Taking Too Much Salt


Is excessive salt bad ?

Salt is essential food item for our health. Without salt we can’t eat anything. It enhances tastes of foods. We even take salt with cooked food. Some of us can’t eat food without extra raw salt in cooked food. Most of us don’t know excessive salt is bad for our health. Taking excessive salt in foods can cause high blood pressure, heart attack and other cardio vascular problems. In Last month 21 to 27 March was observed the world salt awareness week. Its main slogan was salt and men’s health.

Salt brings taste to food, increases appetite. Salt is mainly a minerals which is sodium chloride. Our body can’t be fit without salt. Every cell of human body depends on salt. For this reason specialists have identified cells Small Ocean of saline water. Salt can control blood pressure working in the blood cells. Salt supplies nutrition to body. Salt helps to dissolve calcium and other minerals. It helps our muscles to work properly.

When our body temperature rises it helps to control fluid of our body. Water and salt keeps our body active. 70 to 80 percent of human body is water and this water is saline water. National academy of science has approved to take salt 500 milligram per day. On the other hand taking salt over 2500 milligram per day has been forbidden. Consuming excessive salt causes pressure on kidneys. Excessive salt causes high acidity in stomach.

Taking less salt than the body requires may cause severe consequences. It may cause heart attack who suffers of hypertension. Yet excessive salt causes hypertension. So, we have to take salt in a balanced way.

How to avoid excessive salt in food

80 per cent salt of our body requirement we receive from our food we take. So we should avoid taking extra salt in food. When we eat packet food we have to see the ingredient list where it shows the salt quantity. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in natural salt. We should eat those more than processed food.

In cooking food, herbs and spices can be used in stead of excessive salt. Men are fonder of salt than women. So, there are more problems in men’s health such as hypertension and stroke. American nutritionists have identified excessive salts as an aggressive enemy to human body. We can avoid excessive salt in our food with eating home made food and avoiding excessive packet food or processed food.

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mary615 profile image

mary615 3 years ago from Florida

Very good article about salt. People use too much salt. Since I have high blood pressure, I curtail my salt by using Mrs. Dash, a substitute.

I voted this Hub UP , and will share with my followers. So nice to meet you here on HP.

My best, Mary

upal19 profile image

upal19 3 years ago from Dhaka Author

Thank you Mary. I've heard it that Americans are taking too much salt. To avoid some health hazards it is wise less consumption of salt. I thank you again for visiting my page.

uzma shaheen profile image

uzma shaheen 3 years ago from Lahore,Pakistan

very informative hub.I have a bad habbit of taking too much salt but will try to overcome it after reading your hub.thank you for sharing this useful information.

upal19 profile image

upal19 3 years ago from Dhaka Author

Thank you Shaheen for reading this article.

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