Food For Thought

What kids eat...
often determines what they will eat as adults.

Do you remember back to when you were a kid and your parents made you eat things like beans, peas, cauliflour, brussel sprouts, leaks, liver??? and much more..
i'm betting.. as an adult that was forced to eat those things as a kid.. that you hate them now?

Kids need to feel like they're enjoyikng their meal, we all know what it's like to wish we didn't have to eat what was put in front of us..
So.. I'm going to give soem suggestions that worked on my kids. My son is now 22 1/2 and my daughter 16 1/2...

Zamian hated peas, and broccoli and pumpkin, so i made a few tasty dishes that he began to enjoy.. Breakfast was never a problem and lunch was pretty much sandwiches that sometimes he disliked, so i got him to make his own lunch, that way he always ate it... didn't matter what he put in, he loved it and never left a crumb..

a few of his interesting inventions were..

  • ham, peanut butter, raisins and cracked pepper flavoured cheese slice.sandwich..
    now i know this sounds really gross, but i tried it one day, i let him make ME lunch.. and it tasted pretty good. it's all about the arangment on the bread.
  • Peanut butter, lettuce, & marmite.
    yeah another one, but lettuce and marmite are a great favourite over here and the peanut butter just gives it that satay flavour.. don't knock it till ya try it ;)
  • baked beans with melted butter and cracked pepper cheese slices.
    Zamian who's nickname is Zip (derived from his initials) had an active imagination and i encouraged him to use it, especially with food. he didn't like plain cheese which is just as well, cos nor did i.
  • spaghetti with picadilli chutney.
    this is quite interesting really, kind of a sweet and sour with as he used to call it.. worms. lol

With Sharnelle - Sharn for short, Seh didn't like peas or corn, but I coudln't blame her cos nor do i.. But when it came to having mixed vegies in a stirfry, it could be a problem, so instead of these mundane colorful little addatives, i asked her what she would like to try, surprisignly she chose brocolli, couliflour, carrot and yellow capsicum.. i ran with it and she always ate her entire dinner.

  • for breakfast Sharn always had the usual wheetbix or cornflakes, but instead of milk would mostly have peaches an cream yoghurt or a hazelnut one, i didn't mind cos i liked it too, she would sometimes have cut up banana on the top. at least she ate the things she liked t his way.
  • lunches if there was a sandwich she didnt like which was fairly unusual, she would make her own. i had to laugh one day because she made one of gherkin, smokey bacon cheese slice, and marmite. all i could think of was go Sharn.. and yes i tried it, it kind of got me liking gherkins because i really hated them before that.

she always helped me bake and would suggest weird things to try.. so i did and have finaly over the the years come up with a heap of crazy recipies that one day i will put into a book and share to the world. but for now.. give your child the benefit of the doubt and let them 'play with their food' allowing them to experiment with flavors.. most will eat it even if they don't like it, because THEY made it.. not you.

another point of getting them to eat almost everything is even if you hate a particular food but know its very good for you and your child.. pretend to like it, they will then decide for themself if they like it or not and will stop copying those around them. :)

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DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

Good ideas! I remember one of my kids coming up with a crazy "recipe" (no, we didn't try it, because it was just a 3-year-old's interpretation of how to make a cake):

"Put the s'getti in the bowl with the chocolate and mix it all up and bake it, then take out the s'getti and there's your chocolate cake!"

But your points are well taken. I know a lot of picky eaters, and I never forced my kids to eat anything they did not like--but we did have a rule that you must at least TASTE a new food; and also, I would never make them even taste anything I wouldn't eat--so no, escargot were never on the menu.

Beyond that, I never had any real trouble with the vegetables, because I introduced them first, when they were infants. When the doc said to start them on strained peaches or apricots, I gave them yellow squash instead, so that veggies instead of something sweet was thier first intro to 'real' food. They always liked, and still like their veggies.

Great article...voted up & useful.

sugz profile image

sugz 5 years ago from Quakeville... Christchurch, New Zealand Author

Ty you :) my kids were never forced to eat what they didn't like either, but often there was something i couldn't stand (except brussel sprouts, that was just an outright NO lol) but i'd eat something just to get them to, it usually worked, an if they didn't like it of their own accord.. i'd let them put it aside then admit i didnt like it either :)

Oh come on, you don't like s/getti an chocolate?? thats one for the records.. my two never tried that one, but i did get asked to make scones one day, Sharn loved them and well, mine would break a brick wall an still bounce back to hit me LOL we tried to make them together and ended up throwing them to the neighbors pig.. she woudln't eat them. so to this day.. i do not make scones LOL (some countries call scones buscuits, and others call them muffins, but nope, theyre just a normal kiwi cheese or what ever flavor scone that break brick walls if i make them... LOL

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