Save Time & Money with Freezable Kitchen Canisters

Food inflation is only expected to get worst and this is the reason we should all do our utmost to not only waste less food but also make it last as long as possible. Its criminal when you think how much food we waste every week especially when people are starving in other countries. If we added up how much food we waste each year it would be really shocking. I am not advocating eating the food just so we don't waste it because that could make us unhealthy and fat. There are two ways we can significantly reduce the amount of wasted food in the kitchen.

  1. Buy less food so it does not have a chance to go out of date.
  2. Store the food in the best possible manner to ensure it does not become inedible by using air tight kitchen storage canisters.

What we need to do is organise our shopping and kitchen storage to ensure we don't buy too large a quantity of a food that we will not use before it becomes inedible. As Winston Churchill once said "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" and no more is this true than in the kitchen.

Many of us make shopping lists however these are often made while not actually in the kitchen. When making a list you not only need to know what you intend to cook or bake but also what you already have in stock. This is how I plan a weekly shop.

Check What You Already Have In Stock

First you need to check what you already have in stock and more importantly what needs to be used up within the next week.

Make a Meal Plan

I then decide a rough meal plan for the week. Ensuring it will use up all the ingredients necessary in the next week. If you have too much food to use up consider making meals and freezing them for later use. Its also best to know the order you wish to cook those meals. If you are cooking for someone else ensure they not only like what you plan to cook but also that they will be there. Make your meal plan realistic. If you have had a hard day at work do you really want to do a full roast that will mean you end up waiting about two hours before you eat. Have at least one backup plan for a quick meal. Whether its in the freezer or some staple ingredients you always have in stock and can easily use up.

Create a List of Ingredients

Then you need to make a list of ingredients and quantities you require. If the food can be easily frozen then consider doubling up quantities so that you can eat one and freeze another for a later date. Make sure you have some freezable kitchen canisters that you can label with the contents and date. When you put it in your freezer don't forget to rotate the stock to ensure you don't waste your hard work. Food has a tendency to get lost in a freezer so make a list of the meals you have prepared and frozen and cross them off as you use them up.


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