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Today is the first day my peanut allergy son had cheesecake - and he LOVED it! We broke it out right after breakfast we were so excited! I have been searching for more desserts (pre-made) that I can give my son who has a life threatening peanut allergy. Everything from a store/restaurant bakery is a "no go" with cross contamination issues and, although I try my best, I will admit I am not the best cook in the world. I would probably go out to venture to say I am in the bottom 1/4 of the cooks out there!

While at the grocery store yesterday, I decided to read the prepackaged Sara Lee cheesecake boxes. None had a peanut allergy warning. I was skeptical since it is a dessert and most desserts are cross contaminated. So, I opted not to buy it and went home to call the Sara Lee company. Quickly, I was speaking to a very knowledgeable and personable customer service representative who discussed with me the safety of Sara Lee products with food allergies. She informed me that the Sara Lee Brand and their family of companies (including: Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farms, and Ball Park) will always label for any risk of cross contamination. They take food allergies very seriously and if there is not a statement containing or "may contain" a specific allergy, that food is safe. She even sent me a $1.00 off coupon so that when I bought my first Sara Lee Cheesecake for my Peanut Allergy Son, I could save on the product.

Well, obviously, I didn't wait for the coupon to come in the mail before heading right back out to the store to buy that cheesecake. I actually decided to buy two: the Sara Lee Original Cheesecake and the Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake. I was still a bit scared since we had never tried Sara Lee with the peanut allergy, so I opted not to serve the cheescake until I called again on a specific barcode.

This morning I called again (peanut allergy sufferers and parents will understand the obsession with checking labels and calling firms!). I was again quickly forwarded to a very knowledgeable and personable customer service representative at the Sara Lee company. I read her the bar code label and she also explained how important food allergies and labeling are to the Sara Lee company. I thanked her for her help and we busted out the cheesecake at 8:00 this morning, right after breakfast!

I am now assured and trust Sara Lee's packaging and labeling to no longer fill the need to call with every barcode. I am thrilled to have found a company that makes enticing cakes and cheesecakes with such a knowledgeable staff and dedication to protecting its consumers who suffer from life threatening allergies. I will be buying Sara Lee cakes to serve at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my son's birthday party. I'm sure my family and guests will appreciate them over my lopsided cakes and brownies that are missing a bottom due to being stuck to the pan.

Bridget Batson is founder and creator of Jude the Dude ( a site dedicated to informing children and their parents on life threatening peanut allergies and author of Jude the Dude: The Peanut Allergy Kid Available on Amazon.

Jude the Dude Peanut Allergy Book Available on Amazon

Jude the Dude: The Peanut Allergy Kid (Hallowen and Party Safety)

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