

markfo profile image

markfo 4 years ago from Middlesex, England Author

Good advice Steve, we had planned to go to one of our favourite restaurants in Bishops Langley, (review to follow soon) but unfortunately my wife is recovering from back surgery and we needed to go somewhere local. Sometimes you just get sick and tired of going to the same old places, variety being the spice of life to use a cliche.

If you're ever in the South of England drop me a line and I'll recommend some very good restaurants and hotels.

All the best Mark

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