How to Save More Than Just Money at Waitrose Supermarkets

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How I Save Money by Shopping at Waitrose!

Shopping at Waitrose Supermarkets is, if you listen to the media and shoppers who have never shopped in any, a waste of money.  Before I explain how this is not the case and how I save money by shopping at Waitrose, here are some typical remarks made by those loyal to other supermarkets:

  • “You pay more for your branded items at Waitrose”.  

  • “Waitrose is only for the posh”.

  • “I save at least 15% by shopping at Morrison’s Sainsbury’s, or Tesco’s”

How I Discovered I Saved More at Waitrose than at Sainsbury's or Tesco's

Until the Credit Crunch I mainly shopped at Waitrose to avoid such people.  I did so to avoid the crowds and the trolley ragers at Tesco’s.  I did so to avoid my blushes at Sainsbury’s as a couple of ex boyfriends shop there.  I also preferred the staff at Waitrose – who for some reason or other (presumably because they were happier at work) – were far more polite and helpful. 

However, when the price of fuel rocketed and a family member was made redundant, I felt obliged to give the other supermarkets another trial.  I did, and sure enough, what I paid out at the till decreased by about 10%.  I was sad I’d have to stop shopping at Waitrose – I missed the staff and was sick of hiding in the feminine-hygiene aisle at Sainsbury’s until a particularly obnoxious ex had made his way to the check out.

A 10% saving on my home’s food bill is quite substantial but somehow this was not reflected in my purse.  I therefore monitored the situation for two weeks with a fine tooth comb.  I discovered two reasons for this apparent anomaly and both were connected!  1) I was shopping more frequently at the other supermarkets because 2) I was throwing more food away.  For instance oranges:


Oranges bought at Sainsbury’s were 10% cheaper but after tasting one you were unlikely to want another.  They’d stay in the fruit bowl until they were ready for the compost heap.  Whereas oranges bought at Waitrose were always delicious and I’d have to apportion them – (“you’ve already had two today you greedy ****!”)  This was typical of a number of our staple foods.


I’m so glad I’ll never have to shop at the other supermarkets again – quite frankly it would be worth paying the extra!  But, as my experience showed, I don’t.  In actual fact, during my shops at Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s, I was paying more to throw away inferior food and an inferior shopping experience – but please, do not tell my ex boyfriends!

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