Sanford's Pub and Grub: Sheridan Wyoming A Review

Southern Cooking In the Middle of the Rockies

SheridanWyoming has quite a few restaurants for a town of 15,000 and one of the best for both atmosphere and quality is Sanford’s Pub and Grub. When you walk into the restaurant you may feel a little claustrophobic, but once you settle into the darkness you will notice the memorabilia that is on the walls are true antiques and not replicas you see in many chain restaurant. The atmosphere is festive and friendly and though there is alcohol, it is a family atmosphere.

One of the most impressive things about Sandford’s is the menu. It is huge. The pages themselves are close to two foot. Within these plastic pages you can find literally dozens of great dishes. You can order from an array of sandwiches and my favorite is the deep fried Monte Crisco. Your entire sandwich is rolled in breading and fried. It is then served with sauce that makes the entire experience enjoyable.

Other menu items include steaks cooked to order with condiments such as mushrooms, cheese, blue cheese, grilled onions all for an extra cost. The sides are great and you can choose from southern side dishes such as corn, black eyed peas, fries, potato, or just some cottage cheese. The menu also carries a complete Cajun menu that allows the visitor to sample gumbo, craw fish jambalaya, or fried okra. For the eater that likes something different, Sanford’s has some of the best Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull testicles) this side of the Mississippi.

There are more great things I can say about this restaurant but space is limited. Be prepared for a small wait on Friday and Saturday night, but most of the time you can be seated right away. Menu prices are very reasonable and the portions are huge. So next time you are traveling to Sheridan, Wyoming, take a break on your way to Yellowstone or Devil’s Tower and have a really unique dining experience.



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