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Avenue Regent – A foodie’s Delight

All you food lovers read through to see what I discovered.

During one of my quest to find divine food, I was driving on Cochin’s very own busiest road, the M.G. Road, and suddenly a crowed entrance caught my eye. It was the Avenue Regent, a much heard of hotel in Cochin for its quality of food. Avenue Regent is an ideal venue for both business travellers and leisure seekers.

From the main road, I took a left turn, that lead to a huge gate and into the parking of the hotel. As I am not an expert in parking, I left keys to the valet. The time was just about 7 as I stepped in, an executive came up to me with a big wide smile.

On my asking, he directed me to the restaurant named, The Springs, on the first floor. A greeter dressed in a well-ironed suit opened the glass door and escorted me to the table. The atmosphere was nice, simple and dim. I noticed that they even a band, and man singing away to glory although not many paid much attention to him. But it was nice to hear soft music in that kind of ambience.

A markerThe Avenue Regent Cochin -
The Avenue Regent Cochin India 39/2026, M.G. Road, Cochin, India
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The Avenue Regent, 39/2026, M.G. Road, Cochin
The Avenue Regent, 39/2026, M.G. Road, Cochin
The Springs, located on the first floor of Avenue Regent Restaurant Cochin
The Springs, located on the first floor of Avenue Regent Restaurant Cochin
Dinner Table @The Springs
Dinner Table @The Springs
The Fillet Mignon Sizzler at  the Avenue Regent hotel, Kochi
The Fillet Mignon Sizzler at the Avenue Regent hotel, Kochi | Source

Delicious Dishes @ Avenue Regent

Avenue Regent’s buffet is well known and much spoken about and that was exactly what I was looking for to experience. I was startled to see the never ending spread of delicious food that started from one end of the restaurant and ended at the other. If my math is good, the evening I visited them, the spread had 25 dishes. Can u imagine 25 mouth watering dishes? All the dishes were perfectly named and also labeled veg or non-veg, which made things even more easier.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Instead of heading to my table and settle down before I began my dinner, I directly headed to where the plates were kept and charged on the salad section. There were at least 6 varieties of salads, both veg and non-veg.

I took small portions of all the veg salads and I love them, took few green and black olives and head straight to an empty dining table and chair. The salad was really fresh and one could taste every ingredient in it. Next was to try out the starters. As I was carefully looking at what I should opt for, I saw fresh loafs of bread and to go with it some butter. Yes, I served myself a portion of a loaf, some butter, and to go with all this some crispy aloo(potato), which I just love. The combination was too good that it didn’t take much time to clear my plate and go on for the main course.

In between, one of the waiter’s came up and asked whether I would prefer Chapathi or Naan?Not delaying further, I responded, “Butter Naan, for sure. Thank you”.

Now, it was time to check out the main course dishes. The spread was filled with my favorites, PBM, Dal fry, Mushroom Manchurian, Mixed veg in hot and sour sauce, Fried and white rice, etc., to name a few. As I had ordered Naan, the best combo would be to either go with Paneer or Mushroom, not to forget my crispy aloo.

There was also a south Indian spread comprising the sambar, kaalan, thoran and boiled rice. Not getting further confused, I decided to go with the Mushroom, little Dal and crispy Aloo. My butter naan was waiting for me at the table and started off with my main course, which was heaven. While sitting there, I noticed that all the staff were very pleasant and always at your service. The food trays were getting filled at regular intervals, there were housekeeping staff cleaning the used table and setting them for the next visitor.

Finally, I was done with my dinner and now it was time for a good dessert. Although the spread was terrific, yet there was one item that attracted me the most, Chocolate and Cocoa. Kept at the end of the spread in small tequila glasses, were melted chocolate and cocoa layered finely. What a way to finish a great meal, I thought.

Steaks and Sizzlers at the Avenue Regent Hotel, Kochi

ll you foodies out there, Avenue Regent is just round the corner, very economical and a perfect place for a fabulous meal. Wondering how to reach, not to worry;

The Avenue Regent, 39/2026, M.G. Road, Cochin.

Avenue Regent is located at a stone's throw away from the Railway Station and barely 35 kilometers from the Cochin International Airport.

Everything in this place would really make you feel as if you are in food land with mouth watering food every way you look. Nothing negative and too many positives, Avenue Regent, is surely the restaurant you shouldn’t miss out on when you are in Cochin. Enjoy!

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